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CC SW Pocket and 3V AC AdapterItem # SWPK2

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What's in the Box
  • CC SW Pocket
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Carry Pouch
  • Instruction Manual
  • 3-Volt AC Adapter
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Shortwave Frequencies

In a true testament to its quality and performance, the modestly priced CC SW Pocket has been voted "Best Travel Radio under $200.00" by Passport to World Band Radio. The CC SW Pocket AM/FM/Shortwave Travel Radio has exceptional AM reception and audio quality and is sensitive enough to outperform most radios in its class. And it's small enough to tuck in your carry-on bag, briefcase, purse or backpack.

You can quickly and easily retrieve up to 200 of your favorite AM/FM and Shortwave stations in any order by simply turning the tuning knob and taking advantage of a smart feature called "Favorites". You won't lose the stations saved in the memory when you take out the batteries.

The CC SW Pocket Travel radio also has a keypad for direct access to any frequency. Features include: built-in speaker, alarm clock, direct key entry, stereo headphone jack, sleep timer, display light and backstand. Includes carry pouch and lanyard. FM 70.0-108.0 MHz, AM 522-1620, (9k) / 520-1710 (10k), SW1 2300-7500, SW2 9200-22000. Runs 70 hours on 2 "AA" size batteries (not included).

Weight: 6.5 oz. Size: 5" W x 3" H x 1.2" D.

