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The World At Your Fingertips

The purpose of the CCRadio-SW was born when an engineer’s time went into producing some of the best reception and audio you could find in a portable radio. It has all the necessary tunings and tweakings available for excellent performance under various conditions and offers the best combination of sensitivity, selectivity and audio performance for any radio of this size.

This masterful radio delivers some of the best FM reception and, thanks to the built-in Twin Coil Ferrite® Antenna, the AM is exceptional. It has continuous coverage of the shortwave band with excellent reception right off the whip antenna. The five-inch speaker is accurate, pleasant and probably reproduces deeper bass than any portable of similar size.

The CCRadio-SW is one of the few radios with a mono switch. When activated the radio filters out the stereo FM multiplex signal which can add a hissing noise when listening to a weak station.

Monitoring Times Takes a Look at the Latest Tech. "CCRadio-SW AM/FM/Shortwave Portable Radio" by Larry Van Horn N5FPW. Originally published September 2013 and Reprinted by permission. Click Here For The Full Article

General features:
  • RF Gain, Bandwidth Control, Fast and Slow Tuning
  • Bass and Treble Controls
  • Lighted LCD Display and Lighted Buttons
  • Clock Radio with Snooze Alarm
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs. Size: 11.25" W x 7.25" H (9" H with handle) x 3.5" D
  • Stereo Headphone Jack
  • Stereo Line Output and IF Output for Input to Computer
  • 50 Memory Presets
  • Built-in charger, with auto shut off, for NiMh batteries
  • Uses 4 "D" batteries or 4 "AA" batteries for programming back-up (batteries not included)
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By ETim
Confirmed User
Why discontinue?
This is one of the best radios @ a decent price I have ever bought!I have no idea why you would discontinue it.
By BClark
New Florence, Pennsylvania
Confirmed User
fantastic little radio
great AM performance
great shortwave performance
great FM performance
amazing antenna stock out of the box
sleep isn't turned off at the factory
Best Uses
every time i would turn on my old G3 radio, it would simply sound nasty. i can take this radio with me from point A to point B and know it will work and sound great. as a pastor, i wanted something i could listen to while writing out sermons that would be pleasant on the ears and the CCSW delivers. it sounds fantastic and it's EQ surface is amazing. i can actually use wide and narrow band and know that it will sound good. i get to listen to fox while working online and i can hear the difference. it's like the difference between night and day. it simply blows me away. God bless. Brother Timothy Clark
By gbillington
woonsocket r.i.
have unit for 6 yrs.
am reception is awesome!!
Best Uses
in backyard listening to my computer from your fm transmitter!
its GREAT!!
By JClark
New Florence Pa
Confirmed User
Great piece of kit.
Good audio
controlable audio bass and treble
RF gain control
Best Uses
listening in the day and night time.
When I received my first rig the CCSW from CCrane it had a few different glitches such as falling asleep when tuning. Well, I was not going to take that and I called the guys up and told them what was going on, no charge to me and they replaced the radio. Now with my new unit I see one or two little glitches such as it'll tune off freq every now and again, thats a PLL digital tuning glitch Ive seen before in other manufacture radios, and the other small one is you've got to turn the radio off and back on if the thing locks up. Despite those little glitches I am really happy with the unit. Does it lack a few things? The answer is yes such as SSB however I am looking to fix that problem. Now on to the good stuff, I don't do much MW Dx haha, wow did that change when I received the unit, I am now able to tune in WSM AM650Khz and it sounds local from in side my brick house and Ive got no antenna outside, it'll stay tuned in until maybe 4 in the morning and i'll start receiving the freq at about 20hours. Ive worked with several shortwave units in the past and wow, this little thing works great on there to, it pulls in stations Ive never even heard of before. The VHF AKA broadcast FM lets me hear stations outside of the state even during the day, great technical support and help from the CCrane guys, they really know what they're doing with radio designs as well. Thank you CCrane. KC3CDV clear.
