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The SoftSpeaker™-2 has an in-line volume control built into the cord. You can use the wheel on the cord to control the volume coming through the speaker without having to adjust the volume on your radio, smart phone or other audio device.

To create the SoftSpeaker-2 we started with a rare earth magnet speaker. We then encased it in soft, padded foam and put it in a teddy-bear soft cover tht is removable and washable. It's so plush you can rest your ear right on it. Plug the speaker into the headphone jack of any radio or smart phone, put it on your pillow and enjoy some of the highest music and voice fidelity available in a pillow speaker. It offers the perfect combination of comfort, privacy and quality.

We started distributing pillow speakers over 20 years ago and realized they break more often than one would think. So, we took up the quest to design a better, longer lasting Pillow Speaker. In developing this speaker, we also focused on the common wire break point where the cord enters the pillow speaker. Over time the oils and dirt from one's hands and face can cause the wire (where it enters the pillow speaker) to harden and eventually break. Our design uses a high quality wire and a very flexible rubber protective outer cover to help improve the longevity. To stand behind this design, we offer a one year warranty. This is unheard of in an industry where 30 to 90 days is generally the normal warranty period for a pillow speaker.

The SoftSpeaker and SoftSpeaker-2 offer the perfect combination of comfort, privacy and quality. Its durable, high-flex cord and removable, washable cover help ensure longevity.

(Pat. #US D466,886 S) Size: 2" Dia., 6.5-foot cord with 1/8" jack.

