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The CC Skywave™ opens up a marvelous world of radio at home or when you're traveling. It has an intuitive layout so it is easy to use and has exceptional overall performance. Our customers are calling it the "Ultimate Travel Radio". The reception, audio and durable build are what this radio excels at.

General Features:
  • AM, FM, Weather plus Alert, Shortwave (2.3-26.1 MHz) and Air Aviation Band
  • Direct entry of a frequency plus auto scan and store
  • Lighted LCD display
  • Selectable fast or fine tuning on all bands except weather
  • 400 memory presets
  • Runs on (2) AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • (Optional) CC Skywave AC power adapter w/ mini USB plug required for charging NiMH batteries.
  • Stereo headphone jack and fold-out back stand
  • Clock with 12/24 hour format, Alarm
  • Rotary volume knob
  • High quality CC Buds Earphones and radio carry case included
  • Run Time (on batteries):
    ± 70 hours (earbuds)
    ± 60 Hours (built-in speaker)
    (times are approximate)
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Never listened to the Aviation band? This band lets you listen to nearby pilots, air traffic controllers and ground crew. When traveling, airline schedule changes and problems can be perplexing and annoying. Listening to control towers can provide endless entertainment and informative tidbits of information. It is as simple as telling the Skywave to scan for an active frequency until you find some action. The best one is usually the approach frequency used for planes that are landing and you'll know if you've found the correct one when you hear it. You can also search the web for "air traffic control radio Seattle" for example, to find information and to learn more about aviation radio. If you live next to a smaller airport you could ask a local pilot for the frequency or look up "common traffic advisory frequency" plus the airport name. English is the standard language used in aviation at all airports worldwide.

When traveling abroad, unless you have checked local laws, tuck your Skywave™ into a safe corner of your carry-on. An Airband radio may not be legal to have in some countries.

Click Here for The SWLing Post Review of the C. Crane CC Skywave portable radio.

Review of the C. Crane CC Skywave Radio by Jay Allen of RADIOJAYALLEN.COM

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(111 reviews)
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By AFletchall
Oriole, MO
Confirmed User
Outstanding radio
Picks up weak stations (AM and shortwave) in the rural valley I live in.
Best Uses
Setting on front porch listening to baseball game or shortwave with wire antenna.
Best radio I have ever purchased.
By GBird
Confirmed User
The best C. Crane radio bought to date
Small so ideal for bedside or luggage
Every selection comes in strong
Very fast finding of stations
I could only afford one
Best Uses
Bedside radio listening
I believe C. Crane makes the best American Radio and for me as a Canadian that's means it's my best radio too.
By SWalden
Confirmed User
Small....great reception ....ear buds are good quality...I have a Grundig satellite 750 and this little does just fine...I've read some of the other reviews and some people complained about the shortwave reception what they don't understand is like for example here in Tennessee on my big radio reception is great from September to January then it is bad between June and end of August so on that reception it depends on where you're at and what time of the year it is and what time of the day it is
None....compact high quality
...under $100.
Best Uses
listening to the people in other countries....i could see in their eyes what a discovery this is. They are hooked
Buy this can't go wrong
By tgilfoyle
Confirmed User
all i need
the features of this little radio are amazing. it is very well thought out and it meets or exceeds my needs.
Best Uses
small enough to carry around and have access to music
extremely satisfied.
By asylvia
Confirmed User
didnt meet my expectations.
dont understand air traffic lingo. sw. is very hard to hear...i work nights, so just use it now to keep my automobile battery from going dead.
By dstapf
elkridge md
Confirmed User
Good little radio
brings in the stations i want.
some static in the volume when adjusting the sound. This could be better
Best Uses
I carry one with me everywhere
i have 3 of these.
see above
By GSobotta
Rochester, MN
Confirmed User
Great radio
Great Features
Best Uses
Great radio anywhere
Great gift for family and friends
Awesome little radio, hands down best portable pocket sized radio on the market.
By CBurnell
Confirmed User
Love this radio
Great sound.
Easy to follow directions.
Good size.
Best Uses
Around the house and in the yard.
I use this radio around the house going room to room or outside while doing yard work. It's the best portable radio I've ever owned.
By RHornbeck
Auburn, CA
Confirmed User
Best AM Radio for Area
well built
easy to use
reception is exceptional
Feature rich
can use standard batteries
Best Uses
Poor AM reception
Poor FM reception
weather alerts
local airport listening
I live in an RF shadow of nearly all. And this little radio picked up a channel all day everyday that I had to deal with atmospheric, and radio station power issues and mostly able to only listen early am for an hour or so... I can say enough. Also the solar battery charger is great. Likely my favorite issue aside from reception will be the automatic freq. location while I am on the road in my RV no matter where I go. Thank you C.Crane. Do you need a Quality Engineer, hum well maybe not after I got one :0 Retired QE Hewlett Packard Co. and USMC Vet
By MFitzgerald
Confirmed User
Works great
Best radio I've ever had. Before couldn't get a lot of stations. This radio gets them all.
Best Uses
All of it.
Wished I had this years ago.
By RHoye
Tucson, AZ
Confirmed User
Another winner
This is the fifth radio I've purchase from Crane. Starting with a table size portable and ending (so far) with the Skywave.
There are no cons.
Buy this beauty.
By DPowell
Southeastern Ohio
Confirmed User
What a dandy machine!
Surprisingly sensitive
Even more surprisingly selective the filters are sharp-shouldered and really work
A breadbox-sized receiver in a tiny package
And WX and Aviation
I wish the aviation band scan were a little faster because as it is it's best topunch the frequencies into memory before you go listening to airplanes and airports the shortness of transmissions and the slow scan speed means you'll miss all but the busiest towers.
I could live without the clickkiness og the tuning wheel.
Best Uses
Everyday carry
Boredom relief!
I've loved SWLing since I built my first Heathkit close enough to 50 years ago as makes no difference. I love my E1, and my Sangean ATS-909 Super, and my CCRadio-SW, and my FRG-7700 (if I can get it realigned), and my 2001 (if I can find an Error 3 fix that works), but for pure fun, while some match none exceeds the little Skywave. But more than that, this is an area where power goes out a lot, often in winter when we're snowed in. A box of batteries will keep this baby cooking for a month, and that's justification enough for it. The ATS function is a joy every so often, push the ATS button and the memories get loaded up with whomever is on the air *right now.* Then you just choose from among them more than makes up for the fairly aggressive detent in the tuning wheel. Sangean used to do this, too, and I didn't understand why then and don't now. But as I said, ATS is the way to go, which means you seldom touch the tuning wheel. Great radio!
By RBucaro
San Diego.Ca.
Confirmed User
Very good radio the cost
Has alot of features and capabilities for such a small radio.
Excellent AM reception-even in areas with alot of clutter and interference.
Wanted the dial or lense light to stay lit at night after the radio is turned on-but it goes off in 10 seconds after turning the radio on.
Best Uses
Bedside at night-Or anytime traveling. Very easy take along with you wherever you go-Battery operation too when you're away from an outlet.
Very happy with the radio overall. Was surprised how small it is, even though you clearly state the dimensions on the product description. Earbuds a nice added bonus.
By JJeffrey
Henderson, KY
Sweet little ride
Solid performer
long battery life
Clear reception
I had one of these a few years ago and damaged it by accidentally leaving it out in the rain. I was a little disappointed that the price nearly doubled.
Since my last one, I like the new layout of controls.
By RCircuit
Olympia WA
Confirmed User
almost as good as the YB 400PE
good reception for it's small size. Long battery life .
Best Uses
Camping or emergencies where battrries can't be charged or replaced .
Compared it to my Grundig YB400PE on AM and FM. Not quite as sensitive on AM but the Skywave has half the internal antenna length,so its comparable for a radio in its class. FM was similar, air band is good too. On SW, the Yacht Boy blew it out of the water so the shortwave band is not one of its highlights but still a good bug out radio or daily listener for the compact size.
By KEdwards
Grand Lake, CO
Confirmed User
As good as advertised
Ease of use. Controls for everything.
Screen light too bright for bedtime. Would like to have the keyboard lighted.
Best Uses
So far just bed time. when summer comes I expect to use it a lot on camping trips.
Much better than the Walkman I have used for years.
By LScott
Victorville, CA
Confirmed User
Nice multiband radio
Simple intuitive controls
Deceptively small
Great battery life
Excellent AM FM Air and Weather sensitivity
Built in speaker sound quality
Needs belt clip on radio or case
Best Uses
Great travel radio
Easy to carry around the house
The AM sensitivity is excellent for such a tiny radio and the FM, Air and Weather bands are similarly sensitive. I am not sure how to evaluate the ham bands since I have not listened to them that much. After dark I get all of the WWV channels with no problem, however. Overall I am very pleased with this radio.
New Jersey
Confirmed User
Awesome little radio
Reception is fantastic