By DRaff
Kingston, NY
Confirmed User
The Commercials Sold Me On The CCRadio-SW
I was looking for a new bedside radio and had my eye on the CCRadio-SW but it was the great commercials on WTWW that sold me finally. This is Truly a great radio. It's well built, sensitive on all bands, and the sound, speaker and earphones is amazing. The tuning dial is sturdy and smooth to use. It's a pleasure to listen to my favorite talk shows on AM, NPR on FM, and my favorite programs on shortwave. In the daytime I can pull in those quirky low power AM stations that other radios simply cannot. This is a great 'listeners' radio. No cons here for me, C Crane is a great company that has radios as well built today as the classic radios from the distant past. The CCRadio-SW really harkens back to the Transoceanic I listened to growing up. Thanks for treating radio with respect and thanks for this wonderful radio. And the commercials are great!
By JMuscanere
Pearland, Texas
Confirmed User
Best SW Portable in years
-Solid feel and great looks which harkens to the great SW Portables made in the last 40 years
-No Cons since you know up front you are not getting bells and whistles at this price.
Best Uses
-Casual SW listening
-FM radio listening with solid clean audio
I did a direct side by side comparison of the CC Radio SW with a Grundig Satellite 700 and Zenith Royal 3000 Trans-Oceanic. This radio held it's own with these great radios from the past. Sensitivity and selectivity was comparable, with a feel and look which confirmed to me that it belonged in the company of those classic radios. For this price range, you just can't beat the CC Radio SW. I have in my collection every Zenith Trans-Oceanic radio produced, plus most of the iconic Grundig Satellite portables from the 1980's - 1990's. The CC Radio SW definitely belongs to be amongst them.
Bitterroot Valley, MT
Confirmed User
Does everything it was billed to do exceptionally well
Good sensitivity on all bands
Reproduced audio is rich and full
Simple to operate
PAL connectors on back seem flimsy
Best Uses
Listening for long duration without fatigue
Purchased to replace an old Radio Shack DX 390 (re-labeled Sangean ATS 818) whose PLL began unlocking. Can not complain about the Spartan controls, knew what it was before purchase-the manual is available for download so no whining, there are no surprises. The manual clearly explains all the functions and it truly is simple to operate. FM is very sensitive, stations 50-60 miles away are clear. AM, hears a little better than other radios I have owned. Low power stations 60 miles away can be heard when the other radios produce more noise than audio. SW is as good as anything else off the whip. Audio is clear and pleasant to listen to-fuller than anything else I have owned. Runs great on rechargeable D cells. As for the PAL connectors, They seem to be made of aluminum or something thin and light. In my opinion, RCA jacks would be more durable in the long term. Over all, I'm enjoying my new bed side radio.
By JKlein
Confirmed User
Great radio
easy to use
great reception
great sound
sturdy built
Best Uses
All bands listed are great
I tried to save $ buying a grundig 450 and the old adage is true you get what you pay for SW is 10 times the radio the grundig is. Very happy with this radio and have 2 at separate locations . I also own c crane pocket / skywave compact and the 2E. All are best in class. Advice : don't scrimp , buy the c crane products they are the best. Signed a happy owner of many c crane products Jon
Calipatria, Ca.
Confirmed User
This one is worth buying
is just as good as they say
no weather stations
no 2 meter
Best Uses
listening enjoynent
I think they should call this one their flagship radio. If they would add weather, 2 meter and aircraft it would have to cost more but if the additions worked like the rest of it the price increase would be worth it.
By CGohm
Olympia, WA
Good radio
Good radio
Good reception even poor reception areas
Battery cover comes off easily
Best Uses
General radio listening such as a.m. and FM
Good radio definitely worth the price good build quality stays together even if it takes some abuse which mine has fallen off the nightstand a few times have some minor cosmetic Scotson one little chip off the bottom of the written the on off button is kind of bent in a little bit but otherwise still in good condition it still works like it like it should
