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Internet Radio - Clock, Alarm & Memory Presets with iHeartMedia® owned radio stations, Pandora® &®

Most people get a wifi radio so they can listen to their favorite stations with perfect clarity. With the CC WiFi Radio the stations are always clear, no matter how far away they are. You are also able to pick up stations on the CC WiFi that are difficult to get on a computer.

We’ve all had that period in our life, usually when we were younger, that gave us the most exciting and memorable times. Music was probably a big part of that and the CC Wifi lets you travel back in time and relive memories and feelings you thought you might never have again. You can receive your favorites anytime, anywhere with perfect clarity and maybe even a few tears. You can also listen to Pandora®, iHeart®, your favorite talk show or discover something new from an immense library of audio from all over the world in all languages.

With over 16,000 stations to choose from, you can find 10 or maybe 100 times more news and music with the CC WiFi than any other type of radio. For example, you will find about 500 stations each of Jazz or Classical music to choose from. The radio can access these stations from any place in the world where high speed internet is available.

The CC WiFi has good audio for its size and it can be connected to your stereo system directly for superb audio. If you’d like an audiophile quality amplified speaker set to use with the CC WiFi Internet Radio, check out the new AEGO³ 2.1 Amplified Home Speaker System w/ Bluetooth® .You can also use our FM Transmitter-2 to send the WiFi signal to a nearby radio or stereo.

Your WiFi network's name and password are necessary to use this radio.

General Features:
  • Well over 16,000 organized stations, no subscription fee
  • Includes iHeartMedia® owned radio stations, Pandora® &® (sorry - no MP3tunes, Aupeo or Live365)
  • 99 memory presets
  • Remote Control
  • Alarm clock
  • WiFi Signal Strength Indicator
  • Line In and Headphone Jacks
  • Ethernet port for an instant and secure connection to the Internet

All Internet radios require a broadband Internet connection.

Note: The CC Wifi uses Reciva technology. C. Crane has no control over content or the provider for internet radios.

What You Can Hear On The CC WiFi Radio
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Overall Rating
(145 reviews)
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By JReynolds
Confirmed User
Awesome Radio
Its been almost 4 years since I purchased one of these.I always use the stereo line output for great sound.The only problem that I have is many of these internet radio stations will change their stream which sometimes takes up to 3 or 4 months before will make the change.Also finding a internet station that does not play the same commercials over and over is like finding gold.When you find one that does not advertise every few minutes makes it wort while when you find one.
Remote control can sometimes be a little iffy.
Best Uses
I leave mine on 16 to 18 hours a day hooked up to a high quality FM transmitter.
I never listen anymore to local radio.Only internet for the huge variety of music.
By demery
washington, NJ
Confirmed User
first day impression
Getting it going was confusing
but not overwhelming. Found my station
Thought i'd be getting everything i need but there is no ethernet cable so i have to use the computer one. Will have to buy another. Expected to get everything needed. I had asked about ethernet. And was told a cable would be included freely.
Best Uses
i will add this later on if i can.
So far i haven't used speakers, only earpods so i can't comment on volume. I think i have my station. Says so. But is it the talk radio or the music? So far i hear talk, which is what i want. I will know later when my favorites come on.
By AEllie
Confirmed User
Can't get a clear radio signal?
If you can't get a clear radio signal and you have wireless internet service, get this radio and problem solved!!! Mom loves this radio!!! Thanks ccrane!!!
By DWright
Mulvane, Ks.
Great radio but short-lived
Great audio
Requires amplification and better speakers.
Inadequte antenna for a large house.
I have had two of these radios in the past and they have both died a mysterious death.
Best Uses
Door-stops or Beta tests.
I would order a third, if improvements have been made.
By CRobinson
Pendleton, OR
Confirmed User
This is the best far reaching internet radio I have owned. So many stations I just have to choose what I like.
This radio was recommended to me and I will do the same. Going to make a great gift at Christmas.
I wish the I could see the clock without turning it off.
Best Uses
My night time listening device
The pillow speaker is well worth it. Very comfortable.
By sschopp
Confirmed User
used daily for years
clear sound
radio stations around the world
unsure about podcasts
Best Uses
talk shows
iheart radio
I use this radio every night, all night long. at least 3 years. works great, always
By GHeffler
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Confirmed User
The best toy since the 6 transistor radio
The most entertainment you can get for $120...anywhere!
Best Uses
Listen to the world...throw away your shortwave and am radios of yesteryear
I am a electronic tech and am 69 years old...this radio has already given me the most entertainment that I have had since the 6 transistor radio of the 1960's. This is my companion to the world like shortwave used to be years ago
By PMcKenna
Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod, MA 02675
The Best!
It is great! A little challenging to hook up. CCRANE is there to help! Thanks
By MOsedo
Honolulu, HI
Confirmed User
Great customer service!
Met my expectations plus great customer service!
Our CC Wifi Internet Radio met my expectations. The remote control developed a problem about 9 months later. CC Crane customer service sent a new remote at no charge to me. New remote works great. Thanks CC Crane!
By TDuffrin
Onalaska, WI
Confirmed User
Music 24/7 made easy
Presets in many genres
clear reception from distant stations
Has a bit of a learning curve
Thank goodness my son got me started by setting up presets he knew I would like
Best Uses
Background music while I sew or cook.
Will use to listen to books hopefully soon.
I received this as a Christmas present. Looking forward to using at least half of the options it offers.
By MDegan
Powhatan Va
Confirmed User
Excellent radio alternative
I have been a vaid late night radio fan for 20 years. My radio of choice has been the AOR 5000. All night I woul dbe switching antennas chasing the more stable radio signal. Not anymore. Internet radio blows away the conventional radios. No more fading
Light dimmer setting could go lower. At #1 it is still brightand and at #0 it is off. I solved the problem by getting a sample of static cling window film to reduce the brightness.
Best Uses
replaces AM radio .
I would highly recommend this radio. I plan on getting a second one. Wish I had switched to internet radio 5 years ago.
By JHenry
I love it
It does exactly what it claims to do.I recently retired and moved back to SE PA from my work home in SE MI. While I would expect that the Philadelphia market would have more radio stations than the Detroit market
if that is true then thereception conditions are much worse in Phila.
than Detroit.
I still do enjoy DXing on real radio and tuning in weak stations. Cannot do that with this radio.
Best Uses
Late night
Talk show listening
I'm very happy with it for what it does.
By RThomas
Confirmed User
The best gets even better!
EZ set up
good fidelity
reliable performer
delivers as advertised
None really. It is a mono radio ... but what would you expect given the low price?
Best Uses
For me it's in-home listening. The radio group I work for uses several of these to monitor our Internet feeds.
I've had the unit several years. I say the best got better because now I can receive i❤radio stations. Now I can receive just about every over the air station I want to hear. It's a radio geek's dream come true!
By PMcKenna
Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod, MA 02675
WOW, this is great! CC WiFi Internet Radio!
Real simple
I like listening
to the radio
All sorts of music
Had it working next to my other CC Radio but couldn't be happier.
Best Uses
All sorts of station from Cape Cod
MA & More!
Most important, SUPPORT from CC Crane! Thank you, Annette!!! Yes, gonna keep my old CC Crane Radio, Helped me, make it through, Hurricane Bob in 1991? Paul, Cape Cod Ma.
By RPippin
Wheaton, IL
Confirmed User
Good Radio, Fewer Stations Over Time
Works as advertised. Gets many AM and FM stations.
Stations I added in December 2012 when I bought this radio from CCrane have been declining. I can no longer get two stations I previously listened to including WCCO in Minneapolis. Must listen to such stations on the Internet directly. Kind of defeats the purpose of this radio when stations no longer want their programs on this network.
Best Uses
Quick access to stations
I bought this radio from CC in December 2012 so you can verify my review.
By AMondaro
Harrison, NJ
Confirmed User
Awesome Radio
Ease of Use
Can't find any
Best Uses
Trying to listen to distant radio stations.
When I travel I always tune into the local radio stations and I always wished that I could get these stations at home, places like Baltimore Maryland and my local favorite radios stations at the Jersey Shore, now comes the CC Crane WiFi radio, Just awesome, I used an eithernet connection so set up was a breeze plus the videos I found on youtube about the radio and the set up helped as well so when the radio was delivered I it up and running in no time flat. So if you crave the radio stations you know and love when you travel now you can have them on the tip of your fingers at home or anywhere you have an internet connection, Awesome job CC Crane !! ~ Tony Mondaro, Harrison, NJ
By RBonnem
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Confirmed User
This was a great buy.
Very easy to set up
Many stations to choose from
Not expensive at all and well worth the price
Can't get XM on it.
Best Uses
Bring it outside and be on the hammock and able to listen to Philadelphia Sports stattions WIP and 97.5
A great little device that I use all the time.
By DLibby
Long Beach, CA
Confirmed User
Really Wanted Them to Work!
Great concept. When it works
there is nothing better. Clear sound. Large slection of stations.
Very difficult to obtain consistent wifi connection within office building. Computers have no difficulty at all with the WiFi
but this little radio can't seem to make it happen.
Best Uses
It would probably work great in a residential setting
small office or other site in which you have control over the network.
Unfortunately, I purchased two of these radios (from Amazon), based on the C. Crane reputation. Even after lots and lots of work, no consistent service. They are not returnable, as there is no defect they just don't work in this setting. Anyone need $200 worth of bookends?
By BGrant
Stone Mt Georgia
Confirmed User
Almost Interference Free
Many stations to choose from
controls are simple to operate
Compact size