With this kit you receive the CC SW Pocket and 3-Volt AC Adapter

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By DRuetenik
Crossville, TN
Confirmed User
Powerful Radio but.......
Ive had this radio for about 5 years now. For a small radio, it has very powerful reception on all bands. The only problem I have with it s that Ive never figured out the (stupid) programing set up. All the number buttons are for something, but I stopped when I got to the channel I wanted to listen to. This is not an intuitive system.
By HKipp
Baltimore, MD
Confirmed User
Didnt meet my expectations
Ive used this radio for several years. Sound, reception,battery life all good. I listen a lot with ear buds and, as in earlier reviews that I no longer see here, the electronic volume control at the low end of the volume spectrum, is either too quiet or too loud- in one step, nowhere near enough subtlety of volume adjustment at low output. I save this now for speaker-only use and had to buy a different radio to use in bed with earbuds. Also, the fine tune dial broke soon after purchase. This radio is not up to the quality construction of the main CC Radio Plus which I also own and love. While the Pocket Radio is still working, its now the work in the garden radio, and not a cherished piece of fine audio equipment.
By TGeorge
Confirmed Buyer
Great little radio. AM and FM reception are very good. Everything works. I liked that they used a real light to illuminate the dial. My only negative issue with the CC SW Pocket is with the volume control when using an ear piece. The first audible sound adjustment is almost too low to be heard. The next sequential adjustment to volume is a bit too loud. I tried an iPod ear piece, a wooden earphone, and an FM ear piece with the same result. The volume control when not using an ear piece is NOT an issue. I have bought maybe 6 radios from CCrane over the past 8 years. All were very good radios.
By DAnderson
Confirmed Buyer
It has no selectivity!!!
By TOtt
Confirmed Buyer
Nice Radio
By JVibberts
Confirmed Buyer
Great small radio. Highly portable and good reception. Also a good value for the money spent.
By GWorks
White City, OR
Confirmed Buyer
Great pocket radio,and yes the vol control could be better but not a deal breaker. It feels solid not like a cheap toy. This is my second C.Crane, I have the big CCSW and love it too.
By MFatale
Confirmed Buyer
I love this radio. Compact but so clear and gets outstanding reception. I have owned a CCRadio Plus for about 9 years and love it as well, but the portability and quality of this small is great. The 200 presets are a plus and they are easy to set and retrieve. Some have complained about the volume control going from too low to too high with no ability to set in between. I do not consider this a problem, though it would be better to have a more graduated control. I'm new to Short Wave radio, so I don't know enough to review this radio against others. Bottom line is this is a great little well made radio with excellent reception and clarity. I would recommend this radio highly.
By JLacenere
Confirmed Buyer
I rate this product a 5. The sound is good for a small radio and the reception is also good for local AM and FM stations. It is easy to listen to for an extended period (some small radios will drive you crazy after a short time).
By DKahn
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By GAustin
Texarkana, TX
Confirmed Buyer
Love the unit, its sophistication, and features. The only thing that I hate is that it was made in China.
By CVetterick
Confirmed Buyer
Wow - I received this GREAT little radio just three days after ordering it online. Dr. Bill Wattenberg has been touting these for years and I have gotten so tired of getting poor reception on my 'cheap' radios when trying to listen to some of my favorite AM stations... SO, I bit the bullet and I am VERY pleased with my purchase! The clarity is excellent and my reception up in the mountains in Oregon is OUTSTANDING. I am TOTALLY pleased with the CC Radio-SWP and wish I hadn't wasted my money on other (including my big GRUNDIG) radios over the last 10 years. Thank you for a truly superior product. Carol in Bend, OR
By DEarnest
Confirmed Buyer
Absolutely worth the money! Very easy to program. Very well made excellent sound from this tiny speaker. Even better when plugged into desktop PC speakers. I might have to buy another for the Woman Who must be Accessorized!Though I would like to know how to delete erroneous entries
By LMock
Confirmed Buyer
I purchased this small radio because of glowing description and ratings. It was to be used on my cruise to Alaska. Well, it wouldn't work on a ship (metal I guess)even with the reel antenna I purchased to go with it. Now back home I can only get one FM station as it is easily overridden by other signals. I get no shortwave at all. Some larger AM stations which have all moved to sports only. I plan on buying a stronger radio soon and this one will be used to see if I can throw well enough to hit the middle of the river from my 50ft high bank.Besides poor reception it is clumsy to use. If you haven't memorized the stations you have to hit many buttons to browse. Band-Frequency- specific stations.
By WMumford
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By DCleaves
Confirmed Buyer
My wife loved my SWPocket radio, she insisted I order her one. She loves hers
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General Specifications
Input Power: AC Adapter: 3VDC 200mA tip negative (not included)
Batteries: (2) AA size (not included)
Speaker: 1 3/4", 25 ohm, 0.5W
Frequency Coverage: AM 520 - 1710 kHz (10KHz Steps)
AM 522 - 1629 kHz (9KHz Steps)
FM 70.0 - 108.0 MHz
SW1 2300 - 7500 kHz
SW2 9200 - 22000 kHz
AM Tuning: 10 kHz or 9 kHz steps
FM Tuning: 100 kHz steps
AM Antenna: Internal Ferrite Bar - 7mm x 89mm (3.5") long
FM Antenna: Telescopic whip antenna
FM S/N Sensitivity: > 10uV
AM S/N Sensitivity: > 1 mv/m
SW S/N Sensitivity: > 30 uV
AM Selectivity: > 25dB
Earphone Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo 32 ohm
Memories: 200
Lock Switch Yes
Sleep Timer 5-90 Minutes (5 min steps)
Alarm Yes
Clock: 12/24 Hour Modes
Dimensions: 4.75" W x 3" H x 1.2" D
Weight: 6.5 ozs
Warranty: 1-Year Limited
Included Accessories: Lanyard
Carry Case
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Will the alarm work if I leave headphones plugged in?

    No, the alarm will not work if anything is plugged in the headphone socket.
  • When I press and hold the FAVORITES button, will the CCRadio SWP scan only the presets I have entered?

    No, when you press and hold the FAVORITES button the CCRadio SWP will bring up the entire preset station memory list. Once in the memory list, you have 3 ways to choose a station you have set into memory:

    • You can use the tuning dial to scroll through the preset numbers.
    • You can use the Up and Down tuning buttons to scroll through the preset numbers.
    • You can direct-enter a preset station's number by pressing the FREQ button and then entering the 3-digit preset number.
  • Why does FM 70.0 MHz come up on the preset numbers?

    FM 70.0 MHz is the default number on each preset. This number will appear on the display until a new frequency is programmed into that memory slot.
  • Will resetting the radio wipe out all my presets?

    No, resetting the radio will not clear the memory presets; removing all power sources from the radio does not clear presets either.
  • What are the possible sleep timer settings?

    You can set the sleep timer for 90, 85, 80, 75, 70, 65, 60, 55, 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, or 5 minutes.
  • If I accidentally activate the sleep timer setting, do I have to wait for the timer to go off before turning the radio back on?

    No, the last choice in the sleep timer selection is on. Select 'on' and the radio will continue to play continuously.
  • How do I program stations in memory (favorites)?