By THam
Outside Philadelphia Pa.
Confirmed User
Poor Quality
Great Reception.
Easy to Use
Looks good.
Pots get dirty easy
Narrow Shape causes it to fall easily.
Build Quality is not worth cost.
No direct dial for shortwave
Best Uses
Occasional use
There has to be a better build quality radio somewhere for the same price.
By dpeck
new mexico
Confirmed User
Have had this fine radio for about 18 months. Have had to return it for repair twice. Now, that may seem to be a big problem, but, do you know any other radio company that repairs its products? Also have the am/fm/SW model. I use Sirius/XM FM all the time. Well worth it for my use.
Confirmed User
I have ran mine every day for 12 plus hrs. Still works as new and this is after 3 years! Cant say enough good. Damn well worth the $
By MMcCulloch
Hartsville, SC
Confirmed User
This is just what I wanted.
The representative from C Crane asked me what I wanted in a radio and then recommended this one. I listen to it all the time. I like it better than T.V. If I cant sleep in the middle of the night I get up and listen to it. It has nice features. Using earphones, the first set of large sized batteries lasted me three months. I dont like messing with a cord. It is not a cheaply made radio and I really like it.
By KNyman
United States
Confirmed User
Too Much of a Good Thing
Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased with the radio: great quality and feature set for the price. My one area of feedback would be ragarding the interface—I think it could easily be made more intuitive by simplifying a few things. Take the timer function. I defy anyone to figure out how to manage the timer without resorting to the manual. Toggling a timer on and off should be as easy as pushing the timer button. Knowing if the timer is active should be as simple as whether or not the timer icon is visible on the display or not. Setting the timer should be as simple as pressing and holding the timer button. But no, apparently the user needs to be able to choose between bells and buzzers so we have to get other buttons involved in the process. Plus there’s the LCD timer label that’s always on adding to the confusion. And this is just one example of how too many inconsequential features were added at the expense of intuitiveness on this radio. If you like Word 2013, you’ll love this radio.
By djean
north hollywood, ca
Confirmed User
Highly recommended
This is a wonderful radio BUT you need to read the manual and follow directions. The Manual is excellent. This radio is complicated and does a lot of things, so there are lots of controls. This radio can do more than any radio I have ever seen. The tech support was also excellent, Ive only had to call once, and it was my fault for not using the manual which is detailed and will get you there. This is the best radio I have ever owned. Thanks, C.Crane
By JHorrell
Dudley, NC
Confirmed User
Didnt meet my expectations.
It is an extemely complicated radio to operate.You have to program just about everything in order to utilize it. I absolutely regret purchasing this radio.
By GChase
Confirmed Buyer
Great value!
By SWilliams
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By CWoodin
Confirmed Buyer
Great radio just wish it had the ability to receive single side band on short wave, not having this ability you're missing out on Ham Radio Bands. I use rechargeable batteries which can be recharged with on board built in charger, very nice. Controls layout is very nice and work well. Radio speaker provides nice clear and loud sound. There are separate bass and treble controls. Am RF control is a nice added feature.
By RMellon
Confirmed Buyer
The best reception ever in any portable radio I have owned. Easily detects and plays signals from weak or distant radio stations. The one weakness seems to be the port for the AC power converter jack is sensitive to movement. Loose wire, crack in circuit board??
By JVint
Confirmed Buyer
This is an EXCELLENT radio. Its ability to snag AM stations from long distances is excellent, and the SW coverage is great too.
By MBrunner
Confirmed Buyer
