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Our pocket radio is a real blessing when small size is important.

We combined ease of use, very good reception and sharp, well defined audio together in this little jewel of a radio. You can listen on the built-in speaker or the included high quality original CC Buds Earphones tuned for superior voice clarity and music. It has five, one touch memory buttons for each band and stands upright when needed. Rubber coated sides help with grip.

A much appreciated comment from a customer said it better than we could. "I am proud to own it (the CC Pocket Radio) partly because of the pride you must have in designing with such care."
Thank you from the C. Crane crew!

General Features:
  • Clear, precise and pleasing audio for its size
  • Display light, sleep timer (no auto shut-off), clock and alarm, removable belt clip
  • Battery and signal strength meters
  • FM stereo or mono switch and reception indicator
  • NOAA Weather Radio with Alert (disables AM/FM radio while activated)
  • Rubber protected sides
  • Runs on (2) "AA" batteries (not included). Also works with rechargeable batteries
  • About 100 hours of play with ear buds and about 80 hours using built-in speaker. Battery life depends on volume level while listening.
  • Common manual instructions printed inside battery cover.
  • Headphone wire or included antenna wire is used as antenna for FM and Weather
Technical Features:
  • Five memory pages for AM/FM, 50 memories total
  • Selectable frequency or clock display while listening
  • Beep on or off
  • 1, 9 or 10 KHz selectable tuning steps
  • Selectable Narrow or Wide AM filter
  • LCD shut off to reduce radio noise
  • Excellent selectivity with maximum sensitivity
  • Factory reset control
  • Size 2.5" W x 4.25" H x 1" D. Weighs: 3.8 oz. without batteries
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(194 reviews)
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By DMartin
Confirmed User
Best Darn Little Radio Ever
Darn thing is basically waterproof although they don't tell you that....just a great little radio.
None zero period...
Best Uses
Late light listening in the Jacuzzi or pool when you don't want a lot of that...
I think it would be great for your bug out bag as well...I might add one to mine although I have a good crank model in there right now.
Pros: Dropped this radio into my Jacuzzi twice. The first time I left it in the sun to dry for a few days...dried out and worked perfectly..second time no such luck...that fact that it survived the first dip and continued to work was astounding...the second time it happened I made the mistake of hanging it over the bad...ordering another right now.
By CDaRocha
San Jose CA
Confirmed User
Disappointed. Same fuzzy reception.
has a belt hook
Was really looking forward to getting better reception on KSCO over the hill. Good reception during the day. They must lower transmission power at night. This CCrane radio does not help at all. Same fuzzy reception as my 10 year old Sony walkman radio. Walkman is smaller and only 2 AAA batteries. Wish they still made it.
Tucson, az
Confirmed User
Finally a great small radio
holds frequency you set it too. Great reception. Audio is excellent.
Wish alarm would turn on radio instead of beeping
Best Uses
Great for working around house and hiking
this radio doesn't drift off frequency.
I am going to buy another
I have had at least 6 portable radios over the years. This is by far the easiest to use and best I have ever had. The weather band is great for keeping up to date on monsoons.
By BButler
Chicago, IL
Confirmed User
Great value and function
Lots of functions
am fm and noaa
wake-up alarm is not overly loud
Best Uses
When you need a radio that is easy to transport.
It is nice having an AM, FM and NOAA in one small radio that can be easily transported.
By RYingst
Rural NM
Confirmed User
Great reception
Great reception for a pocket radio
Small size
digitl tuning
I did not need the clock or alarm.
Best Uses
Better to use this devie as a radion and not a TV.
I am totally pleased with my CC Crane pocket radio. It is exactly what I was looking for, increased sensitivity to pull in distant AM stations. Not only does it have a good front end design it has features for increasing distant reception. This radio is 10 times better than any pocket radio I have used or table model. Only the radio in my 2012 Honda can pull in the stations I want. For specifics, I am about 70 miles away from Albuquerque. Any thing can receive the 100KW KKOB radio. But now I can get the 10KW KVIA and the 1KW KDAZ stations while walking thru my yard hoeing weeds.
By ERamos
Naperville, IL
Confirmed User
Best pocket radio ever
I've had a lot of pocket radios but this one surpasses them all. Good reception
and so easy to use
I haven't found one yet.
Best Uses
AM for me. Hard to find good AM radios. Crane had them all beat.
For me, Crane has the best radios.
By JJackson
Colorado Springs, Colorado
second unit. I have purchased
great reception
so easy to use
love the alarm feature
Best Uses
movable night time listening
love the radio
By JMilholland
Roswell, GA
Confirmed User
Great for walking the dog
Light wieght
Lock button
Great reception
Good audio
Fits in shirt pocket
Battery life - I use rechargeable batteries
Best Uses
Walking the dog
I'm enjoying my radio. I had a less expensive pocket radio, but it was difficult to keep it on station and to manage the volume control. This has digital tuning and a lock switch. the volume control is stable.
By MKeefe
Orange, CA
Happy Camper
i love this little radio. I am retired listen to it day/night and walking the dog. I like the digital presets and the reception is very good.
I would like wireless headphones for convenience.
Best Uses
I use my cc pocket everyday It is under my pillow at night just in case I wake up and don't what to disturb my wife.
It is a very good value for the features you get and I would recommend to a friend.
By BRice
Kismet, Ks.
Confirmed User
battery life horrible
easy for travel
can't seem to turn it off so it goes thru batteries.
Best Uses
great when i'm away on the truck
need to fix the off and battery issues.
Confirmed User
Better than I expected!!!
Easy to navigate.
By DCox
Southwest, VA
Confirmed User
Good Overall, some deficiencies
Good AM/MW reception for a true pocket radio
4/2.5 KHz audio selection useful for less static on weak AM (especially talk stations)
Decent FM/WX sensitivity/selectivity considering compromised antenna (earbud wire)
FM/WX bands on my unit has an audio distortion which sounds very much like an old mechanical clock ticking.
FM very susceptible to multipath distortion even in MONO mode
Best Uses
I have a CC-2E but it's just too big for some circumstances. The CCPocket comes close to it's performance and is a lot easier to carry.
The authorized vendor for CCrane may be sending me a replacement due to the FM/WX audio distortion that I described earlier. I'd be interested to know if other users experience this, or if the problem only occurs on my particular unit.
By RCasey
Springfield, MA
Terrific reception
Light and very well made. FM antenna works well. Qualty speaker and earphones
Best Uses
Constant companion
A very high quality product from a first class company. I could not be more pleased.
San Diego
Meets Expectations plus some!
This was a gift for someone who lives near railroad tracks plus her town is hit often with tornadoes.
She is so happy with this lovely radio. Excellent sound plus she gets the Weather Report which was a main consideration when choosing this radio.
A superb product! Thank you very much!
Best Uses
She needed a radio that would work during any major storm. It does just that.
I am so glad I gifted this particular radio to her.
By rperry
Confirmed User
It's great!
I ordered the CC Pocket Radio. It's great! Five stars *****.
Confirmed User
Disappointment to success
We live in a mountainous area where radio reception is poor at best. On the advice of a friend I ordered a CCrane internet radio. I am 75 and I am familiar with how to use a radio. You plug it in, turn it on and dial up a station. After reading the 40 pages of the instruction manual, much (most) of which I didn't understand, I was only able to set the clock and fiddle with the back-light brightness. After several days of failed attempts to make the radio work I decided to send it back for a refund and started to reconsidered my friendship with someone who would recommend such a complicated, frustrating device. So I called the 1-800 number and got Annette at CCrane to find out the return procedures. Before I even got started she wanted to know why I wanted to return the radio. She then asked me if I wanted her help to make the radio work and with her and my wife's help I am now keeping the radio it is wonderful! It gets the one station I want to listen to perfectly and I am even considering a second radio for my 99 year old Mother. A happy customer, thanks to a friend and two smart women, Tom Hitchcock
By EDailey
Ft Worth Texas
Confirmed User
Great product
Recently purchased . Attractive radio with all the essential features and easy to use well thought out and A rugged little device perfect size and great sound . A perfect traveling companion on long walks many thanks to the folks at Crane
perfect traveling companion on long walks many thanks to the folks at Crane
at Crane
Excellent device well engineered and rugged the memory features are easily understood unlike many radios As advertised a real pocket radio that's not bothersome if you're out moving about great job
By GClawges
St. Louis mo.
Confirmed User
Everything I expected and more
Speaker is very good for a small radio
Best Uses
Everyday use
Glad I bought this radio
By JSchatz
Confirmed User
Great radio
Very satisfied with the radio - really like the weather band SUPER customer service dept.
By LLake
Odenville, AL
works underground
With the long wire antenna it works in my underground home
where my cell phone gets no signal. I give it and other C Crane products i have purchessed high marks.
see above
By PGillay
Ypsilanti, MI
Confirmed User
Love the CC Pocket Radio
Great reception
Compact size
Works very well
By CGrimes
Richmond, Virginia
Confirmed User
Terrific Pocket Radio!
Love the size and compactness. Ear buds are perfect for me and I like the lighited screen at night time so you can find the channels you want to listen to thru the night
Have not found any dislikes in the time I have owned the radio.
Best Uses
We often lose our power during storms in our neighborhood. The weather channel is very convenient
I am nearly 69 years old and have listened to a transistor radio at nighttime since I was 12 years old. This radio is perfect for my use and the tone is excellent for me. I only use the earbuds but the regular speaker is noteworthy as well. This is an excellent product in my opinion.
By JPennock
Appleton City, MO
This radio (CC Pocket Radio) is an excellent radio. I primarily carry it when I walk. It has some wonderful features including the alarm and wx bands/alarm. I particularly like the construction with rubberdized case. The radio has excellent audio and is very sensitive. Thank you for doing your homework and giving us such high quality at a very affordable price. All the BEST!!
Highly recommend this radio for a small compact/portable unit.
By LSmith
Searchlight, NV
Confirmed User
CC Pocket Radio
Great radio! Keeps you up to date on weather and time. Or listen to the local stations for news or music. I'd rather have this and extra batteries than a hand cranked radio in an evergency.
Only the lack of a rubber coating and water resistant model. Yes I'd pay more for the extra durability.
Best Uses
Great for walking and listening to classic rock! Radios are more fun than smart phones! Emergency use when the lights go out and the wind is howling.
Great companion when the wind seems about to shake the tent to pieces and the scattered thunder storms happens to be the one over head.
By JDworin
Northville, Michigan
Confirmed User
Super Little Radio
Great Little Radio
Best Uses
Everyday Use
Baseball Games
Great Reception both AM & FM. This is my 4th CC Radio
