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Compared to a 15-watt incandescent bulb, the Power Vivid® appliance size bulb (A15) uses only 2 watts to put out about the same amount of light. The Power Vivid® A15 uses a single, High Power LED and has the most common screw-in medium size base. This bulb is available in two color temperatures: Cool or Warm White. The Power Vivid® A15 is perfect for any low-light output application or decorative use. The lower light level is excellent for middle of the night reading or computer use. The Power Vivid® A15 is bright enough to be used as a decorative or animated indoor or weatherproof outdoor sign light. When it is suitable or wanted to replace an incandescent bulb with the Power Vivid® A15 you can save a good deal of energy since it uses only 2 watts.

The Power Vivid® A15 puts out a beautiful light through a clear lens that distributes the light in a very pleasing manner similar to classic old, clear incandescent bulbs. The dispersal lens has been treated to withstand Ultra Violet light as found in sunlight but the Power Vivid® puts out no UV light of its own.

It works from 120 Volts to 240 Volts. It will not work on a dimmer. For indoor use. UL Listed. Weight: 2.1 oz. Size: 1.9" Dia. X 3.7" L.

Note: The diameter of the Power Vivid® A15 is the same as an average appliance bulb. It is 3-5/8" tall which is 3/8" longer than a standard appliance bulb. Heat is not an issue because the Power Vivid® runs much cooler. It is a good idea to see if the added length will fit in your fixture.

The Power Vivid® should be used in an open ventilated fixture only. The ambient room temperature must be below 95° F for the warranty to remain valid. It is non-dimmable.

Nominal Lumens Watts Rated Life
Cool White: 68 2.0 20,000 hours

An Important Note: The Power Vivid® A15 LED Light Bulb (Cool White) comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If returned within 60 days of the purchase date, a refund will be issued based on your original payment method. Because this is a closeout item the parts & labor warranty is void. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

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