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In The Box

AM/FM Weather Wind-Up CC Solar Observer

The Observer is a simple, affordable and compact radio with enhanced reception and audio performance. For emergency use it can be powered in four different ways and can charge many different USB type devices such as cell phones in a pinch. Many of our customers use it as their main radio.

The emergency radio was honestly born in 1992 when we experienced three large earthquakes in Northern California in 17 hours. Communication and services including electricity were hopelessly overloaded. In the Crane home shards of broken glass were everywhere and so were bare feet. All of our flashlights had been over used by our blessed children. We vowed to make a good emergency radio so this would never happen again.

This customer could not have said it better: "I have had only one, thank you Lord, occasion to use this in an emergency situation and it worked flawlessly. (I was the) Only one in the area with radio for two days of power loss... Thank you CCrane!!" vpipes - Dufur, Or.

General Features:
  • Can be powered by wind-up, optional AC power, solar panel or 3 AA" Alkaline batteries (not included) and rechargeable battery pack (included)
  • In an emergency it can charge cell phones with included USB port adapter
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Accurate analog tuning with digital signal processing
  • Lighted dial for nighttime use and power outages
  • Built-in LED flashlight

Weight: 1.5 lb. Size: 7.25" W x 5.5" H x 2" D

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  • We thoroughly clean and test every orphan before offering it to you.
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Phillip Suggs
Hendersonville, NC
October, 30 2019
When It's Wound Continuously
Sound is great, reception is great. Works 5 minutes and dies. Did exactly what it instructed to train the battery. Holds a charge for about 5 mins. Even tried 5 minutes cranking 2 revs per second. Charge lasted 5 minutes and faded out.
Fantastic radio when its energized.

Holds a charge for 5 minutes.

Storms or sporting events.

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David H Bernhauser
Forest City, PA
September, 6 2019
Great radio
The best little radio I have ever had! C Crane people are nice to deal with... I have had this radio for a few years now, and it still performs great! Still have an old CC radio, and while the display is shot, it still pulls in the stations.
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patric oneill
Santa Rosa, Ca
December, 18 2017
great value for the price
good radio
Able to use without batteries



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March, 22 2015
Great radio
This is a no nonsense, straight forward emergency radio, Well thought out, From Pulling in AM FM To controle over battery life. CCrane people are VERY FRIENDLY . and take good care of their buyers. Keep up the good work CCrane.
Right tool for the job

Solar pannel should be about X2


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Stockbridge, MA
March, 18 2014
Awesome sound, awesome reception
This is one of the best radios for the money. Its suppose to for emergencies but I use it all the time. BTW, this is a great company to do biz with.
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October, 14 2011

How long does it take to charge the CC Solar Observer using the Solar panel?
How long will the CC Solar Observer play for with a full charge?
How long will the CC Solar Observer run on a set of 3 AA batteries?
How long must the CC Solar Observer be cranked for to fully charge it?
Is there an indicator to let me know when the battery pack is fully charged?
How long will it take to fully charge the CC Solar Observer using the 5 volt AC Adapter?
At what rate must the CC Solar Observer be cranked to achieve optimum charging?
Can the CC Solar Observer be operated using the optional AC power adapter?
When I wind-up my CC Solar Observer, the crank arm seems to rotate freely, and it does not charge the radio. Why is this?
Why is the sound garbled on my CC Solar Observer? How can I fix it?
Can the CC Solar Observer charge my iPhone?
My CC Solar Observer was working but now I have no AM/FM/WX but the LED functions work. How come?
How do I get the best runtime on the CC Solar Observer?
Can the dynamo be wound too fast?
Is there any way to tell how much charge is in the battery pack is?
Can AA lithium batteries be used in the CC Solar Observer?
Can I charge my cell phone while charging my CC Solar Observer radio using the AC Adapter?
In The Box
What's in the Box
  • CC Solar Observer Radio
  • Standard USB Cellphone Adapter
  • Owner's manual
  • One Year Limited Warranty
General Specifications


Batteries (optional): 3 AA size
Internal Battery Pack: NiMH 2/3 AA 800 mAh
Battery Pack Charging Jack: Internal Battery Pack can be charged with optional AC Adapter 5V 300mA DC
Winding Generator: 250-500 mA DC


AM: 38mA
FM: 45mA
Weather: 45mA
Flashlight: 15mA
Display light: 4mA


AM Band: 520 - 1710 kHz
FM Band: 87.5 - 108 MHz
Weather Band: Ch. 1: 162.400 MHz
Ch. 2: 162.425 MHz
Ch. 3: 162.450 MHz
Ch. 4: 162.475 MHz
Ch. 5: 162.500 MHz
Ch. 6: 162.525 MHz
Ch. 7: 162.550 MHz


Speaker: 2.5"
Headphone Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) – Will accept stereo or mono jacks


AM Band: Built-in Ferrite Bar
FM and Weather Band: Telescopic whip antenna


Dimensions: 7.25" W x 5.5" H x 2" D
Weight: 1 lb.
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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