By PSnyder
Buffalo, New York
Confirmed User
Very Pleased
Signal strenth is excellent. Simple and easy to use.
the speaker sounds a little tinney
Good value for $
By ALewkowski
Confirmed User
Great little radio.
Eventually the volume control gets extremely scratchy and difficult to adjust.
I have had three os these and they all eventully had the same problem.
Other than the volume control a great portable radio.
By TTownsend
Palm Desert, CA
Confirmed User
Couldn't ask for more
Small in size
Packed with excellent reception design with full range fidelity
Fidelity in FM superb even in a metal framed home!
5 presets available independently for FM and AM
No evaluation made of earbuds as I use high end earbuds that maximize low frequencies.
Best Uses
Stereo music over FM
I have no interest in the WX band and I have no comment.
By klackey
great product
The pocket radio that I purchased is exactly what I was looking for. I live in the middle of nowhere and get great reception for my nighttime listening and I get excellent battery life.
By LCollins
Johnson City, TN
Confirmed User
Excellent for the price
Very good sensitivity for a pocket radio. Good audio for a small speaker. I like and recommend it.
None really.
Best Uses
Casual carry around.
Enough said. Excellent little radio.
By RShore
San Francisco, CA
Confirmed User
Excellent value/performance for my needs
Signal pickup outside is good
Stands-up well on flat surfaces
Has a lot of useful features such as NOAA along with time readout
Good sound quality for voice. I listen mainly to talk programs with some music stations on occasion
Signal pickup in large buildings does drop off a bit but this is to be expected
It is a tad on the bulky side
Best Uses
Pocket buddy!
Versatile radio for on-the-go listening
A well-made, very useful radio. Lots of neat features that I am still learning about. I got it about 2 months ago. Very happy with it so far...
By CRoman
Confirmed User
Outstanding performance
Great performance on all bands
Solid feeling and made radio
Easy to grip or clip to belt
More bulky and heavy than expected
Hard to use sleep timer
Best Uses
Private or on the go listening
Very satisfied with purchase and performance
By JMinzey
Kansas City Missiouri
Confirmed User
What a surprise!
Truly a pocket radio
Great sound and has a multitude of features
Best Uses
Anywhere that is stationary
you cannot hang it in a moving vehicle and expect great recepiont from what I hear.
My favorite thing is no more trying to dial in my old radio stations on my old radio. This little gem has fantastic sound quality comes with ear buds and a wire antenna for even better reception. I am a repeat customer and have never been disappointed by CCrane. The price is well worth it it is and investment in quality.
By TBelly
New York, NY
Small, Perfect, Great Alarm
I like the sleep feature and weather station.
Lots of little instructions for different functions but easy to figure out.
Best Uses
Listening to radio or alarm.
I spent online the last few months trying to find a small am/fm radio for listening around the house, cooking food, or when I am shaving, etc. I also like to fall asleep to the radio. I was surprised how portable radio don't seem to be sold anymore. I was concerned what I bought may be too small but the CC Crane radio is perfect. The sleep buton keeps my radio from playing all night, the alarm is loud/annoying enough to get me out of bed, and the radio works very well. I am very pleased. Too bad CC Crane doesn't sell HD radios. That would be nice! (Hint hint)
By JWhite
Curlew, WA.
Confirmed User
Goes everywhere with me!
Excellent reception am or fm just like big cc radios. Fits pocket tee shirts or use supplied belt clip. Just love this radio!
Can't think of any.
Best Uses
Sports and camping. Emergencies. Anything!
Get one! I take mine everywhere. If you like radios you got to have one!
South Dakota
Confirmed User
Excellent pocket radio value.
Exellent AM reception
long battery life. Handy alarm and Weather band
Very useful sleep timer.
Fragile plastic battery door should be made of softer plastic (similar to cladding on it's case). C Crane has been great in sending replacement battery doors.
Best Uses
Very useful for travel. It makes long airport stopovers bearable.
It has much better reception thatn the hotel's clock radio.
Recently, during vacation there was a storm with nearby tornadoes. The hotels' television went out, but my CC Pocket Radio gave me weather and the news.
By JGanick
Confirmed User
Quality AM-FM radio 21st century...
Built and designed well
Easy set up
Miss the 1hr auto shutoff the previous radio had sleep timer provides same battery saving option.
Best Uses
I use the radio at night helps me sleep.
weather station nice feature.
First Radio lasted 10 yrs.after multiple drops. Bought this one after trying the radio from the Tandy Corp.
By DFriend
Confirmed User
Excellent Radio
*Can lock in the station
*Sleep Timer
picks up AM and FM stations very well
Takes a little time to learn the operation of certain aspects of the radio.
Best Uses
Great for listening to games music or talk radio. Also excellent as a weather alert radio.
Best quality small radio for the price I have seen!
Los Angeles, CA
Confirmed User
Great little radio
Excellent reception & selectivity between stations.
Audio quality with ear buds very clean.
Even the little speaker is better than expected.
Best Uses
I like the fact that it's small enough to carry anywhere.
Reminds me of the little AM radio I used to strap to my bike handlebars a gazillion years ago - only this one gets FM & weather & sounds a LOT better.
By ESiverson
Portland, Or
Confirmed User
great little radio
Small size
Fits smartly in pocket
Great reception
Easy to use.
None so far
Best Uses
Around house
doing tasks
Great little radio, clear sound, great reception.
By TOShea
Northeast, FL
Confirmed User
Great Radio with multiple options
lock feature prevents unwanted station changes many many station options speaker and headset option small and compact excellent ear buds
A little more expensive than other choices but well worth the investment
Best Uses
used when walking the dog or cutting the lawn
great little radio for the money
By SReese
Spokane, WA
Confirmed User
This is the Pocket radio you want!
The radio is very intuitive. After reading the instructions you have the basic questions answered.
I have used the old CCrane pocket radio for 15 years and I instantly liked this one better. The display screen light is very helpful
I don't have any.
Best Uses
This is the best sleep radio I have owned. The sleep timer fits every possible need. If I didn't own a cc skywave radio this would be my travel radio.
CCrane has perfected compact radio with the CC Pocket. I waited a long time to get one. In fact my old cc 400 is still going. When you find great products like this you expect every purchase from CCrane to satisfy you. Don't hesitate. Buy one now!
By LDamon
PalmSprings Ca.
The BEST !,,
Love the weight and sound.
Size is perfect
By SMcGinley
Great little radio!
Great Sound
Good ear buds and I like the presets. Alarm is very good.
Nice that it can work with ear buds or without.
Belt clip is not the best.
Well worth the price. I've had several pocket radios over the years this is the best ever.
By CGearhart
South Windsor, CT
Confirmed User
Very Impressive Radio
Solidly built
Sleep timer
Small enough to actually fit in your pocket
Superior reception for a small radio
Control Lock
Slot in battery compartment cover leaves radio exposed to possible moisture
When using the built-in speaker audio quality is fine for talk radio - news and sports but when listening to music you will want to use the included headphones.
Best Uses
Small enough to take anywhere
I'm a sports fan so I appreciate the fact that such a small radio can pull in stations from places that I never would have expected. During the evening hours from here in Connecticut I've been able to pull in stations from Atlanta, Chicago, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York (as far west as Buffalo), Maryland and West Virginia. Not bad!
By SRobinson
Nampa, Idaho
Confirmed User
A very nice little radio
Easy to use and the reception is great.
Best Uses
It's perfect for listening to favorite stations while out walking.
Glad to have bought it.
By RPaine
Sacramento, CA
Finally One That Lasts
I love this radio. AM and FM work very well.
First three I bought had faulty on/off switches.
Best Uses
Any time I want to listen to local radio.
I love this radio and plan on ordering a new one as this one is getting tired after a number of years.
By DPasek
New Jersey
Great value!
Great reception
easy to use
small enough to travel with
Great things come in small packages. This radio is a powerhouse. I highly recommend!
By dpryde
tucson, az
Confirmed User
Precisely what I was looking for.
Best Uses
talk radio
Great radio for those looking to fill one's mind w/news or music while doing physical work. Or simply lounging around the home
By VBradbury
Bonfield, IL
Confirmed User
Best Pocket Radio I've Owned
Easy to work. Many great features.
Best Uses
Works great as a night time radio
Ear buds are very comfortable
This little radio is easy to use even in a dark room. Great sound and really like having the weather band when bad weather is around.
By RPlaza
Petaluma, CA
Confirmed User
Only last for a year
I have bought this radio for my husband 3 times - once a year for the last three years. Why do they not last longer than a year? They crap out after that - CCrane offers $59.95 service - but may as well buy a new one. A radio should last longer than a year.
Don't last
Please make a radio that lasts
By PRoberson
Beaverton, OR
Confirmed User
Great portable radio
Great for traveling or just working in the yard.
Reception is surprisingly good.
Sound quality is excellent.
Could use a better belt clip.
Best Uses
working in the yard
working in the house
It's an all around great radio to have.
By RWilliams
Brady, TX
Confirmed User
Roger Williams
This is the best pocket radio I have ever owned. I bought it several years ago
Best Uses
I also like to carry it with me when I go to football games. It keeps me posted on scores of other games going on.
It can reach out much farther than other pocket radio's, and let me listen to football games that other pocket radio's cannot do.
By TJ.
Oakbank, Manitoba Canada
Confirmed User
Great Radio!
Very good radio
Feature Rich. Works great after 2 years.
Best Uses
Put it in your pocket and you can walk around and listen. Good AM reception.
I highly recommend.
By SHayes
Davis, CA
Confirmed User
The Little Radio is a Great Radio!
This sturdy radio feels good in your hand and has great reception.
This radio is surprisingly complex
and takes awhile to learn
how to fully use its features.
Best Uses
Outside (field) use
I bought a second one for my wife!
By JStempil
very happy. Fulfills my need.
easy to use.
found none so far.
Best Uses
use when i take extended walks in the am
Glad i bought it.
By BSchurian
AZ/NM border
Confirmed User
Like they say
This radio pretty much does everything most reviews say. Mostly all good. With the wiggley tail or headphones attached FM is GREAT. I haven't tested AM much yet but night time recep[tion is pretty good. Sound quality
The speaker isn't the best quality. You will need to keep the manual close at hand if you are an old fart with a weak memory. There is A LOT TO THIS RADIO! Can do back flips and handstands wen you push the right buttons at the right time. A lot to remember but not necessary.
Best Uses
A close friend
night and day
Good gift but you will need to encourage the recipient to delve into the depths of the manual.
By JDaugherty
Omaha, NE
Confirmed User
CC Pocket Radio
Bought this radio about five years ago. Still going strong. Best pocket radio I have ever owned. Highly recommended.
Impressed with sound and long battery life.
There is none.
Best Uses
I use it primarily for political and sports talk radio.
I would buy another if I had to replace this. Highly recommend the product.
By RPassanisi
Little Radio Big Sound
Tough sturdy build. Quality sound.
Best Uses
The included ear buds make it a terrific addition to any broadcast sporting event. Also great for taking on a daily walk.