    1. Turn radio on.

    2. Press Band button to select FM, MW (AM), SW1 or SW2.

    3. Find the station you would like to store in memory by one of the following methods:

    • Turning the tuning knob.
    • Press the Freq button and then the frequency number using the numeric pad.
    • Press and hold the Up/Down button for 1 second and it will scan until it picks up an active station.

    4. Press the Mem/Time button.

    5. The letters "CH" will flash and the number to the right is the memory location. You can select the memory with either of the following steps:

    • While the CH is flashing, turn the Tuning Knob to select the memory location (00, 01, 02, etc.)
    • While the CH is flashing, press the number on the keypad to select the memory location (00, 01, 02, etc.)

    6. Press the Mem/Time button again. Your station has been stored.

  • How do I recall stations in memory (favorites)?

    1. Press the Favorites button and use one of the following options when the M.SCAN shows in the upper right of the display:

    • Turn the Tuning Knob clockwise or counter-clockwise to locate memory (favorites) location (00, 01, 02, etc.).
    • Press the Up or Down Tuning buttons to scroll through memory (favorites) locations (00, 01, 02, etc.).
    • Key in the memory (favorites) location (000, 001, 002, etc.). You must key in the 3 digit number because the CCRadio-SWPocket can store up to 200 favorites.

    When you press the Favorites button it will stay in the M Scan mode until you turn the radio off or you press the Favorites button again.

  • How do I delete my presets on the CC SWPocket?

    You cannot delete a preset once you have made one on the CC SWPocket. However, you can overwrite the previously used presets with any new station of your choice.
  • Does the beep tone alarm option use the humane wake system?

Manual Size Download Time
Instructions (PDF) CC SW Pocket AM/FM/SW Radio Instruction Manual 230.25 KB 33 seconds @ 56KBps

Setting radio stations to memory

  • This WiFi Antenna is hands down the best. It allows me to connect to a business almost a half mile away. Two months time and this baby paid for itself. I am a very happy with my purchase.
    — John A., Mill Valley, CA
  • This radio deserves five stars because it sounds great, the ease of use and preset stations. This radio will become your favorite radio, also backed by great customer service if ever needed, thank you very much.
    — Pete P., Santa Rosa, CA
  • This is an excellent internet radio. I have had the unit playing constantly from the time I received it. Excellent sound for such a small unit and the remote works wonderfully.
    — James H., Richmond, BC
  • Good sound, lightweight and comfortable; not too tight on the head. I like one feature; it doesn't tell you where to place the speakers, left side or right side.
    — Harry W., Manassas, VA
  • I purchase this product specifically for AM recordings and it has worked superbly. I wanted to wait awhile before I gave my opinion on the product. It has worded exactly as advertised and more.
    — Jack L., San Pedro, CA
  • Very nice, economical home lighting. If you're used to the white light of fluorescent bulb replacements, these will offer the same type with no toxic ingredients or damaging UV radiation.
    — Gary B., San Francisco, CA
  • This antenna does work well; however placement and the shape you have it bent into is very important. I live about 70 miles away from Toronto and receive a lot of Toronto FM stations static free with the FM reflect.
    — Thomas S., Buffalo, NY
  • I'm not sure how I gone this far in life without it. I just love it. The best sound ever from an AM radio.
    — James G., Springfield, MA
  • This device is awesome. As a contractor, I can not access my customer's network for security reasons. Now, with my office on the second floor, I can connect to a WiFi hotspot 1.5 miles away and my signal strength is strong!
    — Robert S., Tabernacle, NJ
  • I just received my EP radio yesterday. I'm totally impressed with the old school simplicity and the modern day sound quality. Thank you, C.Crane!
    — David C., Raleigh, NC
  • I have had only one, thank the lord, occasion to use this in and emergency situation and it worked flawlessly. Only one in the area with radio for two days of power loss... Thank you CCrane!!
    — Vernon P., Dufur, OR
  • This radio is totally fantastic!!! It will provide service in any condition and works as engineered and advertised. I am going to order more units for all family members.
    — Glen B., Bethlehem, PA
  • This radio is wonderful. Small but powerful. Several years of service and no problems.
    — William B., Litchfield, IL
  • Just received this little jewel... did not open the manual and I was listening to NPR within minutes... no kidding. I'm a radio guy and the audio is great and look forward to a lot of great listening.
    — Lin F., Inman, SC
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