very nice customer service
Sound not as good as I'd hoped even connected to Bose speaker

didn't work for long on wireless internet but does fine with ethernet
Best Uses
Midnight in the Desert program
Coast to Coast
Delilah radio program
Wish I'd spend the extra $$$ and bought the Internet radio 2. I'm sure the cherry case looks fabulous.
By BAnsted
Indianapolis, IN
I rely on it, better than TV. 5 stars
Presets and ease of change great.
CCrane good with support
Best Uses
Love to use all night. Still able to
cop plenty of sleep.
Best bang for your dollar, ever.
By CComstock
Laytonville CA
CC Wifi Radio
The CC Wifi radio is very good. I now have 3 of them. The sound is amble. The setup was simple with the help of UTube.
Sound is ample!!
The oldest of the 3 CC Wifi radios I bought has no light on the screen. It's a nuisance
but doesn't affect anything. I use a tiny flashlight if I need to know the station.
i recommend the CC Wifi radio, easy to use, easy to setup and lovely to listen to.
By npellecchia
laurel delaware
Confirmed User
a mix of quality and simplicity
Very good quality audio
easy connection to wifi
simple to operate
ability to preset more than 9 presets could have been made a bit simpler.
Had this internet radio for seven years before it died. To its credit I did abuse it, even leaving it out in the rain but once. It traveled everywhere with me and always connected to whatever free internet that was available. The quality is there. Programming the radio to your wifi is simple. Obtaining broadcasts via genre or location is really a breeze. I made a mistake of ordering the cwf2 which I am not content with and sent it back for the original cwf. The only improvement that I could suggest for the cwf is the addition of fm reception which is only avail on the cwf2. Perhaps they will take account of this suggestion. But overall highly recommend.
By TTsukida
San Diego, CA
Easy setup. Working fine w Pandora.
Has good sound for a small radio.
Haven't programmed the other stations because it appears to not be so easy.
Best Uses
Perfect so far. I like the way it connects by itself.
By jmartinez
Fortuna, CA
Confirmed User
Love my WiFi Buddy
Picks up thousands of stations
great sound
easy to use
I LOVE my CC WiFi Radio!
By MIrwin
Wilmington NC
Like it
Good sound when pugged into Bose system
Ease or use after initial setup
Does as advertised
Lacks good stand alone audio
Has a slight learning curve
Display range is only good at 3 to 4 feet
Best Uses
add on to existing stereo
Buy it
By JHirsch
Far Hills, NJ
Confirmed User
You better have patience
Sounds great
Can receive hundereds of stations
Very difficult to program
Setup was a nightmare
This is no plug and play radio. It is very difficult to set up. The radio is designed to provide several hours of pure sadistic torture before it works. The only consolation is that it does work in the end.
By PHaggerty
Confirmed User
Great value for the price
Excellent Product
I have no cons.
Best Uses
Talk Radio & Entertainment
Great for listening to Oldies Radio Stations.
Fantastic Audio Quality and I plan on purchasing another one. I have had the CC WiFi device for the past 5 years.
By RWillis
Confirmed User
If you are a radio freak this is the radio for you.Thousands of stations in every format you can think of from all over the world in crystal clear sound.This thing rocks!
No I heart radio
Best Uses
News and entertainment.
Keep up the creat work Bob Crane and Crew! Coustomer and Tech service is quite impressive ,Too!
By mhernandez
Veracruz, Veracruz Mx
Radio Maravilloso!
Best Uses
Enjoy music
To the ones who does NOT speak nor read English Recomiendo este WiFi radio, es un extraordinario juguete si amas la musica y las culturas de otros paises. Por varios años hice una investigacion y opte por CCrane es la mejor tecnologia al alcance de cualquier bolsillo. Adoro mi radio, me hace compañia todo el día, es muy fácil de usar, ligero, práctico, Y bueno si andas buscando un radio Internet NO LO DUDES COMPRA ESTE!! (I recommend this WiFi radio is an extraordinary toy if you love music and cultures of other countries. For several years I did research and opt for CCrane is the best technology available to any pocket. I love my radio, keeps me company all day, it is very easy to use, lightweight, practical and good if you're looking for within Internet DO NOT DOUBT THIS PURCHASE)
By mt
mississippi gulf coast
Best Radio I Have Used
I have six of these wifi radios. Absolutely the best, easiest to use and reliable piece of entertainment I own. C Crane support, when I needed them at first, was always spot on, helpful and easy to contact. You can't bump these units around or drop them off a table top, put for everyday practical use, these radios work!
By KMoller
Bremerton WA
Confirmed User
Initial impression was positive. Decent sound quality, excellent selection of stations, BUT then came the programming of station presets. The first three are easy (done on the radio itself) but then comes programming presets 4-9, and 10 thru 99. Using the credit card sized remote, they make it almost impossible, having to press a series of buttons, in the correct order, in a very precise and short period of time. Any mistakes in entering numbers easily and frequently results in changing prior entries. Dont think they could have made programming presets any more difficult if they tried. Very disappointed.......
By oleach
Princeton, NJ
Confirmed User
Premature failure
I have three of these radio. When they work, theyre wondeful, but two have now failed within five years of purchase. I paid the $71 for repair of the first, but will not bother repairing the second. I feel the internal electronics are too delicate for some reason. A smart phone will do the same things, as long as you dont need the search for stations function (you know what youre looking for). FWIW, the remote lacks an up/down function and you must remember what number is associated with what station (no way to scroll through the pre-sets).
By JDodge
Confirmed User
Radio is playing great!!!
Thanks Katie/C.Crane for the replacement radio. Absolutely no problems with this unit. Enjoying great Christmas music with the Wifi radio. Happy Holidays!
By PVan Loon
East Millinocket, ME
Confirmed User
1st wi-fi radio
there is a lot of entertainment in this small box. Very cool, portable and easy set up
By DWollan
Spokane Valley, WA
Confirmed User
Just set mine up. Love it so far.
I hate to read manuals, and luckily, it just a few minutes, I had it set up and on my favorite talk radio channel, the sleep timer, time and alarm clock all set. So far, I love this radio. We both notice what a nice tone the radio had, Thumbs up.
By etharp
ARCADIA, indiana
I love this radio
Very straightforward to use. I have 2 of them. One is in a coffee shop that I own. The employees quickly figured out how to use it and the Grace remote app for Iphone works on this radio. I would give it 10 stars if I could.
By DKagel
Schuylerville, NY
Confirmed Buyer
Excellent, very few problems.
Have had our radio about a year. It has lost connection about 3 times in that year, but that was due to either power outage or wifi outage. We leave ours turned on 24 hours a day, and feed the audio out to a home theater system. Will most likely buy an additional unit in a few weeks.
By DSmith
Atlanta, GA
Confirmed Buyer
Do not buy this
I have tried and tried and tried to get this model to work. It doesnt. I actually read and followed the instructions and it still didnt perform. When I first turn it in, the previous station comes on. If I try to change the station, it goes into a trying to connect mode. Ultimately I try to go back to the first station and get either trying to connect or buffering. My PC works fine for streaming. AT&T has been called out to check the modem, router etc.. The unit has been a sad, sad mistake.
Confirmed User
This is an excellent internet radio.
I have had one of these WiFi Internet Radios, using it daily for years. It works perfectly and has excellent audio. I live in an area where regular FM radio reception is terrible. This device was the answer. I like listening to the radio at night with ear buds. Like I said the audio quality is great. I have purchased other brands of internet radios and they just dont have the quality that the C.Crane device has.