All of the radios functions work flawlessly
The speaker is more than adequate and more so with ear buds

The tuning knob is a very nice feature

the antenna
although small at 16 inches pulls in a couple dozen SW stations on any given night in my area

Weather and Air bands function great as well
As far as performance goes... none!
The only thing I could be critical of is the provided case. It's a bit on the flimsy side... I'm not expecting it to last nearly as long as the radio

Best Uses
This radio has become my constant companion. It travels with me everywhere.
My other portable is the venerable Yacht Boy 400pe which I'm sure most will agree is a classic performer but since the Skywave has arrived the YB has been sitting on the shelf.
By DThorn
Akron Ohio
Confirmed User
CC Skywave Radio
Best Uses
Radio listening
Used in Akron Ohio, the CC Skywave gets great AM and SW reception over much of the U.S., out to Texas, Missouri, Iowa, and of course all along the East down to Atlanta, with no extra antenna. However, in some lowland locations in South Carolina, and external SW antenna will be necessary.
By KMarx
East Wenatchee, WA
Confirmed User
Great Radio
Let you know when I find it.
Read the reviews before purchase and now I can join the chorus of compliments.
By NRosas
Oneonta, NY
Perfect travel radio
Small size
Great reception
Lighted dial
Easy tuning
Best Uses
This is the perfect radio for travel. I've had several, and this is the best. I tend to go to the same places, so the page memory feature is great for saving stations by location. The lighted display is a great feature. I would recommend this radio.
By TD.
Confirmed User
Fun little radio
Mostly great reception. SW antenna really helps a lot.
Really should have an AM Radio Antenna port. It wouldn't cost much
but be SO USEFUL.
Best Uses
International travel.
quick scans of local radio stations.
fun listening to far-away SW stations and BBC
I'd give this radio a 5-star rating if it had an AM antenna adapter. It would be great to hook it up to the AM loop that CCRANE offers.
By LLargent
A great little radio
A great little radio for AM FM shortwave but disappointing re the airport wave
The airport/pilot conversations are so coded one hears nothing of interest
The airport/pilot conversations are so coded one hears nothing of interest.
Best Uses
AM FM short wave & weather listening
A great radio for AM FM Weather & shortwave listening.
By cStout
Conroe, Texas
Best A.M. Reception Ever!
GREAT AM reception
sortwave OK FM great long battery life great audio for the size in some respects
I like it better than my CC2E!
Best Uses
I use it for AM dxing it's great!
If you have to buy a new radio, but you don't want to spend a lot of money get this one! Youwon't be sorry.
By JMack
Manchester NJ
Confirmed User
Not what I hoped for, given Coast to Coasts recommendation
and clear reception on the few stations I can get
poor display
and mixed bag on reception. Ican get toronto canada
but not wor in NYC
which is why I bought it to listen to Coast to Coast
The antenna is very poor quality, -it broke in the middle the first week I had it.
By JCondon
White Pine ,TN
Confirmed User
Great Little Radio
Great little radio good audio on am
fm aircraft and sw
Easy to use and back lighting for night use is good
none great the way it is
Best Uses
I use it on all functions am fm aircraft and sw
Its a fun little radio and fits in your shirt pocket. easy to take with you
By GPedoto
Fort Lee, NJ
Confirmed User
Excellent except for the display light
Great reception on all bands
Adjustable squelch on air band
Very good sound quality for its size
Wrist strap and soft carrying case
Excellent battery life
Recharges NiMH batteries
I like to slowly scan AM at night while lying in bed in the dark...but I cannot use the SKYWAVE for this purpose because there is no way to turn off the display light.
There are many reasons why a user might want to change the duration of the display light...or turn it off completely.
Best Uses
Multiple uses.
The only reason I did not give the SKYWAVE five stars is because of my complaint about the display light. Whenever tuning is taking place, the display light is on, and it stays on for about 15 seconds after tuning stops. Except for that, the SKYWAVE is excellent in other respect.
By EGreenfield
Denver, CO
Confirmed User
Great product
Fully met expectation.
I purchased the CC Skywave radio for my husband. He is very pleased with this product, as he uses it daily. We highly recommend this radio.
By BLippitt
Central Florida
Very happy
Air band works nicely and the unit also seems strong at picking up AM stations. A nice radio all-around.
C Crane a good company to deal with. Quickly processed my order and shipped it
By ESiverson
Portland, Or
Confirmed User
Versatile radio
Compact size
Ease of Use
Great Reception
none so far
Best Uses
Multiple uses
Overall, a great radio. I live near Portland International Airport and it is interesting to monitor the air traffic transmissions. Smaller than you might expect.
By SLawrence
Olympia, WA
Confirmed User
Best pocket radio I've ever used
The CCSKYWAVE replaces an 8 year old CCRadio-SWP which received near daily use in a wide variety of urban settings. It was used only with AA batteries and exclusively tuning the AM band. A friend now enjoys it. The new SKYWAVE seems better in every way. I particularly like the quieter AM reception, the band width options, the rotary volume control, and the preset configuration. As with my new CCRadio2E, what a joy to find another product whose revision seems better than the original! Time will tell regarding durability. Obviously, this much smaller radio lacks the exceptional range of the CCRadio2E.
By TContolini
Confirmed User
My new best friend
Easy to use
clear sound
low power use
Best Uses
I use it daily in the house to listen to NPR and NPR classical.
Can easily be carried so would be great for the beach or travel also.
Would be a good addition to a bugout bag.
It's in the kitchen while I cook then follows me to the dining room while I eat. Might show up later in the living room to add some music while I relax. Like I said, My new best friend. It follows me everywhere.
Tulsa, OK
Confirmed User
Excellent as advertised
Excellent, and as advertised, like everything I have purchased from this fine company.
By FJohnson
Surprise AZ
Confirmed User
Love ny Radio
Great reception easy setup love the preset love the volume control
The sleep timer is my only con my other radio all I had to do was set it and it was good forever. I keep having to reset this radio. And as I have this on at night it gets annoying.
Best Uses
For me I use this every night mostly for my talk shows.
I have punched many radios from CCrane and will continue to do so. I really like this company.
By CGallinger
Otterbein in
Confirmed User
It doesn't get any better
Brings in stations I haven't received before. Easy to operate. Good clear sound.