Features include:
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Speaker type: Neodymium-Ferrous-Boron (Rare Earth Magnet)
  • One-year Warranty
  • In-line Volume Control
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By WMetcalf
Confirmed User
high quality sound
volume control
good sound
Best Uses
2nd purchase of this product I damaged original unit after 1 years use. I have tried 4 other brands over the years - this is far superior
By CWalker
Confirmed User
Second Time Around
You can listen to the radio without bothering your partner.
Best Uses
Nightime radio listening.
This is my second purchase of this item. I lost my last one when I moved. I love the convenience of it so much I had to have another. I especially love the volume control - it is well worth the money.
By TValentine
Saint Paul, MN
Confirmed User
Met all expectations
Great sound
nice volume control
I purchased this for my mother who had this product without the volume control. She uses it at night to listen to talk radio when she can't sleep. She loves the volume control and is very satisfied.
By EWilson
It doesn't get any better!!
Your service is superb!
We have dealt with your company for many years and have always been well pleased. Thank you for your great service.
By JRutkowski
Gaylord Mi
Confirmed User
Buyer beware
Sound is good
The volume control 12 inches from the speaker sucks. You have to search for the control when you need to change the volume. This is especially troublesome when sleeping on your side and the cable is behind you. The control button needs to be on the speaker (like the one I am replacing) or right next to it. The little blue back is cute but non functional.
CC Radio: Use it before you sell it.
Confirmed User
Works just like it was supposed to.
Better solution than earbuds that tangle while sleeping.
Seems to be durable so far.
The volume control is convenient.
Best Uses
Listening to radio without bothering anyone else
Using it with a CCrane Skywave set for sleep timer. The speaker stays out of the way (use it under the pillow case so it stays put) and if I fall asleep before the timer turns the radio off, I don't wind up tangled in wires when I wake up.
By JMaycox
Lewistown, MT
Confirmed User
Perfect with the volume control
Volume control is handy
Best Uses
I use it to have the radio on while I go to sleep. I only work a couple of days a week and it is nice to wake to
music and not wake up my hubbie.
I was using a pillow speaker for 10 years when it started to short out. I drove my husband crazy with turning the volume up on the radio so I could hear it. The new pillow speaker has a volume control on it and it is wonderful. I can have the volume up on the radio because of fluctuations in broadcasts and control how loud my speaker is. Just love it.
By JKarshna
N. Wisconsin
OK, but could easily be better
Sound is good though not enough volume. Comfortable as compared to others.
Volume control could be at the speaker itself
Weak point is where cord attaches to the speaker. Mine both failed at this point.
Best Uses
Should be obvious!
Speaker is not comfortable when one lays on it for more than a few minutes as one has to do in order to hear it. Under a pillow sound is usually not loud enough. Improve cord and increase loudness but meanwhile, can't find one any better. I'll keep looking but will probably have to order another.
By JWilson
Confirmed User
Exceeds my expectations!
This pillow-speaker is perfect for listening to programs without disturbing anyone else. The volume control feature is an added benefit. The best feature here is the - flexible cord - that a product of this kind requires.
I think it would be helpful to have the - volume control knob - closer to the microphone.
Best Uses
I use my pillow speaker to listen to my C. Crane radio perfect fit!
This product is - hard to find - I shopped at Radio Shack, Walmarts and other stores that carry electronics - they simply are not available - I was so glad to be able to purchase this through your company
Los Altos, CA
Confirmed User
Not quite as good as Radio Shack
Nice cover
Volume control
volume difficult to operate
Have had several of the Radio Shack units for years, but they eventually wear out and RS doesn't sell them any more. This unit is several times more expensive than the RS unit. The volume control on this is much less convenient than the RS unit where it's right on the speaker. It's awkward to adjust volume and it's quite a distance down the cord. The cord is thinner than RS cord RS gets stiff over time don't know about this one yet. The RS volume control failed on one of my units and this uses the same kind of control, so it may be subject to the same kind of failure again don't know yet. The speaker is smaller and one-sided, so you have to have the correct side up to hear it. It's harder to tell which side is up than the RS where the volume control and cord lets you know. The RS distorts at higher elevations (e.g. 5000') don't know about this one yet. The cover on this is nice and soft RS has no cover. The volume seems to match the RS unit.
Topock, AZ
Can Stream All Night!
I put this speaker between the pillow case and the pillow and attach to my phone so I can listen to Sirius/XM Radio or Audible books at night while my husband is asleep. I use it every night! Just love it!!
Best Uses
Us ewith a spouse who like to retire earlier than you do. Travel
use to stream while on the road and not miss my favorites on the Patriot Channel of SiriusXM.
Highly recommend!
By BWargo
The best But....
Very good construction and the best sound you're going to find
The volume control should be further away from the speaker. Through typical tossing and turning the volume control knob turns inadvertently. It's bad for business if the volume gets turned down and you don't hear the alarm in the morning. They should move the control another 8-10 inches.
Best Uses
Talk radio
So close, but not perfect...
Peoria, IL
Confirmed User
Great value - great performance
Small - delivers good sound - long cord.
Best Uses
To provide sound without disturbing anyone else.
I insert this into the top of the pillow case near where my ear will lay & adjust position of the SoftSpeaker after laying my head on the pillow. Pillow case keeps it clean, keeps it in place, and sound easily penetrates the material of the pillow case. Excellent product - totally satisfied.
By RMcGraw
Hutchinson, MN
Works for me!
With constant ringing in my ears, some nights it's hard to fall to sleep. This is where the pillow speaker comes in. I took the cover off because I wanted a little more volume. The volume control is within reach and I can listen to Public Radio as much as I want. The automatic shutoff on the radio does its job when I fall asleep.
By MSiminski
Washington State
Confirmed User
Over priced but.....
Over priced
Best Uses
Listening to voice. Ie podcast
books on tape
This item is not very comfortable and is over priced, but the dog won't chew it so don't need to run the risk of loosing ear phones. Pulse don't like sleeping with ear phones. This pillow speaker does not work under pillow either.would give it 3.5 stars
By RThomas
Confirmed User
Great idea but not comfortable
I love the idea of this product because I usually go to sleep with ear buds, which cant be good. But I find the pillow speaker too hard to lie on. If I put it under my pillow, I hear nothing. A feather pillow might be better for this but I sleep with a foam pillow.
By DGlynn
Joplin, MO
Confirmed User
Even Excellent Can Get Better
My first SoftSpeaker with volume control had good sound, and was well suited for the stated purpose. A NICE improvement would be putting the volume control much closer to the speaker. An EXCELLENT improvement would be a pillow speaker that could also be used to select stations. (Look. If we can put a man on the Moon . . .)
By KMcClure
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By AWebb
Confirmed Buyer
A purchase you will never regret.
By EClem
Confirmed Buyer
Great idea,but too quiet. You should be able to turn volume up louder than it goes. I can't hear it when it's under my pillow.
By PPicciau
Confirmed Buyer
Soft and sounds great, long plug is also nice, good quality and plush.
By DGoldenberg
Confirmed Buyer
This only applies to the unit with the volume control. I had the non volume control softspeaker that my dog chewed up so I decided to replace it with the volume control version. The speaker itself is fine, the sound is good and it's nice and flat (I use it under the pillow without the blue padding).The problem is the volume control. It is about 2 feet away from the speaker! Now the thing is my radio on my nightstand is a little over a foot away, which means the volume control on my radio is CLOSER than the volume control on the speaker. Just plain dumb. Put the volume control next to the speaker please.
By tray
Confirmed Buyer
If I could give this speaker 3 1/2 stars I would, but it's not good enough to be a 4 or bad enough to be a 3. As someone who has used a radio shack pillow speaker (under ten bucks) for years, I expected a little/lot more from C. Crane. The speaker is tinny, which is usually ok if you just listen to talk. The volume switch is too far from the speaker, you have to follow the cord down to find it - not an easy task in the dark. The speaker, unlike radio shack, has to be facing toward your ear, and the cover is not very comfortable - and also has to be facing your ear with the padded side up.I would suggest making the volume control much closer to the speaker, a speaker that would sound the same from either side, a speaker that sounded better, and a cover that was more comfortable that could be used on either side. Too expensive for what you get.Radio Shack does have an upgraded pillow speaker, but I had trouble finding one and got this. Better to shop around first.On the positive side, the unit seems sturdy. I often pull on the cord to pull the speaker from under my pillow to move it and it feels strong enough.
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General Specifications
Sensitivity: 115dB
Frequency: 20~20,000Hz
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Driver Unit: 40mm
Plug Type: 3.5mm Stereo
Cable Length: 6.5-ft
Dimensions: 2" Dia.
Weight: 1.5 oz
Warranty: 1-Year Limited
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Product Highlights
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Speaker type: Neodymium-Ferrous-Boron (Rare Earth Magnet)
  • Speaker Cover: Super Plush and Washable
  • High Flex Cord: 6.5' Long w/ Restraint to Prevent Wire Damage
  • In-line Volume Control
  • One-year Limited Warranty
  • What is the impedance of the SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker-2?