By RTomasetti
New Jersey / Montana
Confirmed User
So Far, So Good
Received this radio over a week ago and it is working great
By CPetchel
Confirmed Buyer
The Best of Them All
Superb. With 99 Presets, from 16,000 stations available, the memory lets you keep your favorites, the odd ones, the musicals, CSPANS, Old Time Radio, the radical underground, the major cities, Classical music, rock, Pop, Europe, Cuba, St Helena. Lets you explore the world. Listen to the locals radio in the provinces or majors. Or the hometown radio of that home town you left long ago. BBC has 20 local BBC radio stations that fascinate. You grow just touring the world with this radio. And so many inferior wifi radios just cripple you by letting you store only 3 or 5 or 10 stations, so you lose the 16000 rest. (I store 99, and make an Xcel spreadsheet to list them all for reference. CC Wifi Crane works with an internet Ethernet cable or our internet wifi house signal. You will be stunned how good the speaker is, it hits you with Superb sound. The clever remote can control all 99 settings. CC Wifi is superior, miles above all the rest.
By BPyrz
Naperville, Illinois
Confirmed User
Excellent buy!
I love music from 40s and 50s which is hard to find in the Chicago area. Also, love old time radio programs. With my WIFI radio I get plenty of both, and bring it out in my patio while Im lazing around out there. I love it so much, Im thinking of buying another!
By WTroiano
Eureka, CA
Confirmed User
CC Wifi Is Like A Close Friend
I honestly dont know how I existed before my CC Wifi Radio. To tell you the truth, I have three of them in the house! It is my constant companion and the stations and enjoyment is endless. At night I enjoy listening to the classic American comedy, shows from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Sometimes it is just fun to listen to a talk station from Australia or England. The world has become so much smaller for me with my Wifi. Thank you CCrane!
By ggeil
shorewood il
Confirmed User
How can I turn off or dim backlight?
By DBlangsted
Etna, CA
Confirmed User
Great Radio
I have had one of these for at least 2 years. Set-up wasnt bad. The only complaint I have is that when our power goes out, which is often, I have to go through the set-up process again. I listen a lot in the wee hours and my wife likes to also so I bought her one as well. I agree with the comments that the headphone jack should be on the front but other than that, I love the radio
By JPeterson
Wilton Ct
Great value for the price
I have had this radio for over 2 years, paid $125. love this radio
By JJoiner
Colorado Springs, CO
Confirmed User
Great little radio, but ...
Internet radios arent there yet in terms of ease of use. That goes for all of em, not just this one. Part of the problem lies with the stations which may or may not keep the same platform. As far as this radio is concerned, it sounds good but for the life of me I cant see the time at night, even its brightest. I have two Internet radios and think they're great. Buyers should just understand there is a learning curve getting it up and running. One doesnt just turn it on and voila, Expect to tune in thousands of stations. Won't happen.
By EHirsch
Hayward WI
Confirmed User
Great Radio
This radio met my expectations and then some. My mom loves this radio so much she wants one. I let her listen to mine and she just loves it. This is one amazing radio. Thank you CCrane for such a great radio and awesome service.
By MMatsinko
Confirmed Buyer
By TTodd
Confirmed Buyer
I had assumed that every radio station I could listen to through my computer, would also come through this Internet Radio. That turned out to not be true. However, there are so many other choices of things to listen to that I quickly got over any initial disappointment I felt about that issue. I used the 'line out' feature to wire the radio into my home stereo, and it sounds great!
By RRomine
Confirmed Buyer
Exellant internet radio. I enjoy it very much.
By KRist
Confirmed Buyer
Excellent product. If you want tremendous sound, you are being unrealistic. I ordered this to receive radio in an area and a building where use of a radio is impossible. I am using powerline internet to get the internet radio connected and have attached it to an amplifier/speaker setup. This is in a woodworking shop where I need this setup to hear anything. I have used the radio alone at a desk, and I am very pleased.I am unable to connect to iTunes on my Mac since I cannot find an UPnP software package. The connection to Podcasts via Reciva has not been tested.
By JMoeller
Confirmed Buyer
Excellent sound, and easy to use. I especially like the option of having it received a wireless signal, or having it hardwired to my router. Well Done!
By SBukovack
Confirmed Buyer
We absolutely love our new WIFI radio. Moved to Florida from Chicago, and can still listen to our favorite stations. Easy to use, and great sound too!
By RGonzalez
Confirmed Buyer
I listen to Pandora on this radio and quite honestly it is amazing! I love this little radio I've been using it for a couple of months now and have no complaints at all.Good Build Quality!!
By JBordoni
Confirmed Buyer
Great radio but a bit complicated to find content you would like.
By WDeHart
Confirmed Buyer
I noticed no reviews from Ogden Utah - let me be the first: the CC WiFi is the best device I've encountered for online radio reception. I especially like the remote control and extensive number of presets. The sound is surprisingly bold, rich, and non-tinny. I purchased another WiFi radio (different brand) that gave out after two years; but, that radio was more difficult to use and offered five presets and no remote. Another feature of the CC WiFi is its compact styling and small footprint - it fits nicely on my nightstand next to the clock, which is only slightly smaller than the radio. Well done development!Pete D
By ELaPensee
Confirmed Buyer
I bought two of these (at a high price) and the female end of the AC power cord where it plugs into the radio became broken/separated, within a couple of years. I could not, at the time, find a replacement AC power cord and ended up discarding each radio...I will not buy another one of these radios because of the plug design. CC Crane needs a redesign of the plug, so that it does not extend straight out from the radio.
By JWhite
Confirmed Buyer
Great product with excellent WiFi range. I would be lost without it as there are very little local am/fm stations available.
By RFrank
Confirmed Buyer
This is a great internet radio. I listen to Internet sports (ESPN) every morning and this overcomes my poor reception of the local ESPN AM station. I also surf for other types of music and news. The sound is excellent, and the case is sturdy. If you have WiFi in your home or office, this radio is a must.
By JSmythe
Confirmed Buyer
A great, high quality, reliable internet radio. It opened up a whole new world for me, and has already outlasted another non-C.Crane internet radio that I purchased later. The sound quality is phenomenal for such a small device, and the 99 presets are more than any radio on the market. For all its greatness, however, this radio has two minor things that frustrate me. First, if you are using it as an alarm clock, there is NO SNOOZE BUTTON. This is deal-breaker for an alarm clock. Second, the earphone jack is on the back of the radio. I think another reviewer mentioned this as a design flaw and it seems to be correct. The earphone/pillow speaker is usually only used for a limited period of time and then removed. The jack should have been on the front or side of the radio to make it easier to connect and disconnect. It is difficult trying to find the jack on the back of the radio with your fingers when you are in a darkened bedroom.
By MWilhelm
Confirmed Buyer