No cons.
Best Uses
I use mine at home. If I ever travel I would take it with me.
Love it. And very glad I got it. Good quality and the price was reasonable. Thank you for a great product. I am pleased with the service and will shop with you again.
By HAckerman, III
Westmoreland, NH
Exceeded expectations, highly recommend!
Easy to use
Great functionality
I would prefer a longer whip antenna.
Best Uses
AM/SW night-time listening
night-time clock
Weather report
I own several AM/FM and/or SW radios including TECSUN PL-380, all 3 GE Supers. I am very impressed with the Skywave's sensitivity and it's multi functions. I have used it during daylight hours and even then, AM and SW reception is relatively exceptional. I live in a rural area, so reception is sometimes spotty but Skywave pulls in AM stations my other radios can't find in the ether. I did devote 20-30 minutes to read and understand the well written instructions which really is a requirement to fully appreciate any a multi-function radio. Once understood and used a few times, the functions are intuitive. It's memory settings are useful. Airband is a nice to have if you are into that. The case and earbuds add value. I have used Skywave while running (light weight and fits easily into a regular size pocket), hiking and will as a travel radio. I own several C Crane radio products, I am pleased with this new addition.
By NWilliams
Milwaukee, WI
Confirmed User
Great sound
Sound is excellent. Easy to use.
None of buttons worked when I first took it out of box. I reset factory settings and all work except pre set for stations.
Best Uses
Indoor or outdoor. Am only about two miles from airport.
I like it
By JEvans
It doesn't get any better
I was very pleased with the size and the quality from the first use to now a month later.
Not a one.
First rate quality!!!
By JDunbar
Confirmed User
Fishers, Indiana
Very pleased. This is an excellent radio
Great reception! My husband enjoys listening to the Chicago Bulls broadcasts on it all the way from the Indianapolis area!
Glad to have made this purchase.
By NVisich
New York, NY
Nothing special
It's a handy size.
Don't get the reception I thought it would.
Can't tune into off broadcast channel
I bought this for my husband as a gift because he wanted a great radio that could get almost every channel and then some. He tells me this is not it. We had a difficult time just tuning it from our urban kitchen. Very disappointing. Not worth the high price tag.
By RBoddie
Confirmed User
Skywave Radio
Good reception.
Cost too high for a small radio.
Best Uses
I thought for the price the radio would be larger.
By LTurner
Confirmed User
Nice improvments
I had the old model and used it every night for 10 years until the auto turn off stopped working. The other problem was the volume control push buttons stopped working. Now with this new model the volume control is now easy to use and the auto turn off works well. Plus I like every time the radio is turned on the dial lights up. Great improvenents!!!
Can't think of any now but ask me in 10 yeaes!!
Best Uses
Great your jeep in bed with a pillow speaker. It will follow me all over the glive.
Best small radio I have found!
By TReilly
Confirmed User
Nice little digital radio
Very nice little digital radio that I use for AM/FM listening.
By AGould
Ft Lauderdale FL
Confirmed User
Great Little Radio
Lots of Features
Not Backlight
No Battery Reserve. Loses all information when batteries are taken out.
Best Uses
Private Listening
Great Little Radio with Lots of Features for the Money. I wish it was backlight so you could see the time at night since I use it as a travel radio, but overall, a great radio for the money. Best feature of anything bought from Crane is The Customer Service and the way they stand behind their merchandise. You always get a Human when you call, and any problem is always resolved quickly, fairly, and promptly. Great Company to deal with.
By MLiptrap
Skywave AM/FM/Shortwave
Small size
good display
cable antenna available. FM reception the best
Shortwave reception very poor
AM reception variable to good
Best Uses
FM use in remote areas or in city
Unfortunately, the radio did not perform as I expected. The shortwave reception, even at night was poor. Even getting WWV for a time hack was poor. I attached the cable antenna, and it did'nt really improve much. FM was the best, even in remote Eastern Oregon. AM was good sometimes and not so good others. I had a similar SONY radio for over 20 years. It worked great, until a circuit went bad.
By WTurner
Athens, AL
Confirmed User
Amazed at this Little Radio
Very Portable
Easy to Use
Very Sensitive and Selective on AM and Shortwave
Airband Works Well
Great FM Reception
Doesn't Include 2 Meter Hams Between Air and WX Bands
Best Uses
Casual Listening
Broadcast Listening
Aircraft Monitoring
Travel Weather Alerts
The thing that caught my eye was the addition of the VHF aircraft band. I purchased the radio with moderate expectations. I have been impressed with C. Crane quality, but I have had sub $100 portables from other makers that didn't impress me. The aircraft band performance impressed me from the start. The sensitivity and audio is good. I like to listen on the AM band, and the sensitivity and selectivity of this radio is good. I like the sleep time so I can listen at night and not wake up with dead batteries the next day. There is not much to listen to on FM where I live, but I was amazed that this little radio was pulling in weak and distant stations. It's also a good performer on shortwave (when there's something worth listening to on the air, which is getting rarer). The only problem was that the manual wasn't correct for my radio apparently there have been some updates and I had to look at the slightly different manual online to use a few features.
By JPalladino, CWO3 US Navy Retired
Best Little Radio...ever!
What an absolutely impressive little radio that provides a multitude of features coupled with excellent sound. The Skywave makes my list of favorite devices to utilize daily.
Best Uses
Sits next to my bed in the evening
Accompanies me into the kitchen while I'm preparing my kids lunch in the morning.
If you're looking for an Excellent performing all around compact radio...the Skywave is your ticket!
By MStefanik
Ballston lake, ny
Confirmed User
Superb little multi-function radio
Powerful AM reception
Does not let strong local stations to overwhelm adjacent distant stations

