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Senta Ally Bluetooth Stereo Speaker (Orphan)
Senta Ally Bluetooth Stereo Speaker (Orphan)
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Senta Ally Bluetooth Stereo Speaker (Orphan)

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In The Box

Stop with the tinny sound and the ear-bud "noose"!


The Senta Ally has excellent audio and is light, powerful and rechargeable. You can connect using USB, FM, Bluetooth®, SD card or the included 1/8" Auxillary input cable.

With the Ally you can stream audio via Bluetooth® from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, MP3 player and any other Bluetooth® enabled device. It is perfect for your next road trip, and great for listening to your favorite playlist from your phone or tablet while cleaning the house or working out. Is your favorite playlist on a thumb drive or SD card? It will play room filling audio from those as well.

The Ally delivers crisp, full range stereo sound with bass performance that will make it the center of attention.

Note: The Senta Ally charges via USB (USB cable included). If you need to be able to charge the battery in a different way you can use the Power Block Dual Universal USB Wall Charger.


The Ally has a small LCD screen, somewhat like a radio has. You can select files, navigate through various menu features and also see music track information (by USB or SD only). Smart phone and tablet users can take full advantage of the Ally's Bluetooth® connectivity and easily stream audio wirelessly. The Ally even has a speakerphone feature allowing you to answer calls directly from it. At just 10 ounces it makes it an excellent speaker for those that can't go without good audio at their travel destinations. It also has a built-in FM radio. Apple® lossless and .AAC format files cannot play from a USB thumb drive or SD card. Playback of these formats require Bluetooth® or the use of the included 1/8" Aux-in cable connected to your players headphone jack.


The Ally effortlessly fills a medium to large size room with crisp, full range stereo sound and bass performance that defies belief. This makes it ideal for use with laptops, tablets, portable gaming systems, smartphones, or just for casual listening. For outdoor use (it is not weather proof or weather resistant) the Ally has incredible vocal projection and a wide listening field.

Battery Runtime:

The average run time is over 8 hours at medium volume. Play times will vary depending on volume levels and Bluetooth® operation. Please go to Center Point Audio for additional product information.

Additional Features:

  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Supported Files: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP profiles
  • 2 full range speakers and 1 passive radiator speaker
  • Frequency Response: 100-20,000 Hz
  • 5-hour charge time
  • 10 hour play time, 8 hour play time on Bluetooth®
  • Audio Inputs: Bluetooth®, Aux-in, SD Card and USB Drive
  • FM Radio
  • 99 FM memory presets
  • Streaming formats: .wav and .mp3
  • Weight: 10 ounces
and the Bluetooth® logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth® SIG, Inc

What Is An Orphan?

  • We offer a 60-day return policy on every product we sell. As a result, we occasionally receive returned products. We call these returned products orphans.
  • We'll never sell you an orphan and try to pass it off as a new product.
  • All orphans carry a 60-day money back guarantee and warranty (usually one year).
  • We thoroughly clean and test every orphan before offering it to you.
  • Orphans are limited to stock on hand and are sold on a first come first served basis.
  • Click Here to View A Complete List of Currently Available Orphaned Products
(1 Review)
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Methuen, MA
March, 3 2016
Great value for the price
good buy
great bluetooth, great sound, good battery charge life, nice radio