Performs as advertised, however certain stations I'd like to get are not available on internet, unfortunately. I have found most programs I want to receive are available on other stations since they are syndicated.
By wtobias
Confirmed Buyer
Love it!! Got many hours of enjoyment from it. However, I have to order another AC Adaptor today, since the one previously purchased with the radio has failed! It appears that a wire is loose/broken inside or near the little black round barrel on the adaptor - Is this a capacitor?
By jTerrana
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By PPicciau
Confirmed Buyer
I like it alot, wow sounds good and picks up more stations than I could even imagine, with quality.
By PConnery
Confirmed Buyer
Though it poses a few 'hoops' to jump thru initially, in that the set-up logic isn't as readily comprehensive/user friendly as it perhaps could be, the ultimate access/listening experience should adequately compensate for any momentary ambiguities. I should also note that all this is in ref. to using the basic on-board functions only; I have yet to access/integrate any of the online program options. A work in progress. W/ all that said, I'm pleased enough w/ its performance to be currently in the process of ordering a second unit w/ which to enhance/expand my in-home network. PMC-Durham,NC
By EMager
Confirmed Buyer
I cannot recommend this product. It is always losing the signal and having to re-initiate the connection. Also the sound quality is okay for voice but poor for music. Unfortunately I put off the lengthy set-up past the 60 day return window so am stuck with it.
By DLough
Confirmed Buyer
It's okay however it is somewhat limited in both its reception variety and fidelity. I should have looked more closely when I purchased (pilot error)... no iHeart radio.Am going to upgrade to Grace Victoria today... Should have bought it in the first place.Enjoy CC very much. Good company.
By RMeleady
Confirmed Buyer
Works great once you finally find the station you are looking for. I live in a radio dead zone. I have tried the C Crane twin ferrite core antenna for AM, other things for both AM and FM but could only pull in a couple of very local low freq FM stations in other languages.I bought the WiFi Internet radio and can now listen to all my favorite AM talk radio stations as well as my FM rock stations.The only con for this device as I alluded to in the beginning is trying to find the stations you want among all the stations in the world.
By JHorne
Confirmed Buyer
This is an excellent internet radio. I have had the unit playing constantly from the time I received it. Excellent sound for such a small unit and the remote works wonderfully.
By RTuckman
Confirmed Buyer
It's a honey! I've only had it for a week and don't use the WiFi, but a direct cable connection (I avoid EMR as much as possible). Not too difficult to set up and get acquainted with menu. But the exciting thing is that with a press of a button I now get my favorite FM, AM, or web based stations which are now preset. Sound quality is very good to my good ears. A jillion stations to explore.
By BBagley
Confirmed Buyer
Great radio. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of stations I can receive. So much, that I don't use it much anymore but it'll always be there when I do use it. The sound could be more deep and vivid but it gets the job done. It sometimes loses connection to my WiFi but that could be the fault of my network. Overall a great value!
By RLudwig
Confirmed Buyer
The Internet radio is great but the remote control is difficult to work. There is no way to click back to the LAST or PREVIOUS store. Nor is there any way to STEP from one store # to the next higher or lower #. These are obvious features that are on every other remote control I own. To go from STORE #11 to STORE #12 requires pressing 4 buttons on the remote! It's a very poorly designed remote in my opinion.
By JShklov
Confirmed Buyer
This is a great radio that worked as you described outa the box. I would like to be able to more readily use a keyboard to program it though as the method you have to use is a little awkward. Only for this I give it 4 rather than 5 stars...
By SLaBarge
Confirmed Buyer
I've had my radio for two months now and really love it. The few times I've lost power, it thankfully saves all my presets. The only two things I wish it had: a knob to adjust bass/treble, and an indicator on the screen to show which preset number you are listening to. Other than that, it was easy to set up and is easy to use. I've very happy with this radio. Probably my favorite feature is the sleep timer, so I can listen to radio dramas at night but can set the radio to shut down after an hour or whatever increment I want. Everyone at C.Crane is always helpful when I've called, too -- that's the main reason I went with this company and their product. I can't believe these wifi radios are not better known and more popular!
By BHester
Confirmed Buyer
This radio is great. Easy setup, nice to be able to add stations and streams online. Has had errors a couple of times, but always recovered quickly with a reboot. Classic Art Bell shows 24 hours a can you go wrong?
By GThorpe
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By RAnderson
Confirmed Buyer
I got the radio today and I am enormously impressed!! I have access to all the esoteric radio that I find interesting. Set up was simple and the available content is absolutely mindboggling. I'm an old guy and this is as exciting as shortwave was to me in the 1950's. Thanks!!
By RWiley
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By WKresge
Confirmed Buyer
Worked like a champ right out of the box. Did have to let it scan twice before it found my network (but the manual mentions that happens sometimes. Sound quality out of that little speaker may not be great but plug this little beauty into a JBL Radial and prepare to have your socks knocked off. Way better sound than the pricey folks at satellite radio put out.We live off the grid in an area where radio reception STINKS. Have been dealing with XM Radio and it's limited choices of channels that are relevant to us. Bye bye SiriusXM and hello pretty much any darn thing we want to hear.Did I say our first impression of this piece of equipment is very, very positive? Boy howdy, is it!!
By FPaske
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By JDeFrank
Confirmed Buyer
The CC Wi-Fi radio is great. I purchased the product to serve as an audio source for my CC Witness recorder via the line in. The CC Wi-Fi has 5 alarms that allow you to change the stations by accessing the preset station list. The only problem is that left unattended, the Wi-Fi will only play for 1-hour after the alarm is triggered. After the 1 hour post alarm activation, the device reverts to the previous station playing when the alarm was triggered or turns off. It would be best if the Wi-Fi just stayed on the alarm triggered channel until the next alarm changes the station. Right now I can only record 1-hour of an alarm triggered station. Perhaps a firmware upgrade can change the Wi-Fi radio performance after the alarm triggers a station to play.
By gminnick
Confirmed Buyer
WOW!! I’m a true radio nut grew up with tubes then my first transistor radio, I’ve dx'd been a swl'r cb'r ham my call sign is KB0OWT big scanner enthusiast etc. Got the radio yesterday set it up and started listening. Easy enough to setup easier than many scanners! Lots of content still looking at it all. Big thanks to Rollye James and all her great shows over the years. Heard about CCrane on her show.
By TAdan
Confirmed Buyer
I wasn't able to locate the radio station I wanted but found many more that provided music I wanted. It's great and now have multi music radio stations that play the music I want to listen to. Set up is easy for does take a bit of time and the amount of radio station listed is expansive. Very PleasedTom
By SBoyce
Confirmed Buyer
Occasionally loses connection. Happens maybe once a month. Not a big deal, I just unplug it for a few seconds and reconnect. Really like the unit.
By SAmick
Confirmed Buyer
Love it Works Great!!
By MLesley
Confirmed Buyer