Excellent FM
distant weather reception
sensitive aircraft band

Too bad so many shortwave stations have disappeared

I really appreciate all of creative thought which has been put into this relatively small, yet multi-functional radio. Thank you C Crane!
By RBecker
Maxton, NC
Confirmed User
Great lil Radio
reception is great for me..had an eaton grundig befor lightning took it out..This is just as good if not better..I listen to am talk radio most of the time and fm public radio..picks up real good..
Display could be Larger..even with my glass's on lil hard to see..
Speaker could be a lil larger also..
Best Uses
Morning coffee time n fishing..late night am talk radio..
Just a nice lil radio for all around use..
By JKratoville
Long Island, NY
Confirmed User
Great Interface (Easy to Use) Very Strong Performer.
Multiple Tuning Methods
Small Compact
Great Reception
DSP Tuner
Smart Memories
Excellent CC Headphones
Speaker a tad bright
Best Uses
I researched this radio perhaps more than any other. Read both professional shootouts / reviews on Swling and consumer opinions on Amazon & here at C Crane. The radio was exactly what I was looking for, but I had concerns. More on those later. I've had this radio for 6 months and have run it through all the paces, from fringe areas in the middle of nowhere to midtown Manhattan. Inside, outside and all atmospheric conditions, it's held up well so far. First, the radio's interface and ergonomics are perfect. It's very easy to use. I like the fact you have multiple ways to tune in signals. There's the rotating knob, fast or slow. There's up and down slew keys with scan, and the scan function is fast. You have memories and direct entry. That's more options than available on most radios. Let me say, I love page memories, it's easier to organize stations / locations and the Skywave offers 10 pages of 10 memories on each band. Unlike the Tecsun ETS, I get to pick the stations I want in my presets. Sometimes I like the ETS feature, but most times I already know what's available. Buttons are well labeled and those hidden features can be incorporated into each station memory. Want 3k bandwidth on one station and 1k on another, voice or music setting, mono or stereo? Save as is and it will call up those settings each time. Very cool. AM is awesome. Very sensitive and no hets anywhere. Bandwidth selector will push out most offending adjacent signals. FM is as good as my G5, G8, PL-390, and better than G6, PL-360 & Sony 7600GR. SW is as good as other portables, Air seems to work well and I've been impressed by the WX band, picking up a maximum of 4 signals from the 23rd floor in downtown Manhattan. My two concerns were speaker audio and dial contrast. My CC Pocket has some fading issues with the display, but the Skywave is sharp and good from most angles. It doesn't show current time and frequency together and instead of the full signal info found on other models, it simply shows a strength bar. But it is the most accurate signal meter I've seen to date. CCrane boasts that it's audio is tailored for voice. I say it's a little brighter than it has to be, but it can be adjusted a number of ways. And if you're really into digging out tough captures on AM / SW, that bright speaker gives you much more clarity, right down to 1k bandwidth. I've gotten used to it and in many environs, it sounds quite good. My only beef is volume and that's where I take off that 1/4 star. Most times there's plenty of amp to drive the speaker, but on some weaker signals, you have to rotate that control quite a ways. The CC Pocket has the same characteristic. However, plenty of volume on the headphones, and IMHO, those CCrane buds are excellent, better than the Voz buds that are available. Cost? If you consider those headphones add $15 to the package, it's a very nice deal. For the daily use I've put it through these past 6 months, it has held up very well. CCrane customer support is excellent as well. Very pleased with this purchase
By JSpellins
Calipatria, CA
Confirmed User
perfect little radio
size is great
FM receives stations 90 miles away
battery life excellent
all 5 bands receive better than any other radio I have.
no ssb
for the price should come with a/c adapter
Best Uses
take it anywhere any time
this radio exceeds all expectations, I have a grundig G-6 and grundig satellite 750 this radio out performs both of them, in the receive on all bands, I would recommend this radio to anyone. I live in the southern California desert reception on it is excellent. Need a good small portable buy one even if you do have to pay extra for the a/c power supply.
By SSmith
York, PA
Confirmed User
Just the best
This is truly a great little radio. I find the reception is fanomanal. It was pretty straight forward figuring out the controls. I couldn't believe it actually included squelch. Just an absolute gem of a radio. I was really surprised to se scanning on the air band.
The only thing I could think of that it could include is the temperature.
Best Uses
Great in all the bands.
I am so glad I purchased one of these. Ccrane really has a winner here.
By THerman
Confirmed User
Great little radio
Small size
Air band
USB Charging
Best Uses
This radio has exceeded all of my expectations! Upon receiving it, I fired it up and was blown away by the sound quality of the little speaker. I also find it very useful to be able to listen to air band. I haven't had a chance to mess around with SW much, but I'm sure it will work flawlessly as well. A in my book!
By KFrancisco
Chandler, AZ
Confirmed User
Surprisingly excellent
good LCD easy to read
very good sensitivity AM and FM
small size fits in pocket nicely
excellent earbuds
2 AA batteries last almost forever
good volume
Best Uses
camping companion
casual desktop listening
taking to restaurants
I'm a ham radio guy and I can appreciate the sensitivity on AM/FM. Too much local noise here in the city to be sure about the shortwave but suspect it will be perfectly fine when camping out on a hill with a 20 foot chunk of wire alligator clipped to the telescoping ant.The weather channels are a nice touch and appear to have good sensitivity. I get a strong Phoenix forecast on channel 7 and a weak one on ch 2 all the way from Tucson. I use this radio to listen to talk radio while in fast food places,sensitiity and volume are very good, the earbuds are #1.KF7RY
By DRaff
Hudson Valley, NY
Confirmed User
Phenomenal Travel Radio
AM, FM, Shortwave, Weather Alert, Aviation Band in a radio that will fit in your pocket, or easily in luggage, briefcase, or portfolio. Not only that, this is as good as any portable radio you have ever used. With a state-of-art DSP chip. And it's a true DX radio - it really pulls in the signals - if it's out there, you will hear it. The Skywave is an amazing radio. I have several ultralight radios and the Skywave is easily my favorite. So go ahead, toss it in the overnight bag and have yourself some fine listening and DX'ing! How can you not love C Crane?