The worst. It can not pick up AM any better than a 20 year old AM/FM cassette player I have. There is a Company suggestion though; if you don't get fair AM reception you should buy a "Twin Coil...." which is supposed to be installed in the unit itself. So, I guess if you can't see further with the binoculars you bought; it is suggested you buy a pair of binoculars. Sorry, but for me, it was @ $200.00 (I can't afford to waste-but I did) because I trusted.
By AHarvilla
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By SRowe
Confirmed Buyer
OK reception, on FMnot good on AMRecently the radio quit workingRemoved the battery then it was ok, but batterywas fully charged
By CCao
Shanghai, FN
Confirmed Buyer
Excellent shortwave receiving capability. I am from China.
By RYoungquist
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
Confirmed Buyer
The wife and I love this radio it's works great out at our cabin which gets terrible reception.Judy & John
By BEly
Confirmed Buyer
For the past 5 years I've been looking to replace my old AM/FM/SW radio and upgrade to something better. The CC Radio SW is the radio I chose and it is an excellent radio on all counts. Very easy to set up & program (as long as you take the time to read the user guide), well built, range is outstanding on all channels, especially AM & SW. Last night on short wave I was picked up some crazy militia guy in West Virginia that scared the bejesus out of me. It’s things like this that make for a completely unique listening experience that you can only get from buying a quality product.Well worth the money spent.
By RBarbieri
Confirmed Buyer
I have had this radio for about 3 months now and I just love it. The reception is fantastic for both AM and FM. I live a short distance from Detroit, but I have no trouble getting good reception for any of the local stations that I choose to listen to. I also like the digital aspect of the radio. The display is easy to read. I can change the stations by just pressing a button, which obviously, is a lot easier than using the turning dial. I haven't gotten into using the Short Wave yet.
By RJohnson
Confirmed Buyer
Not my cup of tea, sent it back and ordered the CCRadio-2, should have read the info more closely or called customer service.
By DBerky
Confirmed Buyer
I'm quite pleased. This is one of the very few shortwave receivers that provides decent sensitivity on the regular AM/Medium Wave band.
By JVega
Confirmed Buyer
This radio is the best in the field. The only little thing I could find that could be improved was pointed out by my Father-in-law. That was that the dials failed to have white indicator markings making it was easier to use in dim light, or if your eye sight isn't what it used to be. He actually made those marks on his radio and then offered to do mine. Looks great.Otherwise, this rig is just about perfect in every respect. Highly recommended.
By lholgado
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By PColflesh
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By MKolusk
Confirmed Buyer
good Shortwave and radio
By TAtmore
Confirmed Buyer
***** Five StarLove this radio!Ted
By mstephens
Confirmed Buyer
Great radio, controls are a little hard to figure out, like presets and alarms.
By HMeyers
Confirmed Buyer
I did a lot of research before buying this radio, mostly user reviews at Crane and Amazon. This seemed like a fine radio for long distance AM reception, good FM reception and good short wave reception. I wanted it mostly for long distance AM and FM reception. The short wave is a bonus.The radio arrived and performed very well. The only flaws were a number of cosmetic blemishes on the silver faceplate. They in no way affected the performance of the radio but marred the appearance and gave me a negative feeling whenever I went to use it.I contacted Crane for a possible solution without returning the radio but that was the only solution. I sent them pictures of the four flaws and they were surprised at seeing them. They offered to send a replacement radio which would be hand-checked for cosmetics and function and a return shipping label for me to return the flawed radio.Not only is the radio a fine radio for all the reasons detailed by the other reviewers but I discovered that the customer service is superb. They addressed my problem in a timely fashion and resolved it in the best manner possible. The customer service department could not have done a better job.I am very happy with this purchase and most especially with the impressive customer service. Crane will be my first source for any radio related purchase in the future.