Absolutely love this radio! Fantastic reception in an area that has been miserable to try to listen to anything. Until I discovered this radio. I am so sold on it that I bought one for a friend for Christmas whose radio reception has been horrible - not worth listening to the static. We are just getting it set up. So far so good - the reception is phenomenal. I would like one for my downstairs now!
By EReihl
Confirmed Buyer
This WiFi radio does the job and it is one of the least expensive units available. In my opinion, its weakest points are the user interface and the sound quality. Programming the unit is a chore if you have a long, complex network key. Fortunately, you should only have to do this once. When you turn it on, it takes some time to connect to your WiFi network and access the Receiva gateway. Fortunately it remembers your station and whether it was on or off if you unplug it or if the power goes off. The remote is weak and unreliable; I find that I have to keep on pressing buttons and moving it around to get it to work. You have to use the remote to access any presets above the first three. The sound output of the small speaker is weak and lacks bass. It is no match for my Tivoli Model One or my Sangean WR-1. It might be considered OK for talk but is not very good for music. However, you can use the line output with an external amp (recommended). That said, it is great to have access to many additional classical stations that I would otherwise never be able to hear. Once connected to a station, the set generally stays locked on pretty well, even though I only have a 2MB/s DSL connection. General web surfing or sending email will usually not disturb it.
By EAnderson
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By kkorins
Confirmed Buyer
This radio worked on and off for 3 months. I had to keep resetting it, but it wasn't a major problem. Then it stopped working. Period. This IS a major problem. I keep getting an error message that it cannot get any stations. I placed the radio next to the internet antenna and it still can't get any stations. A radio should work for more than a few months.
By DHaeussler
Confirmed Buyer
I've only had this radio for less than a day, so I cannot speak to its durability. But I can sure tell you that it sounds GREAT! I really can't believe it sounds as good as it does for such a small package. Setting up this little gem was a cinch, except I had to call my ISP to get my "WPA key". It was a little laborious to enter the key into the CC WiFi Internet Radio, and I entered it incorrectly the first time - I left out one of the digits (not sure how I did that). But it was only a few minutes to complete, and it was a one-time procedure - then on to discovering the available channels. Good grief, I can't believe all the music there is just waiting to tap into!Big kudos to C.Crane for making this thing easy to use, inexpensive and good tone for a tiny box. If the tone isn't good enough for you, you can easily run a wire from the "line out" on the back to an external amp & speaker combo.I'll probably be ordering at least one more for my workshop.
By CLeissnerJr
Confirmed Buyer
Hi!In my nearly 74 years on this Earth I have owned dozens of radios of all types.This is the most incredible one yet!I enjoy it every single day. I love it!!! I wish I had bought one sooner. 1000 STARS!Thank You CCRANE! C. Leissner Jr.
By JKelly
Confirmed Buyer
Works and installs OK, but, apparently clear chanel stations are not supported.
By BWaldron
Confirmed Buyer
Wow, what a super little radio. Pulls in stations from everywhere with unbelievable clarity. Free from static and interference. Highly recommend this radio. It opens a whole new world of listening.
By KNesslage
Confirmed Buyer
Right out of the box, working better than expected. Easy entering stations, WiFi range good also. Am thinking of purchasing more.
By BCoats
Confirmed Buyer
Fantastic radio - I have used it almost continuously for a number of years and it still works perfectly. Finding stations is easy, linking it to my network was no problem and apart from the odd occasion when the streaming stops for a few seconds, the radio reception is excellent. I live in San Diego and stream mostly from the BBC in the UK, which works very well.Highly recommended.
By RHale
Confirmed Buyer
I have 3, ordered at different times. One was a replacement for another product which died and was unrepairable. When they work, they are great! However, 2 of the 3 have stopped working and I have to send them back for repair. Of course, this was after 1 year. We really like being able to listen to non-local stations which have programs (mostly talk radio) which we cannot get locally. Local AM stations also are almost useless when the sun is down. And there is very little talk radio locally on FM.
By DBlank
Confirmed Buyer
Excellent product. Clear and robust sound.
By BEly
Confirmed Buyer
Timely arrival, no defects, easy set up (as long as you read the user's guide). I am very, very impressed with this radio & its capability. One thing I immediately noticed upon removing it from the box is the build quality is absolutely excellent.Can someone please work on getting the iHeart radio stations included in the listings? I know Clear Channel more than likely the problem but it would be nice to have 700WLW & 55KRC (Coast to Coast affiliate) in Cincinnati, where I live.Well worth the money.
By RBarker
Confirmed Buyer
Easy to set up. Does what I wanted it for.
By WBorklund
Confirmed Buyer
This radio is wonderful. Small but powerful. Several years of service and no problems.
By JNeese
Confirmed Buyer
I'm a radio person. At first I was reluctant to try wifi radio, since if it's not sent through the air it's not radio... This little radio has changed my mind. I wake up to the news on this radio every morning, and fall asleep to classical stations every night. Like other's I wish it had the ability to run off of batteries, but if the power is out, you are not likely to have interent either. This is the first radio I have purchased from CCrane. It arrived very quickly, and I will now order all of my radios from CCrane, and no one else. Keep up the good work everyone!
By CGeary
Eureka, CA
Confirmed Buyer
I absolutely love this little radio, so much so that I bought two, so that I can have one in my living room and one in my bedroom. I love listening to old time radio and my old classical station in LA which I dearly missed when I moved away. Now I can listen to some of my favorite programs. And it is an adventure discovering stations from around the country and around the world. I would highly recommend this little gem.
By JStaruk
Confirmed Buyer
This radio arrived at 10:00 AM and I've fallen in love with it by noon! This radio offers everything I hoped for and more. I wasn't even expecting a clock and an alarm! Another great radio C. Crane!
By GCordero
Confirmed Buyer
I have tried for hours to set the stations I want to listen to and it doesn't work. For example, after setting WBOB AM600 as preset 1, and WOKV AM 690 as preset 2, I try recalling to verify the presets and they are both different. This radio is not user friendly at all.
By DBerky
Confirmed Buyer
This is the best WiFi Radio on the market, bar none.
By GCampau
Confirmed Buyer
Love it! I'm 80 years old and had it set up in just a few minutes. I had looked at the manual on your website before it arrived and knew what to expect. I consider myself to be an intermediate to advanced computer user (25+ years) and had been an avid shortwave listener for about 50 years. What a difference this makes with no static or straining to hear a station. I had many happy years though of tinkering with SW antennas and such. I kept logs of stations beginning in the 1960s and some of my notes are now pretty interesting. Thanks to all of you there in Fortuna for the excellent product and I will look forward to the next generation of your WiFi Radios.
Confirmed Buyer
This radio is a "radio freaks" dream. I love listening to the BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. I also listen to my hometown radio stations, WCBS and WINS.I also listen to my local Washington stations all off my wireless router. I recommend it highly.