By TDelaney
Santa Rosa CA
Confirmed User
Poor reception
It could not pull in the local ATIS from the nearby airport
It could not pull in my favorite FM station.
It was not the radio I was hoping for.
By PTomlinson
Berkeley Springs, Wv.
Confirmed User
Small But Powerful
Very Easy To Program
Picks Up Sw-Am-Fm-Air From Inside My House in Wv. This Radio Is Exactly As Advertised
Have To Be Looking At Display Just Right
Can't Find Display Adjustment
Best Uses
So far indoors. I can't imagine what it can do outdoors.
Rollye James Bragged About This Company For years, C Crane On XM. Now I Know Why. Awesome Radio!
By HWilbur
Concord, New Hampshire
Confirmed User
CC Skywave
Sound quality
if you can receive a clear channel
is great.
Reception of AM is pathetic
Perhaps it is my location but inside the apartment there is no AM.
Hard to read the buttons
Best Uses
I don't use it
went back to my GE Super Radio
I REALLY wanted this radio to work, all the adjustments and its size/sound quality would make it a great radio if one lived in a big city where reception is strong. If you live in a City, BUY it!
By MMooney
Hoover, AL
Confirmed User
Great Emergency / Travel Radio
Weather Band
Battery Strength Indicator
Signal Strength Indicatot
Ability to charge batteries
Handy Keyboard Lock
Quality Earbuds
Time and Radio Presets retained on battery change
Average Sensitivity
No AC Adapter
No Batteries
Built-in speaker sound
Best Uses
Natural Disaster
This feature packed radio best satisfied my need for an emergency type radio. I live in hurricane and tornado country, so the weather band was a must have feature during power outages. My Skywave arrived the same day as an expensive pair of Marshall earbuds. Although not perfect, the CCrane earbuds trounced the Marshalls in every way. Quality FM stations will have your toes tapping. Problem FM stations aren't magically transformed into powerhouses. Skywave does a fine job with any reasonable signal. I have not tested the AM/SW/Air Wave bands as I do not foresee using them. This radio truly sips power! I used alkaline batteries for the first week to get an idea how long they might last. Before and after voltage tests were only slightly different. Paired with rechargeable batteries and a solar cell phone charger, I feel prepared for any emergency or excursion. Personally, I would have preferred to be able to remove the wrist strap and replace it with a neck lanyard, but that's a minor complaint. I can imagine others would like an external antenna connection. That's fair, but this IS a pocket radio and not a full feature desktop entertainment system. About the only major item on my wish list for the Skywave would a rubberized Otterbox like case for the inevitable drops that will occur. Overall I am exceptionally pleased with this radio. It easily covers all of my must have features in a well thought out, compact package. I believe it would be the perfect answer for many people.
Confirmed User
Best Little Radio Out There
light weight
Laptop bag stachable
uses two AA
Great receiver
nope nada
Best Uses
Personal use
All bands work!
Great little radio! I've had a few days to play and it exceeding my expectations. For aircraft you'll need the control tower frequencies (key in save) and flight times, they don't chat like SW so it comes in burst. In central Ohio, I'll pick up Canada, Mexico, Cuba, South America, Germany, and many in the States. Nice functions built in like NiMH charging, squelch for air, fast/slow tuning, and lots of memory to preset for fast tuning. Even the wx channels are clear from over 100 miles away. And also a lock key so the radio doesn't come on during travel. I looked at many -PL660 was the closest but $30 more and twice the size. It's been on/off for about 12 hours and no battery power loss.
By DHarry
Central Ohio
Confirmed User
What a cool little radio!
Very small
Very senitive
Fun to use
Quality built
Long play with just to AA batteries
none so far
Best Uses
Stach anywhere
Travel size
Light weight and small for back packs
Uses just 2 AA batterys
This is my first all-in-one pocket radio. I'm very impressed with the sound and sensitivity. Just watch some youtube and read the manual, and you'll be dialing in all the fun. First station on sw, was Australia at 15:45 with no wire! Picked up weather station in Cleveland too-130 miles away. For aircraft channels use this map link to load control towers (ct) : / . Am and FM come in Great too.
By FBernal
Mexico City
Confirmed User
A excellent Radio
Good reception
A little expensive
When the weather alert is ON
the screen turns on and off
and you can only be programmed to 16 hrs. I would like to be 24 hrs.
Best Uses
all right for the moment
By fdigirolamo
montreal canada
Confirmed User
did not meet my expectations
am &fm locol stations good
shortwave &aviation band reception bad
Best Uses
local station only
thank you fast shipping
By RKaplan
exceptional receiver
Nice small size
Great reception
long battery presets
great sound from the speaker.Nice earbuds with rich sound
Best Uses
bedside use
One of the best radios I've ever owned and I have had many. Improvement over the Pocket radio and the previous shortwave model
By SMaclean
Halifax, NS, Canada
Confirmed User
Great pocket radio
Compact digital tuning Air shortwave and weather bands Stereo FM (with headphones
Quality build and long battery life.
Sound is commensurate with it's small size.
Best Uses
Camping adventure outdoors
Overall a great little compact radio with many features
By MHarmon
Dade City, FL
Confirmed User
Great Small Radio
high quality receiver
Best Uses
This is a super nice radio for travel. Reception is clear and sound is very good for a radio this size. Its high quality is quickly evident. Save $12.99 in shipping by buying this radio from CCrain through Amazon.
Edmond, OK
Confirmed User
What a neat little radio
I like having all the many freq. bands on such a small radio.
The sould is very good also.
I have not found anything bad with the radio.
Best Uses
It will fit in my shirt pocket and with headset it works really nice.
See Pros, Cons & Best Uses.
Confirmed User
huge upgrade over previous version
Sound quality
Ease of operation.
cannot think of any
Best Uses
Travel radio
I liked the SWP, but is was cumbersome in regards to operation, and had no feathering of volume control. This upgrade is huge in everyway. sound ease of operation reception. this product is rich with features and superior in performance.
By DMolnar
Medina, Ohio
Confirmed User
CC Skywave
Nice radio.
Over priced. This radio should sell for around $ 39.99.
Best Uses
By BGrant
Stone Mtn Ga
Confirmed User
Super fast shipping
easy to follow instructions
!!Excellent reception
Carrying case has no cutouts for use while carrying