I've owned quite a few pocket radios over the years and the C Crane pocket radio is by far the best. The reception on most station is perfect and is by far better than any other radio I've owned.
By gteffs
pinellas park, fl
Confirmed User
excellent sound with bose ear plugs
good quality & size
excellent sound quality when switched to my iPhone bose ear plugs
like belt clip
speaker sounds cheap when not using good ear plugs
ear plugs included sound better than speaker but don't come close to my own
Best Uses
small compact size great for use anywhere
would recommend
By RKing
Blaine, WA
Confirmed User
Amazing Product!
excellent alkaline battery life
easy to use
great reception
better than an IPod
None yet
Best Uses
Indoors and just about anywhere you can think of.
I have several CCrane radios and they all perform very well. I work in a heavy RF environment and I am surrounded by steel and brick. This little gem works in those type of environments. Possibly better than some of it's big brothers. I shopped around for a basic AM/FM pocket radio and thoroughly checked different competitors. I decided on this unit. It just seemed to have the basic functions I was looking for. All I can say it WOW! If you are looking for a good basic AM/FM pocket radio with some added bonuses in reception, I would undoubtedly recommend this pocket pal. Great sound along with the nostalgia of the AM band. I've run this radio for three days at 8 hours per day and still have full battery indicator (battery dependent Duracell Quantum.) If you have second thoughts just buy it. You won't be disappointed. I'm have'nt and it just works. Thanks again CCrane for another great product. Added bonus is you get variety vs. an IPod or MP3 player. Maybe I'm just old school. :-) If you a
By JPontillo
Elma, NY
Confirmed User
Great little radio. Worth every penny...
Well made
excellent reception
lighted dial
Weather frequency
Best Uses
Long distance AM listening..
Great little radio,hands down..
By SEarl-Costello
Rural Maine
Confirmed User
This is an amazing little radio. It does fit in a shirt pocket and the antenna is flexible
so you can just drape it over your shoulders. Amazingly good reception and OK tone.
Best Uses
Rural use and if you want to listen to the radio while you hike backcountry. Has enough power so you can still hear it while in the shower
placed about 8 feet away.
A lot of radio in a very small device. Takes easily available batteries. I'm quite picky and not easily impressed. This little radio is impressive. Also C. Crane customer service is excellent.
By JKlipp
Bronx, NY
Confirmed User
Pocket radio
Uses AA batteries
55 presets
great radio reception
built in speaker
National weather svc.
Could be a little smaller.
Best Uses
Take it out walking
listening to the game
This is truly a fantastic radio. Rubber side grips so it won't fall handling it. Gets the weather. Very handy in emergency situations.
By jkunde
De Pere Wi.
beyond expectations
ear buds i didnt use had headphones cable broke so get bud out wow worked much better
bought a second one
By cOrchard
Ten Sleep, WY
Great work companion
great functionality
good reception
None really.... but after 1.5 years of hard and dusty outdoor use the volume control quit working
Best Uses
Excellent for outdoor use... but I used it many times indoors in the shop.
This little radio has become my constant ranchers companion working outside in rain, shine, sun, dust, or windy conditions. I travel/work sometimes for hours with this little jewel strapped down or in my pocket, just playing away. And the weather band has saved my bacon more than once from being caught by thunderstorms in the most remote badlands of Wyoming. Awesome radio.... I have given one to each of my kids, and am ordering another one for spare. thanks CCrane.
By GAtchley
Council Bluffs, IA
Confirmed User
Better Than Expected
I had ordered the CC Pocket Radio a couple weeks ago. Finally tried it out today and was amazed at the quality and reception. It is indeed NOT the typical transistor radio i had as a child. Excellent product.
By DGerken
Cedar Mtn, NC
Confirmed User
Great radio!
CCrane has made a number of great improvements over the Sangean Pocket radio that I had purchase from you years ago.
There are many changes too numerous to mention and all are very useful
I have tinnitis and have had for years-I use these pocket radios to help me get to sleep and this radio is very easy to use. I have not found one item of negativity on this radio.
Best Uses
I would recommend it anywhere one wishes to have portability and versatility in use for listening to radio stations. I have been able to receive almost twice the amount of stations since I purchase this radio.
CCrane really makes the best radios for any occasion and use-I also have an older CCrane radio which is much larger-this radio also is very well designed, has great sound and flexibility of use.
By EGreenberg
White Plains, NY
Confirmed User
Definitely worth the price
Buying my third one today. Mine is used 12 hours per day. I use rechargeable batteries which last about 36 hours of play time - less play time than disposable batteries BUT I have been using the same 6 rechargeables for over 2 years. The 6 cost me 5$ at WalMart.
Speaker qualilty is not great. With headphones quality is fine. Tips over if you try to stand it up.
Best Uses
While sitting
reclining and/or staying still.
I have worn out the buttons owing to constantly changing stations.
Worth the money. Don't expect the reception or speaker quality from the larger radios.
By bm
Great for what I use it for
Best am and fm reception out of any other pocket radio I've tried.
Used this radio every day at work for about 4 months. It pulled in more stations with clearer reception than any other pocket radio I tried. After 4 months the volume knob broke and I was stuck with a radio that would only play loud. I couldn't open the radio up to fix it, but it was within the year warranty, so I sent it back to cc and they sent me a new one. battery life is around 40 hours, so i can't complain there. I now farm full time and listen to it on the tractor. I'm 50 miles away from a big city, but it pulls the stations in better than any other portable radio. Of course there are places where it fuzzes out, but that is to be expected with a radio of that size in hilly country, or in dips and coulees. Also, I accidently ran it over with the tractor on a gravel driveway and it didn't damage it at all! It has more presets than there are radio stations in this part of mt, and if I had to do it again I'd buy it.
By DFabiano
Atherton, Ca
Confirmed User
Lots of features, but poor speaker sound.
Nice features for such a small radio. Lots of presets
Speaker is small and produces poor sound.
Best Uses
Best used with earbuds or headphones.
If you're looking for good speaker sound quality, look elsewhere.
By hz
east amherst, ny
very poor battery life- radio eats batteries
nice radio with several options and decent reception
battery life is poor. must remove batteries after each use or else the radio is dead the next time you want to use it
I probably would not purchase the same radio again due to the battery life issue I have experienced. Maybe I received a defective unit that constantly drains the battery even when the radio is turned off.
By JBurns
Confirmed User
Best Uses
exceeded my expectations
works well all around
As a longtime radio nut..dxing and all that ,I am really impressed with this little jewel..At night I can listen to WSB in Atlanta and quite a few stations further away than CC Radio plus doesn't measure up to this one..During the day I can listen to AM in my vehicle at other radio I have tried would do it...FM is excellent also..I use the weather section and it works very well...Over all this is probably the best pocket radio you will find at any price....JLB
By EWarren
Ventura, CA
battery life
built-in speaker
lock switch
included CC Buds
sleep timer
overall quality
Best Uses
outdoor adventuring
indoor entertainment
alarm clock
Definitely the best radio I have ever had the pleasure of owning. For its size, the CC Pocket has better reception and audio quality capabilities than I thought was even possible for a small radio. The CC Pocket really does fit in my pocket, and I walk around with it almost always. With my old radio I would have to hold it up in my hand in order for my favorite stations to even be received. With the CC Pocket, I can listen to all my favorite stations with extremely clear reception no matter where I am or how I am carrying the radio. Along with the exceptional audio quality of AM, FM, and WX stations, the CC Pocket has more features than I've ever seen on a small-sized radio. Everything, from the sleep timers to the alarm clock to the one-touch preset buttons, makes this radio the best I've ever owned. And it gets even better! The CC Pocket comes with a pair of CC Buds! At first I expected the included ear buds to be cheap in quality, like most other included ear buds. But no! The CC Buds are well made and deliver astounding audio quality for talk and sports radio. They are comfortable to wear, durable, and long enough to reach my pocket comfortably. This is important to me, as I am well above average height and often find earbud cords to be too short. I want to thank C.Crane for their excellent design and craftsmanship in creating this wonderful product! I could not be a more satisfied customer.
By DJohnson
San Francisco/Bay Area, CA
Great (In My Area)
Runs forever on 2-AA's
Included ear buds are decent
Speaker use at low volume seems to have spousal approval at breakfast table.
Station changes when you pack it in the front pocket of jeans and you bend over to clean up after your dog poops.
Best Uses
Given the size: Anywhere!
My review is based on the radio's use for about four months. My satisfaction is based on the radio's use in an area with a plethora of stations YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY. My last pocket radio was a Sony, FM/AM Walkman (circa 1988, hey! it still works) but the C.Crane is so much more compact.
By swilliams
Confirmed User
good but needs slight design change
reception very good
love digital tuning to get the station
battery life excellent
top heavy
falls over too easy
would taper the bottom to get wider bottom or put a spinable plastic piece on bottom to stablize it
all in all, great radio, just falls over all the time as i use it outside
By SBinder
Mexico, MO
Confirmed User
This will be my second pocket radio. I would take it with me everywhere. Then one day I lost it.
Great reception.
Since I lost my first one while tilling a field. I did find it but ran over it with my tractor. Somehow it just slipped out of my pocket. I am going to make a little drawstring bag to hold my next pocket radio and attach it to my clothing as the clip won't hold it in a pocket when bending over.
Best Uses
When I'm working outside alone
It is good company.
I miss my pocket radio and can't wait to get my new one.
By abratton
Confirmed User
I can carry this radio in my shirt pocket around the store with me so I don't miss my programs that I enjoy. We live in a low lying area 60 miles from my favorite station and work in a metal building and still get reception. Battery life better than expected. I could go on but I dont type well.
Can't think of one.
Best Uses
Easy to carry.
I put lithium batts in my first one and the volume faded to where I had to turn it up all the way and still didn't turn up enough. This was after over a year of everyday use. Will stick to alkaline from now on. If you are thinking of getting this radio DO IT.
By MMullholland
Lawton, Oklahoma
Confirmed User
Far exceded my expectations !
Radio reception is great - every AM station is 75 to 200 miles distant an they all come in great ! Plug in an go for walks an work in the yard while listening. The Presets so handy when changeing stations for different programs. Batteries last longer than I could expect. An the shirt pocket size is really HANDY !
Havent found any !
Best Uses
Outdoors. AM & FM.
Handyest and best radio I've owned an a lot easier to pack than my CC SW.
By RTroise
Boston, MA