By AAsis
Confirmed Buyer
I received it within 48 hours of ordering it on-line. Unit was very easy to operate, nice design, good reception on the SW channels. AM & FM quality sound and instructions are easy to follow an understand. I am very much impressed with CCrane and will continue to purchase my radio needs from them.
By DPatrie
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By SBerry
Confirmed Buyer
I have owned my CCRadio SW for about a year now and I am very impressed with it. It has an amazing ability to pull in distant AM stations from my location in Portland Oregon. I have listened to stations in Seattle, Boise ID, Tri Cities WA, San Francisco and Los Angeles along with Reno NV and a station in Wyoming. Shortwave and FM performance seem well above average as well but I mainly listen to AM. Build quality of my unit seems good and Audio fidelity is very good. I like the ability to fine tune a station.The ability to recharged the batteries inside the radio is also appreciated. Highly Recommended.
By dsell
Confirmed Buyer
excellent reception across the entire MW and SW bands...FM is excellent ,too.rejection of adjacent splatter is good...external antenna installation very easy...have it on a 250 long wire and stations from 1000s of miles at night are like locals on MW and SW is excellent as well...(of, course, depending on band conditions)...the slow and fast tuning make it easy to tune and get stations that are off frequency a bit...called a CE on one station that was reading off and he confirmed that the xmtr was drifting...a good catch...overall an excellent radio
By DSmith
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By LLobazzo
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By cherrmann
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By RLehner
Confirmed Buyer
Brilliant design and functionality. Superior AM reception and precise station acquisition. A real pleasure to own.Great Job CCRANE.
By KBransford
Confirmed Buyer
Thank you C Crane and John for helping me find and listen to my favorite radio stations on my CCRadio-SW at work. I asked for help on Monday and on Tuesday, John from C. Crane calls me. Now that is awesome customer service! He was able to pinpoint the two radio stations I listen to and Voila....perfect reception with my CCRadio-SW! I am now a happy employee as I can now get one station on AM, as long as I put it in the corner of my office near a vertical window, and the other station I can listen to on FM. I will be buying more products from C. Crane because of your great products and your fantastic customer service. Thank you so much.
By JShrum
Confirmed Buyer
Four stars due to the plastic knob and handle very cheap feeling. The SW preforms very well from am, fm and sw. The clock and all the features are awesome.
By KMiller
Confirmed Buyer
CCRadio-SW I have used an old 'CCRadio Plus' for years and also enjoy listening to shortwave broadcasts on occasion. I finally decided to simplify my life and get a CCRadio-SW.I only use the built in antenna and do not have any test equipment, so this review and comparison will not be too scientific. I will use my favorite receivers, a Sony ICF-SW7600GR and the older CCRadio Plus, for relative comparison.Here is my version of "CCRadio-SW, CCRadio Plus, and Sony ICF-SW7600GR compared". To be fair I must note that the CCRadio Plus has been replaced by a newer CCRadio-2 which has improved performance.Audio Quality:For listening to news radio, the older CCRadio Plus is a winner although it is a little flat on the FM band. The CCRadio-SW has a wide/narrow bandwidth switch and good bass/treble but it does not quite match the older radio's voice performance. For music and FM the CCRadio-SW's audio is superior. The Sony7600 has clear audio but is just small and is not something you would want to listen to AM on for a long time. The SSB audio of the Sony is outstanding. I have listened, comfortably, to SSB on the Sony for hours on end. The CCRadio-SW has no built in SSB capability.AM Broadcast band:This part was hard; my location has a good deal of electronic noise in the AM broadcast band. I tried to find the weakest stations and make a comparison from that. The CCRadio Plus seemed to have the least sensitivity of the three radios. The CCRadio-SW had the most sensitivity; I needed to use the