shortwave will probably need an antenna
Best Uses
General radio. Sports
talk shows
Very glad to get this radio. I got the AC adapter and recharable batteries. Looking for many years service. Thank you CCrane for your timely shipping.
By SKamp
Sacramento CA
Confirmed User
Almost as good as a tabletop conmmunications rx
From Sacramenyo CA
at night in September October 2915 hsve heard WHO 1040 Des Moines
Lack of longwave
Lack of ssb
Best Uses
Truly portable
From Sacramento CA at night in sept oct 2015 heard WHO 1040 Des Moines, CBR 1010 Calgary, 1030 mix of KTWO Wyoming and Mrxico City. FM easy reception San Francisco Fm, and daytime MW SF to Fresno. WX Sf, Stockton, Sac. Sw too bad BBC et al have left the air or they would be blasting in
By DVenegas
Confirmed User
Best Potrable Radio!
battery life
easy to use
great reception
Clear excellent sound
Best Uses
ball games
late night AM listening
Small but powerful radio. Battery life seems like forever. Way better than i expected. So glad i chose this radio! Thanks C Crane!
By LSorensen
Selah, WA
Confirmed User
Much better than anticipated
Everything about this little jewel is Pro. I have been using this for past 6 months and nothing has disappointed.
I also use to check on aviation weather at local airport before I got o fly our aircraft.
As an added bonus the tonal quality is amazing for such a small unit.
No Cons that I can think of.
Best Uses
Both music and spoken word. Also very good for NOAA weather.
Get this unit while you can. I don't think that there is a better one!
By SLowry
Half Moon Bay, CA
The Greatest
Went on the wait list for this one to be shipped as soon as available. I've had several Grundigs, Kaitos and others, but the Skywave trumps all, especially with the aviation band, battery efficiency, panel layout and more. Look at the other reviews: there are a lot of good reasons for so many 5 stars.
By JFrank
Natick, MA
Confirmed User
Outstanding Radio
easy to use
battery life
Best Uses
The beach
the backyard
on my night table
I love this radio. The AM is great and the adjustable bandwidth make even the noisiest signals intelligible. The FM is more sensitive than my table radios. If you use the included earbuds, the FM, in stereo mode, sounds very good.
By DLesley
Collierville, TN.
excellent product and value
attractive and quality product
very good reception and sound
I have been very pleased with the quality, reception, and speaker sound of this radio. This was more than worth the price. you get what you pay for.
By JThoms
Indianapolis, IN
Confirmed User
C Crane has done it again!
Great Value and plenty of performance packed in a tiny package.
Excellent ergonomics.
No SSB coverage.
No external antenna jack
Best Uses
General usage
Great size for travel.
Since the Skywave is an updated SWP, I look forward to a possible Skywave with SSB.
By DSmith
Laurel, MD
Confirmed User
Good successor to the CCRadio SWP
WX Band
Volume Control Knob
USB Charger port
Variable bandwidth Audio
Much more susceptible to being overloaded by strong local stations than my SWP. For example a nearby (1-2 mile?) medium wave (AM band) transmitter will overwhelm stations on the shortwave band.
Best Uses
Away from cities
Wish list: Option to activate the radio when triggered by SAME. The ability to manage/load/save memories from the USB port.
By WMontague
durham, on
Confirmed User
Impressive Radio
small size
good battery life
AM Reception
feature rich
needs extrnal antenna jack
Best Uses
travel radio
go bag radio
Amazing little package. Yes, SSB reception would be nice, but I don't miss it. C Crane has found the sweet spot with this one. I've had many radios over the years, and this one is one of the best I've used. No purchase regrets. NONE.
By CStacks
Laguna Niguel CA
Confirmed User
Better then expected! A big smile on my face.
Great Reception on all bands
Does not drift
Speaker does a great job even better with head phones
None except ssb is missing
Best Uses
With me all the time
6:30 PM yesterday attached 20 ft long wire and counted 58 readable shortwave stations. Also able to rcv aircraft from several airports with the radio's antenna. C CRANE please make a Sky II that covers the HF ham frequencies!!!!
By JMitchell
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
The best radio I've ever had!
reliability works in anywhere
I can't think of any.
Best Uses
overnight I can get at least 1 European station.
I am a radio buff, have 5 radios, including shortwave. I have had my Crane radios since Sept 1, 2006 & still enjoy fantastic reception. Could easily live without a tv but not without a radio.
By BBarney
Stockbridge, MA
Confirmed User
It's the best!
What a surprise! Unbelivable quality in a compact box. I must stop: my home is becoming the East coast division of the C.Crane Company.
Too many radios! Yes
i know i can only listen to one at a time.
Best Uses
Put it in your pocket and take it everywhere!
Quality company/quality products!
By BHolzer
South Bend, IN
Confirmed User
Good pocket radio but poor SW
Great FM reception
Good AM and WX
Easy to use
nice audio
excelent headphone jack
Poor SW reception compared to other radios in this size and price
no ajustable light switch
as for air band I haven't been able to pick up anything.
Best Uses
great portable for headphone use as many stations come in clearly with out raising the antenna.
Great audio with just the speaker
Compaired with the Grundig G6 the Skywave performs poorly on SW but the skywave is easier to use
By MP.
Cape Coral, FL
Confirmed User
Best little radio!
Enough features to satisfy most everyone. Amazing sound out of a small unit.
Pulls stations a LONG way. Plays a LONG time on 2 AA batteries.
Soft cover should have perforations over speaker.
Would be nice to have a scan feature for Air Band.
By FConti
Los Angeles, CA
Confirmed User
Bought and evaluated this radio
I have been into radios for 45 years
This is a good little transistor.
Fairly easy to use lots of features
Good reception and tone.
Dont like that the dial light cannot
be set to stay on all the time.
Needs variable tone control with
bass enhancement
Best Uses
General use radio
This radio is worth buying, wish they were built in the USA.
By RGray
L'town, NC
Confirmed User
One Sweet Radio
Ease of use
Great reception
Love it so far
Buttons are a little stiff
No big deal for me
Best Uses
Kicking back and relaxing
What ever where ever when ever
This is one sweet radio. Reception is phenomenal. I can't say it's my favorite, yet, as I've only had it a few days but from what I'm experiencing I don't think it will be long. The buttons are a little stiff but I can deal with that. Wow!! Awesome job C Crane.
By mvallgren
Confirmed User
the best little radio on the market
Skywave go in circles around tecsun. If Tecsun find 34 listening channels only found 75. I'm very happy with my purchase. The next purchase will be a CCRadio-SW
then I'm home.
no reseller in europe
Best Uses
all within the radio.
This is what you seek. Ridiculous much better reception in this class
By MHarroun
Pleasant Grove, UT
Great Little Radio
This has been a wonderful little desk radio. Sound is outstanding. Controls are intuitive. Seems to be very high quality. I would recommend this radio to friends and family.
By MHansen
Confirmed User
Fantastic radio!
All the frequencies I want in one small package
Great reception
Great battery life
Easy to use
None as of yet!
I love, love, love this radio! My first C. Crane, but it won't be my last if they keep making them like this!
By CRasmussen
Kalamazoo, MI
Confirmed User
Small size, Big operator.
ease of use
It would be nice to enter airband frequencies to scan.
Best Uses
in the car with earphones
great fun cute little radio. Great sounding. Better than I expected. Recommend it highly.
By MHernandez
Aguadilla PR
Great Radio for this little radio
Best Uses
Am band
FM and Weather band
I like the reception of this radio. The AM band have long range of reception. The Fm band have a separation between a station. I would recommend weather band because I live about 40 miles of the station and the reception is excellent. The sound is good is loud and clear voice.
By dDalal
san jose, ca
Confirmed User
Hello, pilots!
very well designed
fine tuning
Best Uses
easy listening
pilot chatter
NOAH weather
I very easy to use, cool radio! Quality build, fine tuning, multi-band.
By CMcClain
Heart of Texas
Good performance
AM sensitivity
FM sensitivity
Long battery life
Rechargeable friendly
None yet!
Best Uses
Daily listening
I listen to talk on both AM and FM. I get good reception with marginal signals (as judged compared to my C Crane radio) I power mine from NiMH rechargeable and it is so easy to plug in to USB and push charge button to recharge. Even if using conventional non rechargeable cells this radio barely sips power! I like that the battery charge display seems to work well with the 1.2 volts out from NiMH cells.
By BWyman
Expected better.
Good f.m.& timer is a plus.
I had a cheap $10.00 Sony radio I bought from Walgreens about 7 years ago that could pick up stations as well as this radio. The sw& aviation gets boring very quickly. I have never heard any conversations on them. If you are lucky someone will garble a few numbers that are meaningless to me. I thought C.Crane radios has great reception but the are no bettet than a cheap drug store radio.
Best Uses
& falling to sleep
by with the timer.
Fair but expensive!