Easy to keep the weather on
hard to find radio
Best Uses
Before I go out to fly my kite in my
power wheelchair with a fishing rod
By KEhlert
Reno, Nv
Confirmed User
Great, but...
The radio is superb. Best radio that I own.
Brand new but one side headset don't work. Can twist near earbud to make it work.
Best Uses
Hooked up to my Fugoo. Great system.
Maybe the headset earbuds are a bonus, but they should be a bit better quality I think.
By ISolodchenko
New York
Confirmed User
Good radio but...
It's a good radio but no extended antenna no FM radio. It is not convenient listen FM radio without extendable antenna.
Good radio but not convenient to listen FM radio without extendable antenna!..
Confirmed User
Best Uses
By DGraber
Elkhart, IN
Confirmed User
Quality sound
Quality construction
I didn't like the ear buds that came with it.
Best Uses
Personal Listening
I used Walkmans for years and had to buy a new one annually. I am very rough on the use of mine. This CC Pocket is indestructible and simply doesn't care how I abuse it. It is the one to buy.
By DNowak
San Francisco Bay Area
Confirmed User
Great value
Small size radio
Mane concern is sound
The sound is tinney
I expected better sound
Best Uses
Expected better sound! Bought this for my husband and he said sound is tinney!
By CZayac
Confirmed User
The best
The best pocket radio I have ever had.
The am reception is excellent
Battery life very good
This is my 3rd. c crane radio.
I don't have any.
Best Uses
I listen to the radio all day. portability.
I am a radio nut , I recommend this product to anyone looking for great reception and portability.The price is fair.
By JRodriguez
Big Spring,TX
Very good sound
AM FM & NOAA weather radio feature
Lightweight & powerful for little radio
None so far
Best Uses
On the go
At work
Randomly listening anywhere
This is my first Ccrane product I purchased and I tell you the CCrane pocket radio is one exceptional little radio. I love the way it feels when I have it in my hand to change stations. The sound quality is superb on AM,FM and weather band. At nighttime, I can pick up dozens of clear channel stations as far as Denver, St. Louis, Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, Dallas/Ft. Worth and a few stations from Mexico and the sound as if it we're local. Depending on weather conditions. FM stations come out very good and with the included wire antenna the radio can pick up stations 60-80 miles away, same goes for NOAA weather stations. And I really like the Alert feature for Severe weather. Everything on this radio for me is perfect. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a small pocket size radio with great reception. This one is for you. So Thanks again to CCrane for making this great radio!
Arlington, VA
Confirmed User
Almost the Perfect Pocket Radio
Presets and locked-in settings
Speaker mute
I could be thinner
Best Uses
The name says it all: Pocket Radio
Back in the 1970's I bought a small Sony transistor radio that I used with an ear piece while dog walking and when waiting for lunch to be served, for the bus to come, etc. It was okay except the tuning and volume knobs were on the side and they'd change when I'd stuff it in my pocket and sometimes the earphone would sometimes become unplugged, causing my pocket to talk to me and send me scrambling to silence it. The CC Pocket Radio remedies all this by providing preset station selection, push-button digital tuning, the ability to turn the speaker off, and most importantly, the ability to lock it all in. The volume control is in the top center and isn't bothered and is easy to adjust by reaching in my pocket. The only thing I'd change if I could would be to make it thin enough to ride in a blazer or suit coat jacket. Other than that, I this may be the perfect pocket radio!
By TJohnston
Rio Nuevo, AZ
Confirmed User
Great on/off button
Good size
fits in shit pocket. On/off button enables the listener to edit out the commercials with ease/
Only con is the speaker. Poor sound.
Best Uses
Use while walking
going in/out during working hours.
Going return it. Seems to be much poorer quality than my last C Crane radio - a good one. Had short wave, etc. Good quality and speaker. Never used any other than AM.
By JHart
Peru (NE cornerof) NY
Confirmed User
High tech for an old song!
Ergonomic and easy to program and much easier to operate than anything in it's class. Routinely able to recieve distant stations even when atmospheric conditions aren't ideal. It's definitely a personal pocket radio-not a boom box-but real good at what it's meant for. IT IS better than advertised.
The FM/WX wire antenna may seem a pain at first-but a telescoping antenna just wouldn't cut it in everyday portable use-a small clothespin will easily allow you to coil the wire and/or attach it to your pocket
collar or a curtain. It takes some getting used to the tactile feel of the case but that goes away real quick when the whole thing fits in your smallest pocket and doesn't slip out of your hand (or your pocket) like the smooth plastic ones do.
Best Uses
Any time any place you need a small AM/FM/WX w/o any attachment to house & home & car!
My reception has been totally unexpected-not at all unusual to pick up stations 150-200 miles distant-almost unheard of with typical small portables....battery life is better than many others...but I still keep a spare pair ready. Worth it's price hands down! LOVE IT!
By BKelly
Ambler, PA
Confirmed User
Terrific Radio
Great little radio. Fits right into my pocket when walking. Sound is excellent for a radio this size.
None that I've found.
Best Uses
Any application that requires mobility.
An excellent size/sound combination radio.
By RDickerson
Salt Lake City, UT
Confirmed User
No signal in hotel rooms!
Works great unless you are in a hotel room.
Bought this to listen to when traveling. Does not pick up any AM signals in hotel rooms.
Good design other than not strong enough to pick up AM signals in hotel rooms (which is why i bought it).
By SPetkov
Confirmed User
Best radio of its kind
great receptiongreat features great
i checked out all available pocket radios nothing else comes close to the Crane.
By KMackenzie
Vancouver, BC, Canada
best pocket radio I have owned
great build quality
i have owned many pocket radios over the years. Some have been better than others. This radio is by far the best I have ever owned. I listen to talk radio at night, as I fall asleep. This radio brings in far away stations and keeps them from fading in and out. The build quality is excellent and the earbuds are some of the best I have used. Battery life is quite good as well. I highly recommend this radio
By WMontague
Durham, ON
Confirmed User
Terrific Radio
good battery life
feature rich
speaker audio quality
Best Uses
on the go
outdoors (NOAA weather)
Speaker audio quality is OK, but far from the best feature of this radio. Audio - speaker or head phones - is articulate. No bass emphasis. I'd call this radio headphone sensitive if you're looking for audio quality. Its there, but not every headset is good/ best. The included ear buds are perhaps a very good place to start. There IS a difference between this and a $20 Pocket Radio, and the cost is justified.
Confirmed User
Easy to program
Reception very good
This radio is much more than I expected. Quality is exceptional. Previously, I purchased a much larger radio from CCRANE, and returned it because I couldn't pick up stations. This one is great.
By SWarnick
Confirmed User
In a league of its own.
Amazing reception
Easy to use.
Best Uses
With earphones or speaker.
Weather (including marine) reports.
I give these radios as presents. There is currently no radio that even approaches the CC Pocket Radio's quality and range of helpful features. Worth every penny.
By CHansen
Confirmed User
Love It...Love It!
Price & Features and great ear buds.
Can't go wrong with this pocket radio.
By SLederer
Confirmed User
Didn't meet my expectations
Bad reception
to complicated to use
Bad reception, to complicated for user. Sorry thinking about returned it.
By JBuettler
Philadelphia, PA
Confirmed User
Great little radio
compact size
Fantastic reception
Lighted screen could be brighter
Best Uses
Taking it fishing
And traveling
Best radio reception for a pocket radio I ever owned. CCrane has a masterpiece here.
By RHaynes
Burke Co. Georgia
Confirmed User
One of the finest radios I've ever bought.
Perfect size great reception tons of features.
Normal AM and FM listening does not work with the weather alert.
Best Uses
Anywhere and everywhere!
I have never been more satisfied with such a little powerhouse.
By tlehman
use two, have one in reserve
easy to navigate, great reception. I use two, and have one in reserve.
By CConklin
Midland, MI
Confirmed User
Great Little Radio
Sized just right for my needs
Great tuner sensitivity
Easy on the batteries
None that I have found so far
Best Uses
I use it in the evening listening to talk radio
great sound
Best little radio I have found to date, seems harder and harder to find a decent little radio, and this one hit the mark, thanks.
United States
Confirmed User
CC Pocket Radio
Excellent Overall Quality of materials.
Above average FM reception.
LCD display is low contrast. Expected better.
AM reception is average
Sound quality is tilted toward high pitched.
Disappointed in the lack of contrast of LCD display.
By BBarner
Nashville, TN
Confirmed User
Love It. Bought it for the AM, the FM is great too.
AM Reception
I wish it had a spin tuner in addition to the digital.
Best Uses
St. Louis Cards Baseball
I love this little radio. When the weather is right, I can pick up KMOX out of St. Louis here in Nashville and listen to my Cards, clear as a bell.
By ANagasawa
San Jose CA.
Confirmed User
Good Pocket Radio
2-AA Battries
Good sound & Reception
Price is resasonable
Clock & 5-memorie
None so far.
Best Uses
In doors and on the go. Needed a Pocket Radio and this is it. got it at REI.
Looking for a super Pocket Radio this is it.
By CLopes
Washington, D.C.
Poor indoor FM reception
Very well built. Rugged. Design shows attention to detail.
Speaker is clear and gets pretty loud.
Poor indoor reception AM and FM. This radio should include an extendible rod antenna
Best Uses
Outdoors. Using the provided ear buds.
This is a very well made radio. It exudes quality. I really wanted to like it. However, it gets poor reception - AM andy FM - through the speaker. Especially indoors. It comes with a wire antenna that you have to plug in to the headphone jack. It helps with reception. But still not great. This radio could use an extendible built in antenna. C.Crane, you have produced what is obviously the best built pocket radio available. Please improve its reception, especially for those of us that want to listen to it through the speaker. Indoors. Without having to hook up a dangling wire antenna to it. The reception on this radio should match its build quality - e.g., outstanding.
By RRay
Confirmed User
Blown Away
Ive never been a huge radio listener but after becoming tired of paying for and downloading mp3s or wasting data on my phone I bought this little radio. I'm amazed at how many stations I can pick up and the clarity. Battery life is also great. Buy it, you'll not be disappointed.
By TLegier
La Mesa, CA
Confirmed User
Good radio
Digital tuning works well. Small and compact.
I like the locking feature to prevent accidentally hitting the controls.
The only minor con I offer is that the speaker is a bit smaller than I had envisioned. It seems like it could have been a wee bit bigger.
Best Uses
Travel. Easy to carry around.
This is a fun little radio. I'm enjoying it and have no buyer remorse.
By VFulton
Confirmed User
good, but not great
It has good reception but doesn't hold on to a station well while I'm walking around the apartment.
After twenty-two months the on/off switch broke and fell down into the body of the radio. I couldn't open the radio to attempt to fix it. Now I have an expensive paper weight.
It's a good radio, but for that price it's not worth the twenty-two months use that I got out of it.
By SReeve
Rio Vista, Solano County
Confirmed User
Here's another glowing review