RF-Gain control to dial it down a bit. With the Ionospheric fading and moderate RF noise, all three radios delivered understandable audio. For the marginal listening conditions, the Sony7600 would have to be my favorite. For reasonably strong/weak AM music, the CCRadio-SW wins. For reasonably strong news/talk radio the CCRadio Plus wins.FM Broadcast band:The CCRadio-SW had the best sensitivity and audio quality. The CCRadio Plus and the Sony7600 were about the same for sensitivity. The Sony’s FM audio was poor as expected for such a small radio. The CCRadio Plus had good audio but did not match the CCRadio-SW for fidelity (audio bandwidth).Shortwave AM bands:For the comparison, I tried to find weaker broadcast stations across about 5-15 MHz. I also used the 5, 10 and 15 WWV time broadcasts as a relatively constant signal source. The CCRadio Plus has no shortwave band so it is not mentioned here.To my surprise, the CCRadio-SW had, equal to or only slightly lower sensitivity, below about 10 MHz, and had slightly better sensitivity at about 14 MHz as compared to the Sony7600. I was unable to locate any stations that could not be heard by one or the other radio.To be fair:I want to be absolutely clear that these comparisons were all made while operating on internal battery and antenna. I say that because I have an old Grundig Satellit 800 receiver that performs poor, in the sensitivity department, along side the Sony SW7600GR, on the internal antenna. HOWEVER, when a long wire antenna is connected to the Grundig, the Sony gets demoted to the status of a toy. I did not test the CCRadio-SW with an external antenna. My Conclusion:The CCRadio-SW. This one awesome radio for the price. It has a dual internal battery capability of both 4-AA and 4-D cells. I like to operate on rechargeable battery power (less power line noise). The drawback of that is, rechargeable batteries tend to maintain a constant voltage right up to their end, then die. The 'battery strength' meter is mostly useless, as is, for these cells. Having an option to switch over to a backup battery of AA cells is a strong selling point.I wish I could make your decision easy, but, it all depends on how you want to use you radio. All of these radios are good.Ken Miller
By CMurphy
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By HAlexander
Confirmed Buyer
No comments provided.
By EGriechen
Confirmed Buyer
My husband loves it and I get to sleep without listening to the radio at night with the pillow ear phone.
By JDobrzanski
Confirmed Buyer
Over hyped.
By Sde Camargo
Cananeia, FN
Confirmed Buyer
My congratulations for this set, which allies high sensitivity, well sound performance, and wide range of frequencies to SW. It is only regrettable that the light does not remain on during tuning.
By DHurley
Confirmed Buyer
pretty good radio
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General Specifications
Input Power AC Adapter: 9V DC 500mA tip negative
Batteries: (4) AA or D size (not included)
Audio Output 2.5 Watt
Speaker 5", 8 ohm, 5W
Frequency Coverage AM 520 - 1710 kHz (10KHz Steps)
AM 522 - 1620 kHz (9KHz Steps)
FM 87.0 - 108.0 MHz
SW1 1711 - 10010 kHz
SW2 9990 - 20010 kHz
SW3 19990 - 29999 kHz
Rotary Tuning Knob Resolution AM - 1 kHz, 9 kHz or 10 kHz
FM - 10 kHz or 100 kHz
SW - 1 kHz or 5 kHz
AM Tuning 10 kHz or 9 kHz steps
FM Tuning 100 kHz steps
SW Tuning 5 kHz steps
AM Antenna Internal Ferrite Bar - 10mm x 160mm (6.3") long with Twin Coil Ferrite® technology
FM, SW Antenna Telescopic whip antenna
AM Dual Conversion 55.845 MHz 1st IF; 455 kHz 2nd IF
AM IF Output For input into a computer for decoding DRM, SSTV, SSB, CW and more.
AM Sensitivity 0.2 mV/m
FM Sensitivity > 5 uV
SW Sensitivity > 20 uV
Selectivity (Wide) Wide > 40 db (100x)
Selectivity (Narrow) > 60 db (1000x)
External Antenna Terminals AM Spring loaded wire terminals
FM/SW PAL Connector
FM Stereo/Mono Switch Yes
Earphone Jack 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo 32 ohm
Line Out Jack Dual RCA
Presets 50 Total (10 per band)
Lock Switch Yes
Sleep Timer 1-90 minutes
Alarm Yes, dual
Snooze 5 minutes
Clock 12/24 Hour Modes
Dimensions 11.25" W x 7.25" H (9" H with handle) x 3.5" D
Weight 4.2 lbs.
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Included Accessories AC Adapter
(2) PAL Connectors
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • What are the possible sleep timer settings?