By CMcfarlane
Sunrise, FL
Confirmed User
Love this radio!!
Exceed my expectation! Able to find the AM stations I listen to
By CLove
Manchester, NH
Confirmed User
My New Favorite Pocket Radio
I've been swling for about the last 50 years. When I heard about this radio my interest was peaked. Did research on the radio and liked what I was reading so I decided to give one a try. I chose wisely. This little radio is outstanding. I'm not going to repeat what everyone else is saying, but I will say this is one very nice radio that fits in your pocket. CCRANE knocked this one out of the park! My new favorite pocket sized radio.
Medway, MA
Confirmed User
great radio
excellent reception on all bands nice small size great for a travel radio
havent found any
Best Uses
great all around portable radio audio is pretty good for such a small radio
recommend highly!!!! another great product from a great co thanks cc crane!!!
Confirmed User
Best Uses
By EParent
Crestview, Fl
Versatile Compact Radio
The bands!
Compact size goes anywhere
Price (but it's worth it)
Best Uses
Nighttime AM DX'ing. FM will fill a room. Has volume of a bigger radio. Excellent SW sensitivity and selectivity
Use air bands at airport or listen in your backyard to airliners flying overhead. Up to the minute weather reports when on the go 24/7.
I've been searching for the perfect radio since listening to Zenith transistors in the middle 60s. This compact quality radio comes very close with the five bands and sensitivity across the bands. It is now my go-to radio for any outdoor activities because of its versatility. Also fits in a pocket while listening at a ball game. Now I'm hoping C Crane can add Ham radio 2 meter Snd/Rcv capabilities along with the current five bands to their next radio. I'll gladly add it to my collection. Thank you, CCrane! :)
I must add my 2 cents two, 4 a wonderful radio. I bought my LITTLE CCRANE Skywave a month ago and am amazed at this GREAT little radio. It has so much too offer in such a little package & of course sounds so wonderful too. I have two RadioShack radios dx396 & dx 360, 5 times bigger, that are very good but cant match my little CCrane [ that I love ]. The manual was explicit also & it was easy 2 program. I absolutely recommend this little gem.
Portland, OR
Confirmed User
Small but powerful
Purchased a Skywave with AC adaptor for my son for Christmas. He loves it. He works for the US Postal Service on the Oregpn coast so he particularly likes the weather band. First thing in the morning he listens to the weather report so he knows what to expect and can plan accordingly. Just bought one for myself and cant believe how many functions Ccrane got into a small package. For the size and the money I dont think you can beat it. Aircraft, weather, shortwave, AM and FM. You get it all. Quality sound and great reception.
Confirmed User
Love my new CC Skywave!
I absolutely love my new CC Skywave radio. I own several CC radios including the CC Radio2, Observer and SW Pocket. Although l really have enjoyed my SWP, the Skywave has made several improvements on the SWP design. The rotary volume knob and adding Airband frequencies to name a few. I work in aviation so I really love being able to scan the Airband and save them to memory. I was able to pull in a couple of nearby airports in my area right from my house. The ATS function is also handy as well especially for shortwave. Speaking of shortwave, what a great performer for such a little radio. Just sitting in my living room, downstairs.... I was able to pull in at least 10 SW stations. CC Radio has made another outstanding product and it is perfect for travel. I take my SWP on all my hikes and campouts and I will now be taking along my Skywave. A lot of radio and versatility in one great little package. Great job CC RADIO!!!!
By RDitto
Terre Haute, IN
Confirmed User
A Suberb Radio with Great Value!
When I first saw this radio that I received for Christmas, I couldnt believe all the features in the small size. Wow! I was amazingly surprised at the quality of reception and the room filling sound. This is an excellently designed radio.
By EPepper
Confirmed User
Great little radio
Worked right out of the box with no problems. What I love about this radio is that just like the old CCRadio Plus it will use and recharge batteries. I love being able to unplug it and run it off batteries when outside working. Reception inside our old doublewide is excellent.
By Jghent
Burlington, NJ
C Crane has done an excellent job in the design
The reception on MW too me is perhaps the best part of this radio since I listen to talk . I walk and ride with this radio in my pocket and reception does not change. They did a pretty good job with the antenna along with the electronics. The only thing that I have noticed when compared to my more expensive portables is that you cant independently program memories. For example: if you start out on page(1) and program 3 AM stations into memories 1,2,3, then program 3 FM stations in 4,5,6. Toggling the radio off/on, depending on what band appears in the display is where the memory buttons will respond too. So if your in AM mode, then only memories 1,2,3 will work. Other than that minor inconvenience the radio performs really well on FM and Shortwave. I found the ATS feature very useful on the SW bands. The audio for this size radio is pretty good and not tinny in my opinion, although there is no bass. Headphones sound great on FM stereo. Also what I find convenient with the radio while it's in your pocket is the ability to operate it. Just stick your hand in and you can press the on/off, AM/FM, and memory buttons. Im sure there will be other ways to use the radio, but as you can see I wanted something with had excellent performance and ample volume which this radio satisfies. Great job C.Crane
By EKeene
Jersey Shore/NYC metropolitan area
Confirmed User
Every band a winner!
I got my Skywave for Christmas, and I am extremely pleased. I am a radio DX hobbyist, and have a very large assortment of radios with which to compare the new Skywave. The am band is exciting -I am getting my best DX of the season with this little radio.The band width selector is terrific. The air band is perfect - it actually scans, has a squelch,and picks up more traffic than my best scanners.The fm is fine - I could hear everything I wanted to hear with the very nice included stereo earbuds. The weather band is fine, and the shortwave outperformed several highly-rated Tecsuns I compared with. Only the much more expensive PL880 and Satellit 750 did better. I highly recommend this great radio, especially for the SW, AM and Air bands.
By mlundblad
Aberdeen, WA
Confirmed User
this is an awesome radio!!
I just received this radio today for Christmas and I am blown away by all the features and sensitivity, esp. the AM band which I can barely receive anything past 1250 due to a few local strong stations. This radio wouldve been perfect if it had SSB or LW and continuous coverage. But all in all this is a great radio! I love you C.Crane :)
By HAlexander
Franklin, TN
The Ultimate Travel Radio
After putting this radio through all the paces, I am convinced that its quite possibly the ultimate travel radio! I am particularly impressed with the performance of the AM and SW bands. And I really appreciate the precision offered with the thumbwheel volume control, as well. Thanks for another great product, my 6th purchase from CCrane. I have yet to be disappointed!
By GSmoker
Jamestown N.Y.
Confirmed User
Above Expectations
Good sound quality, Best reception, Real good performance on all bands
By LSingleton
Stroh, IN
Confirmed User
Just great love it
Just got my skywave radio today and it works great the sound is good and the am stations are really good. I would recemmend this to my friends or anyone.
By RLucas
Santa Clara, ca
Confirmed User
good value
As described on web site, digital selectable tuning good sound quality
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General Specifications
Input Power AC Adapter: 5V DC 300 mA with Mini USB Tip (not included)
Batteries: (2) AA (not included)
Power Consumption 30-100 mA DC (depending on headphone or speaker usage)
Run Time (on batteries) ± 70 hours (earbuds)
± 60 Hours (built-in speaker)
(times are approximate)
Audio Output 0.5 Watts
1/8" Stereo Earphone Jack
Speaker 1.5", 8 Ohm, 0.5W
Frequency Coverage AM 520 - 1710 kHz (10 kHz Steps)
AM 522 - 1620 kHz (9 kHz Steps)
FM 87.5 - 108 MHz (Regular Mode)
FM 76 - 108 MHz (Expanded Mode)
Shortwave 2300 - 26100 kHz
Aviation 118 - 137 MHz
Weather Band: Ch. 1: 162.400 MHz
Ch. 2: 162.425 MHz
Ch. 3: 162.450 MHz
Ch. 4: 162.475 MHz
Ch. 5: 162.500 MHz
Ch. 6: 162.525 MHz
Ch. 7: 162.550 MHz
AM Tuning Built-in Ferrite Bar
FM, Weather, Shortwave and Aviation Tuning 16" Whip Antenna
Presets 400 Total
Lock Switch Yes
Sleep Timer 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 Minutes
Alarm Yes
Clock 12/24 Hour Format
Display Lighted LCD
Dimensions 4.75" W x 3" H x 1.1" D
Weight 5.5 Ozs. Without Batteries
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Included Accessories CC Earbuds
Carry Case
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • I followed the user manual and cannot set the ALARM to wake with beep. The Manual says that the alarm should be set to beep by default but it wakes with the radio instead. How can I switch the alarm to beep?

