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C. Crane's Public Radio Program

The C. Crane Public Radio Program allows you, the Public Radio Station, to purchase premium radios and accessories at a discounted rate to offer your listeners as a thank you for their support during fundraising, membership and pledge drives.

C. Crane has had the privilege to speak with many Public Radio Station Listeners across the US and Canada throughout the years. We frequently receive calls, emails and letters requesting help for the listeners to receive their desired signal clearly. Often, this is for rural locations which are out of the Public Radio Station’s range.

Our goal is to help stations, provide their listeners with a strong receiving C. Crane Radio so they can hear your programs, hosts and all public radio stations with better clarity and legible audio.

If this sounds like something that your station and listeners need, please fill out our contact us form and contact us for consideration!

C. Crane is located in Fortuna California - the heart of redwood country (and radio).
C. Crane is located in northern California,
and our surrounding areas are a natural
paradise. Click below for more information.

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