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This attractive "Fits in your palm" flashlight is lightweight and delivers an intense white beam of light from a single LED. Features include a strong, durable aluminum housing with a detachable keychain lanyard. There is an on/off rubber push button switch on the end and the O–ring seals make the Power Vivid waterproof. The front has a scalloped and serrated type ridge which could be considered for defensive use.

It's small, convenient size make the Power Vivid Pocket Flashlight perfect to take anywhere. It fits easily into a pocket, purse, carry bag or back pack. Also great for your emergency kit. Runs on one "AA" battery (not included).

Size: 3.7" L x 0.8" Dia.

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By DBenson
Montague, Ca.
Confirmed User
Handy as a shirt pocket
Small size. Bright light.
I don't really care for theSelf Defense edges.
I bought my first one several years ago. I still use it. Have bought about six of them.I carry one in my vest pocket,and have one in the console of my pickup. One on my desk, and one by my bed.Gave a couple to my kids.
By MAbrams
Schenectady NY
Confirmed User
Absolutely necessary item
This flashlight (along with several others) is an absolute necessity in this day and age. Don't leave home without it. Be safe.
Best Uses
safety. Find things behind the couch. Light up a dark area. Help signal for the car. Many
many more.
Perfect item, great size and easy to carry. Thanks.
By SGeraci
Eugene, OR
Confirmed User
An amazing little flashlight!
only one battery! well made
Best Uses
For seeing in the dark wherever you are!
I am amazed at how powerful this little flashlight is. I use this flashlight instead of any of the others which are larger and take a bunch of C or D batteries and cost a lot, and they don't last very long. This little flashlight really took me by surprise. I am going to get a few more. Thanks, CCrane for another great product.
By RBeal
Rotonda West, Fl.
Confirmed User
Too bright for most uses
This light would probably be great for fixing a tire or when in the field camping.
Wakes up everyone when used during the night.
Best Uses
to scare off a bear in the woods!
Great product but not for me. I gave it to a Camper that will have many uses for it!
By JBuettler
Philadelphia, PA
Confirmed User
Great little flashlight
bright for size
Compact size
Best Uses
Compact carry flashlight for in a pinch
Great little flashlight
Nice Bright Light! Buy a few.
I loved the 3-LED AAA flashlights offered years ago! I am not yet sure of the longevity of this light if it gets dropped a few times. So far, I am impressed. The scalloped weapons aspect of the flash light might do more damage to my pocket than to an attacker. A few wraps of electrical tape dulls the sharp edge and adds cushion for dropping the light on the floor. For the price, FIVE STARS!
Confirmed User
Mega powerful flashlight
They dont get any better! Best flashlight I own and it fits in my pocket.(Got 4 of them...never to be caught in the dark!) Superb company to deal with. Customer for life!
By DWalker
Exceeded expectations
The older I get, the more difficult I have seeing in the dark. I bought this light for one particular purpose: to read the menu in the darkened dining rooms of fancy restaurants. It seems to me that the more expensive the menu, the darker the room.
By DRuetenik
Confirmed Buyer
Just when you think you have the ultimate flashlight, CCRANE comes along with a miniature 'monster' that blows the socks off many bigger lights. This is a phenomenal little flashlight.I thought for six bucks, 'what the heck'; it has great reviews. Well, for the price, I'm ordering a bunch for everything from the glove compartment to the bug-out bag.
By mcoffeen
Confirmed Buyer
As bright as advertised, works fine.
By DJensen
Confirmed Buyer
Powerful. Small. Did I say “Powerful”? I am not joking, it is powerful, in such a small size, too! Only one lonely little battery. I was pretty amazed at the whiteness and the brightness of the light. As I saw how bright was the light, I thought immediately of Demosthenes, the Athenian statesman who transported a lantern through the streets, trying to find an “honest man,” someone who would frankly tell him that the light was burning and that it was the daytime. This one meets and surpasses the criteria for adequacy in miniature. Honestly.Impressive? Definitely. Waterproof? Probably. Used for protection? Perhaps, with those jagged edges protruding out from the light. It will be an undisputed aid on camping trips, and it will be a boon to anyone traipsing around in the dark.I definitely recommend the Power Vivid. The only problems one might encounter: it is small enough to be desired by children, and it is so small it might just get lost…!
By WOtis
Confirmed Buyer
Great little flashlight. I'm about to order another one.
By RChmelik
Confirmed Buyer
This is the best flashlight that I have ever owned. Although it has only one bulb, and uses only one battery, it emits a more powerful beam of light than any of my other flashlights. Amazing technology!
By GHall
Confirmed Buyer
Very handy little flashlight, good amount of even light and great battery life. Key ring cord seemed a bit long at first, but I soon discovered the length allowed me shine the light on the lock while trying to insert the key. And the flashlight does detach from the key ring if you wish to illuminate a project without having dangling keys in your way.
By LMann
Confirmed Buyer
Nice little flashlight. Great value for the price.
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  • This WiFi Antenna is hands down the best. It allows me to connect to a business almost a half mile away. Two months time and this baby paid for itself. I am a very happy with my purchase.
    — John A., Mill Valley, CA
  • This radio deserves five stars because it sounds great, the ease of use and preset stations. This radio will become your favorite radio, also backed by great customer service if ever needed, thank you very much.
    — Pete P., Santa Rosa, CA
  • This is an excellent internet radio. I have had the unit playing constantly from the time I received it. Excellent sound for such a small unit and the remote works wonderfully.
    — James H., Richmond, BC
  • Good sound, lightweight and comfortable; not too tight on the head. I like one feature; it doesn't tell you where to place the speakers, left side or right side.
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  • Very nice, economical home lighting. If you're used to the white light of fluorescent bulb replacements, these will offer the same type with no toxic ingredients or damaging UV radiation.
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    — David C., Raleigh, NC
  • I have had only one, thank the lord, occasion to use this in and emergency situation and it worked flawlessly. Only one in the area with radio for two days of power loss... Thank you CCrane!!
    — Vernon P., Dufur, OR
  • This radio is totally fantastic!!! It will provide service in any condition and works as engineered and advertised. I am going to order more units for all family members.
    — Glen B., Bethlehem, PA
  • This radio is wonderful. Small but powerful. Several years of service and no problems.
    — William B., Litchfield, IL
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