My Oakland Athletics season ticket seat is right under the radio broadcasters' suite - I love hearing what they are broadcasting up there on my fabulous CC pocket radio.
People keep asking to borrow my radio. i have to tell them politely how to get their own...
Best Uses
To cheer on the A's.
Thank you, C Crane!
By MDahlman
Madison, WI
My Other Pocket Radios Are Jealous
lock switch
sleep function
weather stations
volume control
battery indicator
great AM/FM reception
ideal size
long battery life
haven't found one yet
Best Uses
listening to Badger football and basketball
weather updates
hiking/camping/dog walking
I've purchased many pocket radios searching for the best. This one is my favorite because it has ALL of the features you could possibly want in a compact package. Don't be spooked by the critical reviews...this little radio is a champ!
By GCasey
Evans Mills, NY
Confirmed User
Best Portable AM FM WX radio, PERIOD!
Simple menu to operate features. Sleep timer
Menu driven with front buttons eliminate need for extra knobs or selector switches
well built-solid
is the Cadillac of all portables.
That I didn't purchase this radio before wasting money on my cheaper $10-20 radios. On a serious note I can think of no cons for this radio.
Best Uses
In garage
day carry while walking or exercising. On bedside table with sleep timer. In my go bag while traveling. Great for weather reports too-no need to waste your smartphone batteries and/or data usage when u have a radio like this.
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Crane, Employees/Design Team: I received my order, and works much better than I thought. I had the impression that c.crane was more of an overpriced electronics boutique, however after reading reviews and description, I decided to buy this little pocket radio anyway. Now I see that it is worth every penny of the price I paid for it. So much thought was put into the design and circuitry. It would be hard to explain this on your website or in customer reviews, but it's obvious after playing with the features. Thanks for offering such quality at an affordable price. I will be ordering from you again. v/r, Geoffrey Casey Fort Drum, NY
By RKleist
United States
Confirmed User
Fine Little Radio
Perfect size for walks.
Best Uses
Love almost everything about the radio. Only negative is there is a very annoying background hiss when using headphones, even with the volume all the way down. Of course, you only hear this in a very quiet room. So private listening at home is out for me. Sigh. But for walks it is great because of all of the outside road noise. Reception is surprising good on FM. On AM it is also amazing for it's size, as I can get Milwaukee, Chicago, and a lot of small power stations in the area DURING THE DAY. I have owned this radio for 2 years now. Maybe the latest models have had the hiss removed.
By TWhite
Huntsville, AL
Excellent Radio!
small compact user-friendly and complete great radio for travel
No negatives whatsoever
Best Uses
day-to-day use
excellent radio for emergency sitautions
I'll be buying more for gifts for my family.
By AC.
Anaheim, Ca.
WAS great , until it locked...PERMANENTLY!
I Loved this radio until the lock switch locked me off PERMANENTLY! BIG BUMMER!
By ddalal
san jose, ca
Confirmed User
takes a licking, but keeps on playing!
No, this isnt a review for a Timex watch, but for this little tank of a radio! I dont remember how many times Ive dropped it on a cement floor or tile, only to have it keep playing! Very impressive build quality and great sound and reception. When you plug in the FM antenna, the sound just explodes out of the speaker. I cant speak highly enough of this radio. A must have for any radio listner.
By JLindsay
Confirmed User
Works Great!
This little radio hears well on all three bands. The sound is very good. I love the rubber surround and the easy to use presets. The CC Buds work well with it. The users manual was a pleasure to read. I believe it was written by a team for whom English is a first language and by people who understand radio and propagation of radio waves. Very clear and easy to read.
By CDeSomma
Pittsburgh PA
Confirmed User
A super transistor radio
Love this radio but I had the same problem that I see other users had...the on/off switch broke - got stuck inside the radio - and couldnt be fixed. But, I used it constantly for almost two years and I will purchase again. Its the best for keeping under the pillow for those nights when insomnia strikes.
Confirmed User
Would buy again if alarm turned on the radio
Great little radio for listening to AM. Survives every night under my pillow using the sleep function. It does have the beep alarm, but it shouldnt be too much work programing in a radio wake alarm since there is no hard off switch.
By PArnold
Little Hocking, Ohio
Confirmed User
Good and bad
This radio has a lot of nice features such as presets, ability to fine tune a station, a soft rubber type outer coating. The disappointing part is the am reception. I bought this radio to replace an old Sangean DT400 that was getting pretty worn after several years of heavy use. The Sangean is a lot better in pulling in distant AM stations than the CC pocket radio. The CC is a nice radio but If AM reception is important in your purchase decision, get the Sangean.
By LWilcox
Olathe, KS
Best small radio Ive ever had.
Ive had mine for about six weeks and it works as well as any AM/FM radio Ive ever had. The speaker is great, controls are easy and the appearance is the best Ive seen Im hitting FM stations 30 miles away like they were local. The weather channel is a nice addition, too.
By KGotsch
Bridgeton, MO
Confirmed User
Sharp little radio
Nicely designed with digital features easy to use. Stations sound great through ear buds supplied. External speaker performs as expected for its size. Strong, local stations are received without overload. Plenty of AM and FM stations to listen to. Perfectly satisfied and suits my needs 100. Very nice radio!
By SRoberson
Ocala Florida
Confirmed User
Best pocket radio I have ever owned
This was one of the best investments I ever made ,Outstanding sound & clarity ,many nice features that you normally find on a much more expensive device ,,Going to get one as a gift for DAD !
By EKomlenic
Erie, PA
Confirmed User
this is the 2nd pocket radio i purchased,, the first the off, on button stuck in the in position, had to throw away, hope this on fairs better.
By EKirtz
United States
Confirmed User
Very good AM DX
I cant believe how well this pulls in distant AM stations at night. I consistently get WTAM, a 50K station from Cleveland, and Im located in New York City. Battery life has been great, Im still going strong on the NiMh batteries I put in over a month ago. I have also dropped it twice while bicycling around, due to my being kinda careless and it is none the worse for wear. Nice Radio.
By TGilkeson
Nampa, ID
Noisy Volume Control
Great little radio. Pulls in KGO almost every night. However, the volume control has become painfully noisy.
By ADresser
Arcata, CA
Confirmed User
This is exactly what I was looking for! Small. Light. Powerful. Easy to use. Honestly, I dont know how a pocket radio could possibly be any better.
By DVolk
Pittsburgh, PA
I use it all the time
I use this radio to listen to baseball games, talk, and some music. The speaker has good sound quality and volume considering this is a small portable radio. The presets are very convenient. The reception is great for FM, and the batteries last forever. Havent really tried AM much so I cant comment on that. I am very pleased with this radio.
By JSchauer
Elk Grove, CA
Confirmed User
Quality sound, ease of use, fits in my pocket and a strong reception at first light on my morning walk.
By dsmith
Confirmed User
Did not meet my expectations
I have often bought OTHER items costing far less than this $60 radio, that ALSO included batteries. Crane does not include batteries. Want to know how to program the 50 station presets? So do I! Alas no documentation/ manual is included.
Rochester, NY
Confirmed User
Best Pocket Radio ever
Ive owned this cc pocket since about the time they first came out. It has endured all the hard use I have put it through. Easy to use. Its reception is amazing..On it, I can listen to Canadian stations which I cant pull in on a much higher priced Sony standard sized portable. This radio is excellent. Just to let you know, Ive got an old, large cc radio purchased when Art Bell was on back in the 90s. It is excellent and my cc pockets reception is comparable to it.
By RDobson
Olympia WA
Confirmed User
Great Radio
BUY THIS RADIO! Bought it to replace a previous CC Radio that has seen tons of use and abuse over the last 5 years. This on is even better than the last! The only thing missing is an AC power source for it, but dont let that stop you from obtaining it because the battery life is more than adequate. Go for it!!
By JScofield
Hawthorne, Ca.
Confirmed User
Couldnt ask for more !
I LOVE my pocket radio. This is my fourth radio Ive bought from C.Crane. It has great sound quality, is easy to use, long battery life, and I love their idea of having basic instructions printed on the inside of the battery compartment. You cant go wrong with this rugged little radio!
By BSt-Laurent
Confirmed User
VERY disappointed
I bought this little radio believing it would be my last AM/FM/WX radio. At first it seemed to work fine even if the reception was ok at best. But now I have had it less than two months and its busted. It will only tune to the wx channels. I cannot switch between bands. the lock/unlock button does nothing. I dont even think its worth the hassle of sending it back.
By WGray
Spartanburg, SC
Absolutely perfect pocket radio
This is my third radio from CCrane and I was truly stunned by the reception of this little radio. It fits in my shirt pocket while walking. As with my CCrane2 and CCrane shortwave the quality is there. Myself, I rather pay a little more for quality and be satisfied. Keep in mind it is a pocket radio and you are not going to get the sound of big speakers but I just love mine.
By GJones
Atlanta , GA
Confirmed User
Was using the Sangean small radio for years. This radio is far superior. Reception is excellent!!! the and the speaker is larger and clearer.This radio is packed full of useful features. good price. Cant go wrong with this radio!
By DDahlgren
North Tustin, CA
Confirmed User
CC Pocket Radio
Best little radio I have ever had. Reception is excellent.
By TFisher
United States
cc pocket
I had it for a year so far it is working great on fm it picked up 100 mile fm station
By PHaberkorn
Las Vegas, Nv
Confirmed User
Terrible static on volume control knob. Honestly, how good is a product with ONLY a 60 day warranty?
Confirmed User
Good quality, excellent servicing
I got this radio about ten months ago. It is quite impressive in acquiring distant stations and overall quality. Recently, however the on/off button on the radio broke. I contacted C. Crane for repair and even though I had the radio about ten months it was still in the warranty period. I returned the radio and C. Crane immediately sent me a new radio in exchange- no hassle, just excellent service for a very quality product.
By VWallace
Cary, NC
Very surprisingiy good radio. My office is in a building that has a lot of metal. Cellphones and
No comments provided.
By SMoser
Austin, TX
Confirmed User
Best radio Ive ever owned
Another product worthy of the C. Crane name.
By DSevers
Aurora, CO
Confirmed User
So great in the dark!
Im often awake in the middle of the night and love listening to the radio. I know where every button is on my Pocket and never have to turn on a light! The preset buttons allow me to easily hunt for different stations. The sound is perfect - the range is incredible. Love my Pocket!!
By jtearney
Confirmed User
6 star
best radio I ever had.
By NNewhouse
El Centro CA
Confirmed User
Great reception, but I use my pocket radio at night in bed, next to my wife. This model was nixed by my wife due to the noisy buttons for station changing. So I went back to my DX200 model. Listen up design engineers!
By SCarpenter
Calgary Canadsa
Confirmed User
preset stations - memory
