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CC Skywave SSB AM FM SW WX Aviation And SSB Bands (Orphan)
CC Skywave SSB AM FM SW WX Aviation And SSB Bands (Orphan)
(3 Reviews)
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CC Skywave SSB AM FM SW WX Aviation And SSB Bands (Orphan)

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In The Box

With AM, FM, Shortwave, Weather + Alert, Scannable VHF Aviation Band and Single Side Band

The Swiss Army Knife Of Portable Radios

One of the smallest multiband radios with SSB, the new Skywave-SSB has everything the original Skywave has. But we continue to have a select group of radio enthusiasts who want more... "The CC Skywave has shortwave but it would be perfect if it had Single Side Band". The entirely new circuit also allowed us to improve the audio and reception slightly while keeping the button layout as intuitive as possible.

You can now listen to FEMA, long range aviation, ships at sea (think coast guard), space, even transmissions and other worldwide communication when nothing else is available. Single Side Band in not available on your smartphone which makes it the ultimate off the grid format.

Included is a CC Shortwave Reel Antenna, a pair of our original CC Buds, and a faux leather carry case.

General Features:
  • AM, FM, NOAA Weather band plus Alert, Shortwave (1711-29.999MHz) with SSB, VHF Aviation Band
  • Direct entry of a frequency plus auto scan and store
  • Lighted LCD display
  • Selectable fast or fine tuning on all bands except weather
  • 400 memory presets
  • 10 Aviation Memories can be scanned for activity
  • (Optional) CC Skywave AC power adapter w/ mini USB plug required for charging NiMH batteries.
  • Runs on (2) AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Run Time (on batteries):
    ± 70 hours (earbuds)
    ± 60 Hours (built-in speaker)
    (times are approximate)
  • Stereo headphone jack and fold-out back stand
  • Clock with 12/24 hour format, Alarm
  • Rotary volume knob
  • High quality CC Buds Earphones, radio carry case and CC SW Reel Antenna included
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Weight: 6.0 oz. (without batteries). size: 4.75" W x 3" H x 1.1" D

Review of the C. Crane CC Skywave SSB Radio by Jay Allen of RADIOJAYALLEN.COM

What Is An Orphan?
  • We offer a 60-day return policy on every product we sell. As a result, we occasionally receive returned products. We call these returned products orphans.
  • We'll never sell you an orphan and try to pass it off as a new product.
  • All orphans carry a 60-day money back guarantee and warranty (usually one year).
  • We thoroughly clean and test every orphan before offering it to you.
  • Orphans are limited to stock on hand and are sold on a first come first served basis.
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(3 Reviews)
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September, 30 2018
Amazing quality
Using a 100' wire antenna i have received programs from all over Europe, Asia, the middle East, Africa and here in the states. It's ability to receive distant stations is incredible. Have picked up sw stations, hams on ssb with clarity. Pulls in weak an stations well. Great for talk radio. Limitations of size keep it from being able to reproduce great tone for music but it's not bad in that respect.Battery life is much better than i expected using rechargeable.Small size makes it perfect for hiking-camping and travel or for morning coffee watching the sunrise. For all this radio does you would be hard pressed to find anything that compares to it.
Reception, battery life.

Does not scan all the sw band 11meters.Could use an antenna port.

I use it all the time camping, outdoor activities, and at home.

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Jon Heath
Tulsa, OK
September, 24 2018
An Amazing and Versatile Radio
I took a chance and purchased an orphan Skywave SSB, and I could not be happier. There was nothing about the orphan that didn't say new and the performance is terrific. With my personal interests including both air band and Shortwave, including the Ham Bands and thus SSB, this radio is a perfect package. I compared it's sensitivity on Shortwave to two other radios and it was equal or better. I compared its' air band performance to a good digital scanner, and it was again equal or better, even including a squelch function. Lots of features and options in this radio, especially for optimizing SSB listening, so read the manual and enjoy the results. The tiny size of it with all the features and performance is simply amazing.
Nearly every frequency and type of reception you'll ever need is included.Sensitivity and SW selectivity is great.The convenience of the tiny size is like icing on the cake.

None - Although to get all the performance from it on SSB, be sure to read the manual and practice using it. You'll be thrilled.

AM is great, FM sensitivity and selectivity is even better, but it really excels at SWL and Ham Band / SSB listening, with the Air and Weather bands both excellent performers too. Hard to say what is the Best Use when it does it all so well.

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Mike Wysong
Northern Virginia
February, 10 2018
All I can say is wow!
Great and fun radio. Very good on shortwave
Packs a big punch for it's size

Am selectivity could be a little better put this radio shines on the Shortwave Bands. The small speaker sounds about as good as it can. I plug my radio into headphones and external speakers for better sound on SW, SSB/AM/FM

Great for listening on the go.

I noticed my display light is blinking on and off. Why is this happening?
Does the CC Skywave SSB Radio include a beat frequency oscillator (BFO) that can be adjusted?
In The Box
What's in the Box
  • CC SkyWave SSB
  • CC Buds Earphones
  • CC SW Reel Antenna
  • CC SkyWave SSB Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • One Year Limited Warranty
General Specifications
Input Power AC Adapter: 5V DC 300 mA with Mini USB Tip (not included)
Batteries: (2) AA (not included)
Power Consumption 30-100 mA DC (depending on headphone, speaker usage, and volume)
Run Time (on batteries) ±70 hours (earbuds)
±60 Hours (built-in speaker)
Audio Output 0.5 Watts
1/8" Stereo Earphone Jack
Speaker 1.5", 25Ω, 0.5W
Frequency Coverage AM 520 - 1710 kHz (10 kHz Steps)
AM 522 - 1620 kHz (9 kHz Steps - International)
FM 87.5 - 108 MHz (Regular Mode)
FM 76 - 108 MHz (When 9kHz is Selected)
Shortwave 1711 - 29999 kHz
Aviation 118 - 137 MHz
Weather Band: Ch. 1: 162.400 MHz
Ch. 2: 162.425 MHz
Ch. 3: 162.450 MHz
Ch. 4: 162.475 MHz
Ch. 5: 162.500 MHz
Ch. 6: 162.525 MHz
Ch. 7: 162.550 MHz
AM Tuning Built-in Ferrite Bar
FM, Weather, Shortwave and Aviation Tuning 21.5" Whip Antenna
Presets 400 Total
Lock Switch Yes
Sleep Timer 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 Minutes
Alarm Yes
Clock 12/24 Hour Format
Display Lighted LCD
Dimensions 4.8" W x 3" H x 1" D
Weight 6.7 Ozs. Without Batteries
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Included Accessories CC Earbuds
SkyWave SSB Carry Case
CC SW Reel Antenna
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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