By RCarter
Confirmed Buyer
Works as advertised. Menu a little difficult, but works. Use it every day.
By DSmith
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
Confirmed Buyer
Excellent product; although setup menu navigation could be improved; delightfully easy operation after setup.
By djosko
Confirmed Buyer
We own two of these radios; I listen to old time radio shows and my wife to kjazz or imus in the morning. The radio is well made and works well. It is just the product we have learned to expect from C.Crane.We highly recommend this WiFi radio.
By LFisher
Confirmed Buyer
Just received this little jewel...did not open the manual and I was listening to NPR within kidding. I'm a radio guy and the audio is great and look forward to a lot of great listening. - Lin Fisher Inman, SC
By JHennessey
Confirmed Buyer
Excellent quality and fidelity BUT one very serious problem which CCrane and Reciva must address immediately. The radio will not receive any iheartradio stations. This includes all Clear Channel stations and many Cumulus stations. I am sure CCrane will address this issue with iheartradio promptly.
By WSmith
Confirmed Buyer
This radio is absolutely excellent in every respect! The fidelity is superb and is a pure delight especially when stereo earphones are being used. This radio opens up an entire new world of listening that outperforms any previous experiences that we had with streaming audio over the years.
By DHaasch
Confirmed Buyer
WOW! FUN, FUN, FUN! I'm like a kid in a candy store! Excellent customer service! Easy setup! Easy to use! Great quality! A Must buy for all my rooms.
By LRotter
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By tlandskroener
Confirmed Buyer
We recieved it yesterday, so far just setting it up, weve only programed a dozen stations so far, not to difficult. But so far we love it, probably will order another one for the basement.
By rcrammer
Confirmed Buyer
As with other reviews I see here -- this radio quit working after 3 years.It worked fine 2 days ago but I went to turn it on yesterday and the display was blank, will not power up when plugged in, display remains blank.
By ljordan
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By jchristian
Confirmed Buyer
Handy. The radio connects to the service that pulls up literally EVERY radio station and personality that's online. Find what you want, add it to "My Stations", you're done. It has pretty good sound, backlighting and can be fed into a receiver or TV source for when louder listening is needed. The wireless receives and plays over signals my laptop with external adaptor can't use. I wish they'd sell one with capability to use say, 8 D-Cells do I can get off the wall outlet/extension cord. Minor gripe, but this thing, it's handy as can be..
By SNicodemus
Confirmed Buyer
I love my little WiFi! It took me a bit to play with it to get it set up, but once you do it's great. Sound is great and you have so many choices of stations from around the world, I would strongly recommend CC WiFi Radio to anyone who is looking to get one.
By BHoward
Confirmed Buyer
What can I say? I have bought 6 of these from C.Crane! I have them in every room in my home so that I don't miss anything. I listen to sports, news, talk, old-time radio, nature sounds, and so much more. And no monthly subscription fees!
By LLobazzo
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By aallen
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By KPrice
Confirmed Buyer
I absolutely LOVE this radio. The only improvement I would make on it is the remote control. You have to hit the sensor just right. I can now listen to whatever I want whenever I want. This is the greatest thing to come along in a long time.
By RBrenon
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By DHiles
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By JMiller
Confirmed Buyer
After less than three years it quit working.
By RHancock
Confirmed Buyer
It picks up a great signal, audio is poor, but has external jack for better speakers.
By ELaag
Confirmed Buyer
Overall a well designed internet radio. It would be nice if it had a battery power mode so you could carry it around. If it had that I would give it 5 stars.
By NIvancevich
Confirmed Buyer
For the money ,I would expect the same build quality as the CC Radio 2,but is not the case.User control is awkward.I do very much like the wi-fi technology.Would be great if they would incorporate this radio with the CC Radio 2.How about it CC?
By DHansberger
Confirmed Buyer
I was surprised at the size of this unit! It is small but works very well! So far I have had no problems with setup, online organization, upgrading firmware or using the product! I did have problems with it dropping off of the wifi signal but my new router fixed that problem! Many stations and I love the feature of being able to save my own stations; that make up for the three presets! It like having many of my favorite stations at my fingertips. There are so many stations; I have not even got a chance to listen to half of them yet! I am very happy with this radio and I may buy another one for the living room to hook up to my stereo system!
By BAmato
Confirmed Buyer
I absolutely love this radio! The set up was easy, the sound is nice, and I have the world at my fingertips! I find myself often going to the great talk radio from KMOX on St. Louis and I have found some very interesting music from various stations in Europe. It sits next to my XM radio at home and has gotten the greater share of my listening time.
By FGenovese
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By wdeimel
Confirmed Buyer
This is one great little Radio. I never rate products, but this one desereved a very good review. Easy to set up and very easy to use and it works great.
By RSheaffer
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By TGreen
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By EBachelder
Confirmed Buyer
By CMurphy
Confirmed Buyer
I cannot get it to work properly. It takes forever to find network and then looses connection, Frustrating so I don't use it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
By LHendley
Confirmed Buyer
This is a great little product. I purchased this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it and uses it every day. Highly recommed (and have to friends) you will love it!
By FFitzgerald
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By LKassebaum
Confirmed Buyer
The CC WiFi radio is outstanding with a superb sound and,an easy to set up with good instructions. I just say enough about C.Crane support they are very helpful. Having the world of radio at my fingertips has given me a comfort, I love my CC WiFi Radio. Larry Kassebaum 11/30/10
By ADeSantis
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By mwade
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By DHurley
Confirmed Buyer
Best WiFi radio I have ever had
By RMack
Confirmed Buyer
Pretty good and reasonably priced
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General Specifications
Input Power: Radio: AC Adapter 100-240V 50/60Hz 7.5VDC 1500mA center tip positive
Remote control: CR2025 Battery
Audio Output: 1.5 Watts RMS
Speaker: Full range dynamic speaker (2.5") 8 ohms 5W
Station Aggregator: Reciva based
Connection: Wired: RJ-45 Ethernet
  • 802.11b
  • 802.11g
  • 802.11n (as of 4/24/14)
Security: WEP, WPA, & WPA2
File Formats: RealAudio®
Microsoft Windows Media™ Audio
Display Lines: 2
Earphone Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo
Line Out Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo
Presets: 99
Sleep Timer: 15-195 minutes (15 min steps)
Alarm: Yes, 5 Independent
Clock: 12/24 Hour Modes
Dimensions: 6.5" W x 3.9" H x 3.9" D
Weight: 1lb 2.6 ozs
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Included Accessories: AC Adapter
Remote Control
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    • How do I reset the WiFi Internet Radio back to factory defaults?