    The impedance of the SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker-2 is 32Ω.

  • Does C. Crane's SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker-2 work with portable CD players?

    Yes, the pillow speaker will work with portable CD players as long as they have a 1/8" headphone jack. You may need a stereo by mono adapter (some headphone jacks are configured a little differently), but most devices don't need this.

  • Will the SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker-2 work with a thick pillow?

    We recommend our SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker-2 because it has the best fidelity. If it doesnt work well under your pillow, it will also work right on top of your pillow. We made the cover soft enough to be comfortable even when you rest your ear right on it. We haven't had any complaints about any of our pillow speakers disturbing other people whether above or below the pillow.

  • Can the SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker-2 be opened to reattach loose connections?

    No, the SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker-2 is in a sealed compartment.

  • Can I wash the SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker-2's cover?

    Yes. Simply remove the cover from the speaker and wash.

  • This WiFi Antenna is hands down the best. It allows me to connect to a business almost a half mile away. Two months time and this baby paid for itself. I am a very happy with my purchase.
    — John A., Mill Valley, CA
  • This radio deserves five stars because it sounds great, the ease of use and preset stations. This radio will become your favorite radio, also backed by great customer service if ever needed, thank you very much.
    — Pete P., Santa Rosa, CA
  • This is an excellent internet radio. I have had the unit playing constantly from the time I received it. Excellent sound for such a small unit and the remote works wonderfully.
    — James H., Richmond, BC
  • Good sound, lightweight and comfortable; not too tight on the head. I like one feature; it doesn't tell you where to place the speakers, left side or right side.
    — Harry W., Manassas, VA
  • I purchase this product specifically for AM recordings and it has worked superbly. I wanted to wait awhile before I gave my opinion on the product. It has worded exactly as advertised and more.
    — Jack L., San Pedro, CA
  • Very nice, economical home lighting. If you're used to the white light of fluorescent bulb replacements, these will offer the same type with no toxic ingredients or damaging UV radiation.
    — Gary B., San Francisco, CA
  • This antenna does work well; however placement and the shape you have it bent into is very important. I live about 70 miles away from Toronto and receive a lot of Toronto FM stations static free with the FM reflect.
    — Thomas S., Buffalo, NY
  • I'm not sure how I gone this far in life without it. I just love it. The best sound ever from an AM radio.
    — James G., Springfield, MA
  • This device is awesome. As a contractor, I can not access my customer's network for security reasons. Now, with my office on the second floor, I can connect to a WiFi hotspot 1.5 miles away and my signal strength is strong!
    — Robert S., Tabernacle, NJ
  • I just received my EP radio yesterday. I'm totally impressed with the old school simplicity and the modern day sound quality. Thank you, C.Crane!
    — David C., Raleigh, NC
  • I have had only one, thank the lord, occasion to use this in and emergency situation and it worked flawlessly. Only one in the area with radio for two days of power loss... Thank you CCrane!!
    — Vernon P., Dufur, OR
  • This radio is totally fantastic!!! It will provide service in any condition and works as engineered and advertised. I am going to order more units for all family members.
    — Glen B., Bethlehem, PA
  • This radio is wonderful. Small but powerful. Several years of service and no problems.
    — William B., Litchfield, IL
  • Just received this little jewel... did not open the manual and I was listening to NPR within minutes... no kidding. I'm a radio guy and the audio is great and look forward to a lot of great listening.
    — Lin F., Inman, SC