bluetooth wireless speaker

When I am listening to USB/SD/Line-IN/FM, the Senta Ally keeps switching to Bluetooth mode. Why is it doing this?
How do I exit or switch playback modes?
How come the Senta-Ally Speaker will not play my .wav file?
I am unable to get .aac or Apple® lossless files play.
How do I pair the Senta Ally with my PlayStation® Vita?
Can the Senta Ally play SD card recordings made with the CC Witness or CC Witness Plus?
How come my charging display does not look like the pictures on page 3 of the instruction manual?
What is the proper way to insert an SD card into the Senta Ally?
How long will the battery last when playing audio?
I am stuck with ROOT showing on my screen after selecting U-Disk Dir. How can I resolve it?
Why is my battery power running down so fast?
The Senta Ally will not turn on. How come?
Can I use my Senta Ally without the battery pack in it?
Can I listen to the Senta Ally while it is charging?
In The Box
What's in the Box
  • Bluetooth® Stereo Speaker
  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery using USB power (can easily be replaced if needed)
  • 1/8" Auxillary Input Cable for connecting to an external device
  • USB charging cable
  • Carry bag with strap; all in a reusable gift box
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty
General Specifications
Input Power: Battery Model: Replaceable BL-5C, 1,000mAh, 3.7 Volt Li-ion Rechargeable
Recharging Time: 4-5 Hour Charge time from 0-100% Battery Power
Audio Output Power: 5W
Stereo Speakers: Dual 1.5" Full-Range, 3 Watt RMS Drivers (4 ohm)
One 3" Tuned, Oval-Passive-Radiator
Bluetooth: Specification 2.0 + EDR
Supports up to 3 Mbps payload data rate
Bluetooth Support: A2DP (1.2)
AVCTP (1.3)
AVRCP (1.3)
GAVDP (1.0)
AVDTP (1.2)
CVSD audio coding over SCO
Hand-Free Profile (1.5)
Head Set Profile (1.1)
Bluetooth Range: Approximately 10 meters (33 feet) maximum.
Playable Formats: MP3
Microphone: Built-in
Frequency Coverage: FM 87.5 - 108.0 MHz (Common Band)
FM 76.0 - 90.0 MHz (Japan Band)
FM Tuning: 100 KHz
FM Antenna: Built-in Wire
Sensitivity: 80dB±2dB
S/N Ratio: ± 80dB
Distortion: ≤ 0.7%
Frequency Response: 100Hz-20kHz
Headphone Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo
Aux in Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo
Presets: 99
Sleep Timer: 15-240 Minutes
Dimensions: 9" W x 2 3/16" H x 2 1/8" D
Weight: 9.8 oz. (0.6 pounds)
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Included Accessories: 37" USB Cable (Mini USB Male x Type A Male)
37" 3.5mm stereo male x male cable
Carry Pouch
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

** Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are a great technology because of their light weight and high power. All Li-ion batteries are effected by age and temperature.

  • On very rare occasions, any lithium-ion battery can potentially overheat. It is best to charge them on a non-combustible surface.
  • If the temperature of the device becomes very hot, disconnect it from power immediately.
  • Do notleave Lithium-ionbatteriescharging while you're away.
  • If used daily, replacing the battery after 250 charges will reduce the chances of a rareproduct or battery failure.
  • If a Li-ion battery is allowed to fully discharge it is likely ruined. It is best to chargeLi-ion twice a year even if you are not using it.

More information regarding Li-ion battery safety is available here:

Product Overview
Dimensions 9" W x 2 3/16" H x 2 1/8" D
Speakers Stereo
Dual 1.5" Full-Range, 3 Watt RMS Drivers (4 ohm)
One – 3" Tuned, Oval-Passive-Radiator
Bluetooth Core Specification 2.0 + EDR (Supports up to 3 Mbps payload data rate)
Supports A2DP (1.2), AVCTP (1.3), AVRCP (1.3), GAVDP (1.0), AVDTP (1.2), CVSD audio coding over SCO, Hand-Free Profile (1.5), Head Set Profile (1.1).
Range Approximately 10 meters (33 feet) maximum.
SD/USB USB-Type A Port
Standard SD Port
Mini-B USB (Charging Only)
Supports Mp3 and Wav audio files
Up to 32GB card/stick
EQ Settings (SD/USB Only) Normal (No EQ Effects), Jazz, Pop,Rock, Bass or Enhanced
Line-In (Aux) 1/8" stereo plug
FM Radio Range: 87.5 – 108 MHz (Common Band)
Range: 76 – 96 MHz (Japan Band)
99 Presets
Auto-Scan with Auto Preset Designation Feature
Display LCD
Backlight with Timer Control Option
Contrast Adjustable
Interface Controls 4-Button, Front Panel Control (M, RW, Play/Pause, FF)
Top Mounted Power Switch
Battery Model: Replaceable BL-5C, 1,000mAh, 3.7 Volt Li-ion Rechargeable
Mini-B USB Charging Port - 5 Volt (4-5 Hour Charge time from 0-100% Battery Power)
Runtime: Results will vary based on volume and nature of audio being played.
C. Crane Testing Results with iOS and Android Smartphones/tablets: 8+hrs. average runtime in Bluetooth Mode with
volume wheel at 50%, smartphone or tablet volumes at max., playing a diverse mix of music from a variety of genres.
Certifications RoHS
FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart B
Bluetooth® SIG Qualified Design
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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