      Depress the BACK key several times until you get to the top menu which should give you one of the following three choices: CONFIGURE, STATIONS, or MEDIA PLAYER. Choose CONFIGURE by turning the knob and pressing SELECT. Turn the knob again until FACTORY RESET is displayed and then press SELECT again. The Display will now say FACTORY RESET COMPLETE. You must wait for the radio to restart before the reset is indeed complete.

    • Is there a quicker way to get back to the primary menu than hitting the BACK button several times?

      Yes, while a radio station is playing, depress the SELECT button once.

    • When the alarm sounds how do I silence it?

      Press any button.

    • Will the alarm sound on the CC-WiFi Internet Radio if something is plugged into the headphone jack?

      No. However, the sound can be heard through the headphones.

    • Will the alarm be audible on the CC-WiFi Internet Radio if the volume is turned down?

      Yes. It will start off very quiet at first and then become louder with each sounding cycle.

    • Does the mute function work when I have something plugged into the headphone jack?


    • Where can I find my router name (ESSID) and wireless encryption key?

      Try looking on the underside of your wireless router or wireless modem. Sometimes they are printed on a label affixed to the bottom. Also check your documents for a piece of paper that was printed out after the router was initially set up.

    • When I do a Factory Reset does that wipe the new firmware?


    • Will internet station websites that require user authentication (free or not) play on the WiFi Internet Radio?

      If the site requires authentication, such as "click the yes button", it will not play on the radio.

    • Will the CC WiFi Radio work with my "N" type router?

      The CC WiFi Radio will work with N type routers as long as the broadcast mode on your router is set to Mixed Mode (b/g/n) or to 802.11g Only setting. Most newer routers are already set to Mixed Mode by default. If your router is set to broadcast in 802.11n Only or Dual Band, the radio will not see a signal coming from your router.

    • How far away from my wireless router can the CC WiFi Radio be placed?

      Between 20 and 40 feet depending on the strength of the wireless router and the amount of walls between the radio and the router. This distance can be increased with the proper antenna (for your router). See our WiFi antennas page for more information.

    • Is there a port for an external WiFi antenna?


    • Where do I locate the MAC address on the CC WiFi radio?

      There are actually two MAC addresses on the CC WiFi Radio, a wired Mac address for a hardwire connection, and wireless Mac address for a WiFi connection. You can locate your radios Mac addresses by going to <CONFIGURE>, <NETWORK CONFIG>, <VIEW CONFIG>, and then select either <WIRELESS MAC ADDRESS> or <WIRED MAC ADDRESS>.

    • Is the remote control for the CC WiFi Radio IR or RF?

      The remote control is IR.

    • The power specifications listed for the AC adapter in the instruction manual (page 33) do not match AC adapter that came with the radio. Why?

      There was a typo in the first version of the manual we released. The correct specifications are: 7.5V 1500 mAh center tip positive.

    • Are there replacement batteries available for the CC WiFi Radio remote control?

      Yes, the C. Crane item code is #CWFB. They are type CR2025 batteries.

    • Does the CC WiFi Radio have a timer function so the radio will turn on and go off at a specific time to record on a device like the Versacorder?

      No. C Crane is taking this under consideration for the next generation of the CC WiFi Internet Radio.

    • Can I connect to WiFi networks that require agreeing to a user license agreement?

      Many hotels and airports are now adding on a user license agreement you must accept in order to access their WiFi networks. The radio has no way of displaying these webpages or accepting such agreements so it will not work in these situations.

    • Will I lose my presets if I unplug the CC WiFi Radio?

      No, the radio uses non-volatile memory.


    • Can I use the WiFi Internet Radio to listen to a radio stream that is playing on my computer?

      No, but you can get the same stream to play on the WiFi Internet Radio, though you must have the most recent firmware upgrade for this to work. After upgrading your firmware you will be able to create a "My Stuff" folder on your radio that contains a list of audio streams selected by you. In order to add streams to your "My Stuff" folder, you must set up an account through the Reciva Web site.

      Before trying to add your own stream to your Reciva account, we recommend searching for the radio station in Reciva's listing of over 17,000 available stations.

      Once your account is created and you are logged in, click on the MY ACCOUNT tab at the top of the Reciva web site and log in.

      Next click MY RADIOS and enter the electronic serial number and register key from your radios menu.

      • After your radio is added to your account, select the MY ACCOUNT tab again.
      • Next select MY STREAMS and enter in a name and the URL of a stream you want to hear.(For example, in order to enter the URL for the audio stream of ****.com - you would go to their Web site and copy the link that opens the stream: http://***.***.*** - and paste that URL into the appropriate box on your Reciva My Streams section). Please note that sometimes finding the correct URL for a stream can be tricky. A full description of what's involved can be found at the Reciva website.
      • Once the stream is added to your Reciva account you should be able to play it on your WiFi Internet Radio.
      • To listen to your streams, unplug the power from your WiFi Internet Radio and then reconnect it.
      • When the radio boots back up select STATIONS.
      • Next select MY STUFF and then MY STREAMS and dial in your stream.

      The stream should play if it is in a compatible format.

    • How do I play stored audio from my computer?

      As long as your WiFi Internet Radio is on the same wireless network as your computer, there are two ways to use your WiFi Internet Radio to play audio files stored on your computer: File Sharing and Universal Plug & Play (UPnP).

      To Share a Folder Using Simple File Sharing:

      • Create the folder you want to share. I like to create shared folders either in My Documents or on the desktop to keep them from being hidden.
      • Right-click the folder and then click Sharing and Security. The Sharing tab of the Properties dialog box for the folder opens.
      • Click the Share this folder on the network check box. This makes the folder visible on the network.
      • Once the folder is shared on your computer, go to your radio and select MEDIA PLAYER and then SCAN FOR PC. You should be able to connect to your computer and start playing your audio if everything is configured properly.

      Note: You may need to configure your PC's firewall settings for media file sharing to work.

      The next way to use the WiFi Internet Radio to access audio files on your computer is through Universal Plug & Play or UPnP.

      • Download Windows Media Player 11 and install the Media Player on your computer (if not already installed).
      • Open Media Player 11 and select the LIBRARY tabs down arrow.
      • Select MEDIA SHARING.
      • Check the box titled Share My Media and click OK. Another window will open (keep this window open).
      • Go to your WiFi Radio and select <MEDIA PLAYER>.
      • Next select <UPNP SERVERS>. The radio will scan for UPnP servers. At this time your computer will ask you if you want to allow the radio to share files.
      • Click ALLOW.

    • How do I add a station to my WiFi Internet Radio?

      Use the Add-A-Station tool available at the manufacturer's Web site.

    • At the Web site, what is the difference between My Stations and My Streams?

      "My Stations" provides you a menu listing of your favorite stations chosen from the list available at "My Streams" is a folder you can use to store the URLs of audio streams you find online that are not already included in the list of stations available through While you can add stations and streams to your account online, in order to access these folders through your CC WiFi Radio you have to have the most recent firmware upgrade. After you have upgraded your firmware, your CC WiFi Radio will have two folders called "My Stations" and "My Streams".

    • I have a new URL that I want to add to the Reciva station list. Is there a way to test the URL to see if it will work well?

      Yes, send an e-mail to For the subject of the email insert the station name. In the body of the email insert just the URL. After sending the email the stream tester performs the test and replies to you with the result.

    • How do I link my CC WiFi Radio with the RealMusic streaming radio stations?

      To play music from the RealMusic web site on your CC WiFi Radio, you will need premium account with Real Networks. If you don't already have a premium account, you can get one by visiting, logging into your account, and clicking on the premium tab. From the premium page, mouse over the RealMusic logo and then click on the "here" link that will take you to a RealMusic registration page.