Great little radio. I have an issue with the presets: by mistake I set up a station 3 times, so when I scroll up or down I get that station 3 times. Did not find a way to cancel the preset. or override it. If anyone has a solution for that, that would be greatly appreciated.
By JOcak
Denver ,Co
Good radio but died after one year
Great radio but the unit died after one year. Looks like the power switch.
By GPosner
Confirmed User
CC Pocket Radio w/ AM/FM/WX and 55 Presets
Very nice radio in all respects excerpt reception. Have to use an auxiliary antenna to pull in Several FM stations that are not far away.
By HHolt
Seattle, Wa
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Excellent Litte radio
This little radio has excellent reception,the sound with the earbuds is really very good easy to read and well lit information window. The size is nice to fit in a shirt pocket or with handy hanger on a belt or waistband. Very handy worth it.
By MVorrasi
Brooklyn NY
Confirmed User
Great feature set, poor battery life
I have mine for a year now, and while I love the features and interface (both superior to my Sangean DT-400W) it has a slight hiss when using any earphones (including top end $400 Monster Turbine Pro Coppers) while the DT-400W is hiss free. More importantly, the DT-400W will milk a set of batteries forever, while the CC Pocket eats them like candy. Mine will kill a brand new pair of Eveready lithium AAs in one month flat and I barely listened to it for more than an hour or two. It also dissolves alkalines with similar abandon. They seem to last a little longer, maybe two months with virtually no playing use. My Sangean DT-400Ws and DT-200 will go well over a year just sitting in a drawer and still show (and test) a full three bars (max) of battery power on their meter. If down to two bars, they still run for days of play time. The CC Compact, if down to two bars, will go dead in an hour. Either mine is defective, or the circuitry is poorly designed. Not ready for prime time unless this battery hog is fixed.
By APerry
Confirmed Buyer
I purchased this radio so I could listen to Coast 2 Coast Am as I put my newspapers together every night. I am pleased thus far. I love the look and feel of the radio, and the sound is very good. I like having the weather radio feature as weather conditions are such a huge part of having a paper route. I'm not crazy about the headphones. They aren't comfortable. They do act as an antenna, which was necessary for picking up the AM station. Overall, I would highly recommend this radio.
By TSpears
Confirmed Buyer
Seems like I always have problems with CC radios.... on prior models, it was always the mini audio plug would break and I would lose sound on one or both of the channels.... happened on all three radios I bought from CCrane over the years. So I was apprehensive when I ordered the CC Pocket Radio.... First one worked well for almost a year and now, intermittently I lose volume control and must listen at full volume...(move my substitute GE headset off of my ears and can adjust the blasting volume through changing distance from my ear drums... bothers only the other people in the room who can also hear my audio) This will last a couple of days and then.... for some reason, works normally..... I like the radio and its capabilities, so I ordered another one six months.... and it has (so far) worked great! .... except it loses the time setting when I change batteries, no matter how fast I perform the function... keeps frequency pre-sets though, so I don't know what that is all about. Great radio, with issues.
By EStouffer
Confirmed Buyer
This is an excellent little radio! Very nice physical design. Construction seems sturdy. 1kHz tuning steps for AM is great feature.. Narrow filter works well. AM receiver is fairly sensitive with good audio. FM reception is superb! Weather band reception is very good as well. Overall a very well thought out little receiver... I am well pleased with my purchase!
By DThorn
Confirmed Buyer
The CC Pocket Radio has been my most satisfactory radio to date. Be sure to set the auto-off timer when using in bed or the batteries will run down. And the battery life seems very good. The AM reception is as good as any other non-premium radio, but I imagine that would improve with various types of AM booster schemes. The FM reception is very good, and the stereo sound quality is surprisingly good played on a $300 Beyerdynamic headphone. I use only a few presets, but I really appreciate the up/down manual tuning since I don't want a 'scan' to skip weak stations. The layout of the buttons is perfect, and the radio is very easy to operate in the dark.
By tsedlak
Confirmed Buyer
power switch on circuit bd broke off after limited use ZERO STARS
By CZimmerman
Confirmed Buyer
I've had this radio for several months now, and it is the best portable radio I've owned. It is sturdy, user-friendly, and I love the display and sound. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this radio.
By KMcClure
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By LRobinson
Confirmed Buyer
This is my first purchase from C.Crane and I am well pleased.I have owned several pocket type radio's over the years and Cranes beats all of them hands down. The only thing that I am interested in is the quality of the reception on both AM & FM stations. This little radio is amazing in that regard. The FM signals using the included antenna are very good and more than can be expected for such a small radio at such an inexpensive price.As stated this is my first purchase from Crane... it will not be the last.
By SSpuzak
Thompson, MB
Confirmed Buyer
Good reception, actually xlent! But LCD display is not durable.
By JFlannery
Confirmed Buyer
Finally I've found a decent shirt-pocket radio with a SPEAKER so I'm not forced to wear earphones. I thought good pocket radios had gone extinct since the Walkman and the advent of the polo shirt. This radio is VERY GOOD at reception, and great for talk-radio. The belt-clip makes it easy to use with an I.D.Card LANYARD to hang it around my neck for those times when I'm wearing a pocketless shirt. My work has me outdoors all day in all kinds of weather, and THIS is the radio that I'll carry with me.Jim FlanneryK0UNXLittleton, ColoradoYou may use my name / callsign.
By MPetree
Confirmed Buyer
A very easy to use radio. I love it.
By WDe Witt
Confirmed Buyer
Very nice small radio. Sound through built-in speaker is acceptable for speech, but, as you would expect, falls short for music. Reception is quite good for FM. I live in a difficult mountainous region for AM reception, but it pulls in most regional stations, albeit with some background noise for the weaker stations. One of the features can reduce this by narrowing the frequency range (I think) and one can also turn off the display, which is also said to help. The supplied (on special) wooden earpieces work very well with very nice response over a seemingly wide range. Bass will not be booming, but is fine. The weather radio feature is nice to have, especially if one expects an ALERT in the near future.Altogether, this is a very nice and compact radio that is almost certain to satisfy.
By JHawkins
Colorado Springs, CO
Confirmed Buyer
My first impression was that someone thought about usability. Volume control on top; rubberized sides and bottom; easy one-handed operation, even in the dark. My second impression, after tuning around a bit, was that someone thought about performance. AM stations were clear, even with the radio turned 90 degrees; FM stations were listenable, even without an external antenna of any kind. In an effort to avoid subjectivity, I decided to compare the CC Pocket to a couple radios in the same class — more or less — of compact size and under-$100 pricing. To keep audio quality equal and also eliminate differences in antenna length that affect FM reception, I used the earbuds that came with the CC Pocket with all three radios. To avoid the effects of a dark and stormy night, I did this testing in the middle of a dry and sunny day. Sony's legendary SRF-49 is a speakerless analog radio that runs on a single AA battery. Short of far more expensive tuners with highly selective and/or configurable filtering and tuning, I've yet to run across a radio that outperforms it, so it makes a good benchmark for this sort of test. Last time I checked, it was still marginally available as the SRF-59, which is the same radio in a slightly different case.My other test radio was a Grundig YB-550PE, a paperback-size AM/FM/shortwave radio with a digital tuner that runs on three AA batteries. Although it doesn’t qualify as a pocket radio in the usual sense, it offers decent performance and audio quality at a reasonable price. At least it did — like the Sony, it's no longer in production. The Sony and the CC Pocket were virtually identical on both AM and FM. Aside from its fuller sound, this was generally true of the Grundig as well. All did a good job of reverting to mono when the signal was too weak for stereo, and all did this at about the same signal level. I didn’t need to use the CC Pocket's mono setting; the signal remained very listenable without any manual intervention on my part. Tuning an AM station at 600 kHz sandwiched between two much stronger signals — one at 590 and the other at 610 — again got me the same results on both the Sony and the CC Pocket. In this case, the station was audible but unlistenable due to heterodyne, and no amount of fine tuning or bandwidth reduction was able to change that. I don't think any tuner in this price range could improve this situation, so no big surprise there. What did surprise me was that the only sound from the Grundig was background noise, leaving it in third place on the sensitivity scale. A pocket radio with a digital tuner that works as well as the old analog tuner in the Sony, good build-quality and ergonomics, plus a speaker, station presets, a clock, weather band, selectable tuning steps and AM bandwidth . . . well, two thumbs up for the CC Pocket. A class act in a very small package. 73,Jeff
By lkeckler
Confirmed Buyer
Great radio!
By PPicciau
Confirmed Buyer
This radio deserves five stars because it sounds great, the ease of use and preset stations. This radio will become your favorite radio, also backed by great customer service if ever needed, thank you very much.
By WYoung
Confirmed Buyer
This is a great little radio for traveling. Takes up no room in a suit case. You can listen to quality stereo and no matter where you are in the US you can get local weather forecasts at the push of a button.
By BDayger
Confirmed Buyer
This little radio has far exceeded my expectations. Sounds good, feels good! It is the perfect little companion during any occasion. Thanks a lot for your quality products.
By DPace
Confirmed Buyer
It has great reception where most other cheaper pocket radios do not. It has solid construction. It is well recommended.
By THarrington
Confirmed Buyer
Great little radio! Sensitivity and selectivity are excellent! Weather alerts will be very useful to have especially in an emergency. Sound is very good particularly over the earbuds. Nice set of quality earbuds included. Long battery life. This is a quality radio!!
By JNolte
Confirmed Buyer
I use this radio a lot more than I intended. It has very good reception and I use it in places where I usually can't listen to AM. Recently listened to AM in Maui while staying in a concrete block structure. Never been able to do that before! Proudly, it is not an iPad or iPhone that demands constant attention.
By TSchroeder
Confirmed Buyer
I live 40 miles from Detroit, 35 miles from Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, 35 miles from Canada and about 24 miles from Toledo, Ohio. Using the enclosed wire earphone jack antenna for use with the speaker, or instead using earbuds/ safety earphones, my CC Pocket Radio cleanly receives on the FM band, five different NPR stations, along with CBC Radio Canada 2. This beats using up my data plan with internet radio on the smartphone. The sound from the small speaker is better than expected for a pocket radio. I find that I listen to the speaker more than I would have thought. It is easy to tune. The presets past the first five are a bit awkward but no big deal. On FM, the mono mode is so clean that I usually don't bother to switch to stereo, even for jazz. Weak stations come in strong and don't fade. Battery life is good. The most pleased I have been with a radio since the new 1964 Peerless transistor AM pocket radio I received for my 10th birthday.