    We apologize for this mistake. To switch the Alarm to beep, press the #5 button once during alarm setup. You will notice that the speaker icon has disappeared from the screen indicating that only beep is set.

  • Why does the light flash on and off when I turn the radio off?

    The Weather Alert is turned on. This is a reminder that the alert feature is on and is working. It is not recommended to leave on frequently when using batteries.

  • How do I do a complete factory reset?

    With the power off, press and hold memory buttons #4 and #6 until the radio beeps four times and the display flashes.

  • How do I change the audio quality from MUSIC to VOICE?

    Press and hold the PAGE button for 3 seconds. You should hear a beep and see the setting change on the screen. To switch back, hold the PAGE button again for 3 seconds.

Manual Size Download Time
Instructions (PDF) CC Skywave Radio Instruction Manual 3.2 MB 7:37 minutes @ 56Kbps
Instructions (PDF) CC Skywave Radio Instruction Manual - Reset Addendum 685 KB 1:37 minutes @ 56Kbps

Audio tutorial of the CC Skywave Radio by Tim Hendel - Part 1

(Tim is blind and records many of our audio tutorials for our products)

Press the play () button above to stream the audio. To download the file, please use this link.

Audio tutorial of the CC Skywave Radio by Tim Hendel - Part 2

(Tim is blind and records many of our audio tutorials for our products)

Press the play () button above to stream the audio. To download the file, please use this link.

What's in the Box
  • CC Skywave Radio
  • Carry Case
  • CC Buds Earphones
  • This WiFi Antenna is hands down the best. It allows me to connect to a business almost a half mile away. Two months time and this baby paid for itself. I am a very happy with my purchase.
    — John A., Mill Valley, CA
  • This radio deserves five stars because it sounds great, the ease of use and preset stations. This radio will become your favorite radio, also backed by great customer service if ever needed, thank you very much.
    — Pete P., Santa Rosa, CA
  • This is an excellent internet radio. I have had the unit playing constantly from the time I received it. Excellent sound for such a small unit and the remote works wonderfully.
    — James H., Richmond, BC
  • Good sound, lightweight and comfortable; not too tight on the head. I like one feature; it doesn't tell you where to place the speakers, left side or right side.
    — Harry W., Manassas, VA
  • I purchase this product specifically for AM recordings and it has worked superbly. I wanted to wait awhile before I gave my opinion on the product. It has worded exactly as advertised and more.
    — Jack L., San Pedro, CA
  • Very nice, economical home lighting. If you're used to the white light of fluorescent bulb replacements, these will offer the same type with no toxic ingredients or damaging UV radiation.
    — Gary B., San Francisco, CA
  • This antenna does work well; however placement and the shape you have it bent into is very important. I live about 70 miles away from Toronto and receive a lot of Toronto FM stations static free with the FM reflect.
    — Thomas S., Buffalo, NY
  • I'm not sure how I gone this far in life without it. I just love it. The best sound ever from an AM radio.
    — James G., Springfield, MA
  • This device is awesome. As a contractor, I can not access my customer's network for security reasons. Now, with my office on the second floor, I can connect to a WiFi hotspot 1.5 miles away and my signal strength is strong!
    — Robert S., Tabernacle, NJ
  • I just received my EP radio yesterday. I'm totally impressed with the old school simplicity and the modern day sound quality. Thank you, C.Crane!
    — David C., Raleigh, NC
  • I have had only one, thank the lord, occasion to use this in and emergency situation and it worked flawlessly. Only one in the area with radio for two days of power loss... Thank you CCrane!!
    — Vernon P., Dufur, OR
  • This radio is totally fantastic!!! It will provide service in any condition and works as engineered and advertised. I am going to order more units for all family members.
    — Glen B., Bethlehem, PA
  • This radio is wonderful. Small but powerful. Several years of service and no problems.
    — William B., Litchfield, IL
  • Just received this little jewel... did not open the manual and I was listening to NPR within minutes... no kidding. I'm a radio guy and the audio is great and look forward to a lot of great listening.
    — Lin F., Inman, SC