      After you have registered with RealMusic and have a username and password, return to your Reciva account at Next, choose the premium tab on the top of the home page. Under RealMusic click on Click here and enter in your Real Networks User Name and Password. After following these steps, you will be able to play audio from Real Networks over your WiFi Internet Radio. Note: If you have just set up your RealMusic account, you may have to turn your radio off and on in order to receive the RealMusic radio stations.

      The CC WiFi Radio works with the Reciva radio database and can play radio streams encoded with the Real Audio format.

    • Can I listen to the same Live365 stations that I listen to on my computer?

      Yes, but you may need to sign up for the premium account. Live 365 offers a limited amount of free stations available to the CC WiFi Internet Radio.

    • Can I listen to Major League Baseball on the CC WiFi Radio?

      No, due to licensing rules major league baseball games are typically not permitted to be broadcast on a radio stations internet stream. If a person has paid for a subscription to MLB Gameday Audio with and owns a WiFi radio capable of playing flash embedded streams it should be possible to listen to major league baseball.

    • Can I listen to iHeartRadio stations on the CC WiFi Radio?

      To listen to iHeartRadio stations on your current CC WiFi Internet Radio:

      1. Turn the radio on and let it connect
      2. Navigate to the main menu screen which will show Stations and Personal Radio
      3. Select Stations
      4. Rotate the Dial/Select knob to the right to locate iHeartRadio, then press and release the Dial/Select knob

      Note: If you do not see these features you will need to unplug the power to the radio for 60 seconds and then plug it back in then follow the steps listed above.

    • Can I listen to CBS stations on the CC WiFi Radio?

      To listen to CBS stations on your current CC WiFi Internet Radio:

      1. Turn the radio on and let it connect
      2. Navigate to the main menu screen which will show Stations and Personal Radio
      3. Select Stations
      4. Rotate the Dial/Select knob to the right to locate "", then press and release the Dial/Select knob

      Note: If you do not see these features you will need to unplug the power to the radio for 60 seconds and then plug it back in then follow the steps listed above.


    • When I turned radio on it was unable to locate my network when scanning. Is there a problem with my radio?

      Performing a Factory Reset on your radio should clear up this issue.

    • When I switched from using a WiFi connection to an Ethernet cable connection my radio will not recognize my network. Why?

      The radio has gotten a bit confused in switching between the two connections. There are two possible solutions for this (pick only one of them):

      1. After the radio is powered on and booted up, connect the Ethernet cable. Select CONFIGURE, then NETWORK CONFIG, then WIRED/WIRELESS, then finally select AUTO or WIRED ONLY.

      2. Perform a factory reset on the radio. After the radio is powered on and booted up, it will show Scan for networks. At this point plug in the Ethernet cable and it will connect to your wired router automatically.

    • My remote control does not operate as described on page 14 of the manual, why?

      There are two typos in the middle of page 14 of the CC WiFi Radio manual. They incorrectly refer to stored presets instead of recalling presets. This information should read:

      B. Using the Remote Control to Recall Presets 1-9.
      Briefly press and release the preset button assigned to the station
      you want.

      C. Using the Remote Control to Recall Presets 10-99.
      Briefly press the RECALL button, then the --/- button, and then
      enter your desired preset number 10-99.

    • Why does my radio constantly buffer or stop playing when listening to a radio station?

      Constant buffering or a loss of the audio stream usually means that your wireless network is not working properly. Strong interference from a neighbor's WiFi signal, a microwave oven, electronics, or a cordless phone can sometimes distort the connection between your wireless router and the WiFi Internet Radio causing a deficit of consistent signal. In this case the radio will need to buffer in order to catch up to the playable stream. Another less likely cause for buffering takes place when the Internet radio station is unreliable or has gaps in the audio stream. Make sure your WiFi antenna or router is up off the ground and not obstructed by physical objects.

      Another tip is to try a reliable station, like BBC Radio 1 for a few hours to see if it has the same problems with buffering. If the radio works well on BBC Radio 1 then the problem is not with the WiFi Internet Radio or reception between it and the router but lies with the station. Reciva copies one of the stations streaming URL addresses and uses it for their database. When too many people are using the same URL then it gets overloaded and causes buffering on the radio. Reciva may be able to add an alternative stream to be used. Contact Reciva with station problems by email using

    • My favorite Internet radio station will no longer play on my WiFi Internet Radio but I can listen to it on my computer, why?

      It could be one of two reasons:

      1. It's most likely that the website for that particular Internet radio station has changed the URL for that audio stream. When Web sites change their URL, it sometimes takes a while for Reciva to update their database to reflect the new URL. Once Reciva has updated the URL in their database you should have no trouble connecting to that Internet Radio station again. Computers are not affected by the URL change because they get the media players on your computer get the stream directly from the website and are updated automatically. If you are aware of an Internet radio station that has changed its URL you can help resolve the issue by emailing Reciva ( and requesting the URL to be updated.
      2. Another factor that may be affecting your audio stream is a recent switch by some radio stations (mostly in the United States) to using Shockwave Flash-embedded players. These players do not use a standard streaming protocol and block external audio players. Many of these embedded players use an algorithm to change the URL of their stream dynamically from once a month to once an hour. The goal of these players is to force you to go to the station's website to view advertisements that help supplement the station's income. At this time there is no permanent work-around for these type of audio streams, however Reciva is aware of this situation and are working on a solution. In the meantime they are trying to obtain dedicated streams from the individual radio stations that use Shockwave Flash-embedded players.
    • I set my CC WiFi Radio to wake me to a preset station, but my radio isnt playing the station. Why is that?

      If the CC WiFi radio cannot to connect to a station right away then it will default to buzzer mode ensuring that the alarm still sounds at the set time. Some online radio stations buffer more at certain hours, when their demand is at its highest. During those times, locking on the signal can take a bit longer.

    • I keep getting an error message while trying to retreive my register key.

      Unplug the radio from power momentarily to restart the radio. Once it is restarted, try getting the key again. It usually will work normally after the power cycle.

    • When I scan for my wireless network the radio says No Networks Found. Am I doing something wrong?

      We have found that, sometimes, the CC WiFi Radio does not "see" the network on the initial scan. When this happens, you may have to press BACK to try scanning again. The second scan usually finds your WiFi network. Another option is to unplug the power cord momentarily from the back of the radio, then plug it in again, and try to scan for your wireless network again after the radio restarts.

      If rescanning or restarting your CC WiFi Radio does not help find your wireless network you may have to check your router's wireless settings and verify that broadcast of ESSID is enabled. You may also want to try changing the wireless broadcast channel on your router to channel 1. For instructions on how to change these settings in your router please consult the documentation that came with your hardware.

    • The sound on my WIFI radio is poor.

      Poor sound can on the CC WiFi could be due to several factors more of them involving the quality of the feed coming to your radio. If other radio stations sound fine, check the bit rate of the station that sounds poor. A low bit rate will give you lower sound quality. Bit rates are determined by the radio stations themselves, and cannot be adjusted through the radio. In order to improve the sound quality you may have to connect the CC WiFi to an external speaker with more tuning options.

    • I am having trouble using the remote control for my CC WiFi Radio.

      The remote sensor is located just under the radio's dial and to the right. The sensor will receive a signal from the remote as long as the remote is within a 30 degree angled beam from the sensor. The remote will also need to be pointed at the radio sensor since it is IR and not RF. The operational range on the remote is about 20 feet. There is approximately a 1 second delay between a button press and a command taking effect.

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