By TMcNamara
Confirmed Buyer
I concur with all of the positive comments in the other reviews, which I read prior to making my purchase. The CC Pocket is a radio lover's dream. It is well designed and engineered, and has several unique features. The quality and functionality are impressive. It has low power consumption, resulting in long battery life. Being able to use rechargeable AA's is a real plus. With the included premium ear buds, the CC Pocket Radio is an outstanding value.
By LHaslett
Confirmed Buyer
My wife and I both use this radio while working around the house. This has the best quality and reception of any of at least six radios we've used over the past 30+ years. The marks on its case show some hard use and probably account for the recent failure of the speaker/ear switch. It is now limited to speaker only. Since I didn't initially register the product last January, and I opened the case to check for an obvious disconnect (a warranty no-no), I'll just buy another one. Obviously, I recommend it.
By JSheehy
Confirmed Buyer
Great little radio - picks up my home area AM station clearly when as much as 450 miles from home. Sleep feature is very easy to use. Lasts for many hours on rechargeable LiON batteries. Only complaint is that it doesn't receive Weather Radio channels very clearly.
By DSmith
Confirmed Buyer
Great little radio, until the power button broke today.
Confirmed Buyer
By JSmith
Confirmed Buyer
Great radio I thought it had an antenna built in but it does not you have to plug in aux antenna for WX distance and FM in my rural area.
By CMartin
Confirmed Buyer
Excellent reception but on off switch breaks easily when depressed frequently.
By TDraper
Confirmed Buyer
Nearly perfect little radio. Very simple and clean looking as well as functioning. With the rubber around the edges feels really great in your hands. In Denver I get excellent reception on AM and FM. NOAA also comes in loud and clear and static free without plugging in headset or antenna. This radio has been with me since I received it couple days ago (CCrane always ships fast) Listening to Rockies and Nuggets games, my talk shows and an oldies am music station that plays the same music I listened to on my very first transistor pocket radio I got for my 10th birthday! The CC pocket of course will actually fit in my pocket and quite advanced in technology from that first transistor I had. I mainly listen to am with the speaker but every so often I'll listen to FM with earphones and this radio sounds fantastic with stereo earphones as well. I'm glad the designers decided to give the radio a flat bottom so I can set it upright on a table or bench with the speaker aimed towards me. I've owned the DT-400W since 2008 and always wished it had a flat bottom. That radio by the way is still going strong but after comparing the two, the CC Pocket just does a better job on station reception. This is the 8th radio I've ordered from C Crane. My order history doesn't go back that far but I think the first was a CCRadio around 1997. Very satisfied customer!
Confirmed Buyer
This is a super good radio, the built-alarm clock is very handy. Reception on the AM/FM and weather bands is great and the 2 AA batteries seem to last a long time.The only shortcoming seems to be the small footprint of the radio when it is standing up, it is so small it falls over easily - but then it also fits easily into a shirt pocket.
By PPerretta
Confirmed Buyer
Sturdy, sensitive with decent audio for a classy little brick.Perfect for the Emergency Go Bag.WX Channel is invaluable as other kinds of Emergency Info will be sent over that channel.Easy to operate ( feel ) in darkness once the presets are set up. 73 & Aloha de Paul KH6/G3SEA
By LDennis
Confirmed Buyer
I had been waiting many years for some company to produce a new pocket radio with an emphasis on good reception. I assumed no one was because there was not enough profit in it, so I commend C.CRANE on this score. For about twenty years I have used the last small radio with good reception that Sony produced, the SRF-M75 Sports Walkman. This radio easily beats it although I do wish it were a sports model with no external speaker done in ABS plastic to better withstand the rain and being dropped and with the flexible belt clip used on the last Sony S2 tape player model, the WM-FS555 or FS222. Because of this, I waited to buy until I could read some reviews which were so positive that I bought it. I certainly like having a mono/stereo switch again which companies like Sony dumped decades ago. I find the battery life to be very good also which I did not expect. I bought a second one for my wife.
Confirmed Buyer
One of the best Radio i ever GOT.
By DJensen
Confirmed Buyer
Over the years, I have attempted to find the “best of the best,” whenever possible. At one time, I had acquired a pocket radio (from Radio Shack) which was destined to be my favorite, because of its size and because of the multitudinous features in that small size, one which was simple to operate yet powerful enough to get the job done. Nevertheless, with that poor little radio beginning to wear itself out, I began the search again for the best in its class. When CCrane showed this radio, hyperventilation took over…! Was this the destined replacement? Acquisition fever overcame the breathing problem, and waiting became the undisputed challenge, the antidote to cure the diseases above described.It finally arrived, right on time…Batteries in, a glance at the manual, and … joy and rapture! This radio was and is the answer, intuitive and powerful, everything as posited on the website! Thank you, CCrane, for this undisputed jewel! Only two features the other radio had that this one does not: TV mode, one which I could not get to work anyway, to my satisfaction, so, no complaints; and bass boost. Still, no complaints. So easy to use, self-explanatory, and powerful enough to bring in every station I need.I heartily recommend this radio to everyone requiring power in small size. And it is nice to do business with CCrane again. Keep up the good work!
By MMayfield
Confirmed Buyer
I just received my new CC Pocket Radio and I now have a new favorite in my collection. I have both the CCRadio SW Pocket Radio and the Sangean DT-400W, but the new CC Pocket has a much cleaner user interface that makes all the difference in the world. More importantly the CC Pocket Radio has the ability to receive FM and Weather without an external antenna. Plus, when listening to AM it's nice to be able to easily select between wide and narrow filtering. The clock with an alarm, the ability to use rechargeable batteries, weather alert--it's a complete package. Awesome product.
By smccoy
Confirmed Buyer
This is a mighty good little radio. Don’t let no one tell ya otherwise. Excellent reception and solidly built. Well done c crane!!
By CLobdell
Confirmed Buyer
Nice radio, nice features, but "tinny" speaker sound offsets these. Compared to the Sangean DT-400W, the speaker of the CC Pocket Radio sounds tinny compared to the Sangean. I do like the push button presets and this radio does pull in more FM signals without the wire plugged in compared to the DT-400W. Also, I've noted that the Sangean has a bit better interference rejection of local noise than does the CC Pocket, maybe this is because the DT-400W is more sensitive?Anyway, this is a nice little set, but I'll stick with the Sangean DT-400W because the sound is fuller.
By AWolf
Confirmed Buyer
Very good reception inside hotel rooms.
By jadams
Confirmed Buyer
I bought this radio late DecemberI took it on trip to Western Olympic Peninsula in Washington.The only AM station I could get was 690AM CBC.The Sony SRF-M37W didn't work quite as good. I have tried several other portable radios that weren't nearly as good. So, CC Pocket is the best.I set it to narrow AM tuning bandwidth and it worked a little better. No other radio has something like this.Really nice design, like the buttons are recessed so they don't get pressed accidentally.I like that the battery compartment is big enough to hold NiMh batteries which are slightly larger.Great product.
By WHuebener
Confirmed Buyer
Got my CCPocket radio on January 2 and I am thrilled with it’s performance and rate it at Five Stars. Really like the feel and construction of the unit and all of the controls and it has a well written manual. Entered the frequency’s I wanted with out any problems.Most of my radio listening is on AM and sometimes listen to FM Broadcasts and this goes back over 60 years for me. Also being a ham operator I still love listening to the AM radio band and DX stations. Starting with the AM band first I noticed that the selectivity is much better than most of my other radios. Tested this by getting close to a local station and checking up and down and seeing what I could hear and then comparing it with some of my other digital radios. I was impressed with the CCPocket radio with it’s selectivity and out performing other radios. On the Weather Band I noticed that I did not need an antenna for the local weather service. Putting the headphones back on the radio I was picking up Waterloo and Dubuque, Iowa NOAA weather radio.On the FM band I normally do not listen to and did noticed all the strong stations came in well and best of all sound good with the earphones supplied.This is a fun radio to have and especially with the NOAA radio on board and also the sounds from the speaker are good for the size of the radio. Thanks again CCrane for such a well built and compact package. 73, Bill from Iowa
By RHughes
Confirmed Buyer
Got my CC Pocket Radio on Jan 2nd. Must say it's the best pocket sized radio I have ever owned. Exceptional reception and easy to use. I have a CCRadio 2 and a CC-SW Pocket. The CC Pocket performs far better than I ever expected. I give it 5 stars and would recommend it to any radio buff. It is GREAT! Thank you CCraneR. HughesMaysville, KY
By DKim
Confirmed Buyer
I've been using my CC pocket for only a few days now and love it. I can't help but compare it to my Sangean DT-400W and DT-200W. The CCP meets and exceeds their performance IMHO. Operation and buttonology is intuitive and functional. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
By FPaske
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By IMowers
Confirmed Buyer
You guys hit a home run with this pocket radio.Cannot believe the number of FM stations it picks up using the ear buds wire for an antenna. A lot of features packet into such a small package. Another note the alarm is nice a loud. I`ll give it five stars all day long. Good Job Guys. Thank you, IFM
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General Specifications
Input Power: 2x AA battery (not included)
Power Consumption: 30 -100 mA DC (depending on headphone or speaker usage)
Speaker: 1.2", 16Ω, 0.5W
Frequency Coverage: AM 520- 1710 kHz (10KHz Steps)
AM 522- 1629 kHz (9KHz Steps)
FM 87.5- 108.0 MHz
FM 76.0- 108.0 MHz (AM 9KHz Steps mode)
WX: 1-7 CH
Weather Band: Channel 1: 162.400 MHz
Channel 2: 162.425 MHz
Channel 3: 162.450 MHz
Channel 4: 162.475 MHz
Channel 5: 162.500 MHz
Channel 6: 162.525 MHz
Channel 7: 162.550 MHz
AM Tuning: 10 kHz, 9 kHz or 1 KHz steps
FM Tuning: 100 kHz steps
AM Antenna: Internal Ferrite Bar - 13mm x 49mm (1.9") long
FM/WX Antenna: Built-in antenna or Headphones
FM Stereo/Mono Switch: Yes
Earphone Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo
Presets: 55 (25 AM + 25 FM + 5 WX)
Lock Switch: Yes
Sleep Timer: 15-120 minutes
Clock: 12-hour system
Dimensions: 2.5" W x 4.25" H x 1" D
Weight: 3.8 ozs (without batteries)
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
Included Accessories: CC Buds earphones
Belt Clip
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Can you explain how the 55 memories work?

    The 5 memory buttons provide 5 memories per band for quick use. As an advanced function you can access additional memory pages for AM and FM. To access memory pages 2-5 when in AM or FM mode, press and hold the Band button for 5 seconds. On the screen the word PAGE will blink (10 seconds until timeout). During this time, press the page number of memories you want using the 1-5 buttons on the front. For example if you wanted page 2 of the memories, press the band button for 5 seconds, then press button #2. Please note: This function does not work in WX mode.

  • How long will the radio retain my clock and preset settings while I change the batteries?

    The CC Pocket will retain its memory settings for approximately 15 minutes without batteries.

  • How do I activate the narrow AM filter?

    Quickly press memory buttons #1 and #3 at the same time while listening to your desired AM station. Press again to return to normal (wide) filtering. Note: This setting is helpful to eliminate unwanted noise or adjacent overlapping stations. Narrow AM (2.5 KHz) may work best for voice. The normal setting (4 KHz) is best for music.

  • Can I improve FM performance by using earbuds or an external FM antenna wire?

    The built-in FM antenna is good but it can be improved by connecting an FM antenna wire or headphones/earbuds.

  • I have noticed that my AM reception is not as good as it used to be. Also, how come it is not stopping on any stations when scanning the AM band?

    If you are scanning the band for a strong station and it never stops it may be set to 9KHz. Check to make sure you are set to 10KHz tuning; if you are in 9KHz mode it can greatly affect the reception, not just the tuning. Press and hold down memory button #5. If 10 pops up on the display then it was set at 9KHz which would cause of the diminished reception. If 9 pops up than it was already set on 10KHz and it would then need to be changed back to 10.

  • How do I restore the radio to factory defaults?

    With the power OFF, press and hold the memory buttons #1 and #5 for five seconds. You will hear a tone to signify it has been done.

  • When I use earbuds, I can hear "noise" (sounds like a soft hissing) in the background. How come?

    This is normal. What you are hearing is the audio amplifier circuit for the headphone jack.

  • How come my batteries slide around like they do not fit?

    Please make sure you are using (2) AA batteries. Using AAA batteries will not keep a stable connection to the battery contacts because they are too small.

Manual Size Download Time
Instructions (PDF) CC Pocket Radio w/ AM/FM/WX & 55 Presets Instruction Manual 462 KB < 1:00 @ 56KBps

Audio tutorial of the CC Pocket Radio by Tim Hendel

(Tim is blind and records many of our audio tutorials for our products)

Press the play () button above to stream the audio. To download the file, please use this link.

What's in the Box
  • CC Pocket Radio
  • CC Buds Earphones
  • Removable Belt Clip
  • External FM Wire Antenna
  • Instruction Manual
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • This WiFi Antenna is hands down the best. It allows me to connect to a business almost a half mile away. Two months time and this baby paid for itself. I am a very happy with my purchase.
    — John A., Mill Valley, CA
  • This radio deserves five stars because it sounds great, the ease of use and preset stations. This radio will become your favorite radio, also backed by great customer service if ever needed, thank you very much.
    — Pete P., Santa Rosa, CA
  • This is an excellent internet radio. I have had the unit playing constantly from the time I received it. Excellent sound for such a small unit and the remote works wonderfully.
    — James H., Richmond, BC
  • Good sound, lightweight and comfortable; not too tight on the head. I like one feature; it doesn't tell you where to place the speakers, left side or right side.
    — Harry W., Manassas, VA
  • I purchase this product specifically for AM recordings and it has worked superbly. I wanted to wait awhile before I gave my opinion on the product. It has worded exactly as advertised and more.
    — Jack L., San Pedro, CA
  • Very nice, economical home lighting. If you're used to the white light of fluorescent bulb replacements, these will offer the same type with no toxic ingredients or damaging UV radiation.
    — Gary B., San Francisco, CA
  • This antenna does work well; however placement and the shape you have it bent into is very important. I live about 70 miles away from Toronto and receive a lot of Toronto FM stations static free with the FM reflect.
    — Thomas S., Buffalo, NY
  • I'm not sure how I gone this far in life without it. I just love it. The best sound ever from an AM radio.
    — James G., Springfield, MA
  • This device is awesome. As a contractor, I can not access my customer's network for security reasons. Now, with my office on the second floor, I can connect to a WiFi hotspot 1.5 miles away and my signal strength is strong!
    — Robert S., Tabernacle, NJ
  • I just received my EP radio yesterday. I'm totally impressed with the old school simplicity and the modern day sound quality. Thank you, C.Crane!
    — David C., Raleigh, NC
  • I have had only one, thank the lord, occasion to use this in and emergency situation and it worked flawlessly. Only one in the area with radio for two days of power loss... Thank you CCrane!!
    — Vernon P., Dufur, OR
  • This radio is totally fantastic!!! It will provide service in any condition and works as engineered and advertised. I am going to order more units for all family members.
    — Glen B., Bethlehem, PA
  • This radio is wonderful. Small but powerful. Several years of service and no problems.
    — William B., Litchfield, IL
  • Just received this little jewel... did not open the manual and I was listening to NPR within minutes... no kidding. I'm a radio guy and the audio is great and look forward to a lot of great listening.
    — Lin F., Inman, SC