    You can set the sleep timer for 90, 60, 45, 30, 15, 10, or 5 minutes or even just 1 minute.

  • If I accidentally activate the sleep timer setting, do I have to wait for the timer to go off before turning the radio back on?

    No, the last choice in the sleep timer selection is on. Select 'on' and the radio will continue to play continuously.

  • How long will a fresh set of AA Alkaline batteries power the radio?

    A set of AA Alkaline batteries rated at 2500 mAh would provide roughly 30 hours of runtime if the radio is played at a moderate volume level.

  • How long will a fresh set of D-size Alkaline batteries power the radio?

    A set of D Alkaline batteries rated at 14000 mAh would provide roughly 175 hours of runtime if the radio is played at a moderate volume level.

  • Does the CCRadio-SW Have SSB?

    No. The CCRadio-SW does not have Single Side Band. The CCRadio-SW covers:

    SW1: 1711-10010 kHz
    SW2: 9990-20010 kHz
    SW3: 19990-29999 kHz

  • Does the CCRadio-SW have a line-in jack?

    No. The CCradio-SW does not have a line-in jack. However, the CCRadio-2E and the Gozo radios do have line-in jacks. If you would like to know about more C. Crane radios with line-in jacks, please Contact Us.

  • What is the frequency coverage of the CCRadio-SW?

    The CCRadio-SW has a frequency range from 1,711 kHz to 29,999 kHz.

  • Does the CCRadio-SW have 1 kHz tuning?

    Yes, the CCRadio-SW has 1 kHz tuning on both the AM and SW bands.

  • Does the CCRadio-SW work with the CCRadioplus Custom Step Down for Mobile use?

    Yes, the CCRadio-SW can be used with the CCRadio plus Custom Step Down and also the DC Step Down Voltage Converter.

  • How do I disable the "beeps" on my CCRadio-SW?

    To disable the "BEEP" you hear when you push any of the buttons on your CCRadio-SW, you first have to turn off the radio. With the radio off, press and hold down the SNOOZE button until you hear a short beep. This procedure should disable the beeps. You can enable the beeps again by pressing and holding down the SNOOZE button until you hear the short beep - also with the radio turned off.

  • I want to charge my rechargeable batteries in the CCRadio-SW, will the battery charging circuit on the CCRadio SW automatically turn on when I use the AC adapter?

    No. To activate the charging circuit, first turn the radio off and then press the memory/charge button to activate the charging circuit. The charging cycle will run for 12hrs before shutting off. If you are charging high-capacity D-size NiMH batteries it can take up to 3 to 4 charge-discharge-and-recharging cycles to get them up to full capacity.

  • Does the Solar Kit for the CCRadio Plus work with the CCRadio-SW?


  • What is that rattle I hear sometimes when I move my CCRadio-SW?

    When you have no D size batteries in your CCRadio-SW and move it, the springs in the battery compartment can make a slight rattling noise.

  • Is it normal for the AC adapter to become warm during use?


  • What does the term Dual Conversion that is printed on top of the display screen mean?

    Dual Conversion, A dual conversion receiver filters and amplifies the incoming radio signal from the transmitter twice. This double filtering helps the receiver to ignore unwanted signals that are close to the frequency being used. This is not protection against another transmitter sending a signal on the same frequency. Instead, it is protection against other transmitters transmitting on frequencies that are close to the one being used. Dual Conversion typically makes a receiver more selective without reducing sensitivity. This can really help if you have a strong unwanted station nearby the bleeds into the station you want.

  • My rechargeable batteries never show a full charge in my radio, are they working right?

    Rechargeable batteries will NEVER show a full charge on your radio display. Most of our radios are calibrated to read the charge of your Alkaline batteries - which is 1.5 volts at full charge. Rechargeable batteries, however, are fully charged at just 1.25 Volts, and so your radio will show a partial charge even if the rechargeable batteries have been fully charged.

  • Does the clock-radio function have a buzzing alarm, or is it just a radio alarm?

    You can set the alarm on the CCRadio-SW to go off to the buzzer or the radio. If you set the alarm to go off to the radio, you'll get the station and the volume setting that you listened to before turning the radio off.

  • How do I set the alarm? I am following the instructions in the manual but am still having problems setting the alarm. How come?

    The alarm instructions in earlier versions of the CCRadio-SW manual are incomplete. The proper directions for setting the alarm are:

    1. To set the alarm time: press and hold "ALARM" button until word the Timer A and the alarm hour begin to flash on the display.
    2. While "Timer A" and the alarm hour are flashing, press the "HOUR" button to set the hour and the "MINUTE" button to set the minutes.
    3. With the word "Timer A" still flashing, press and release the "ALARM" button to set the alarm mode. The first icon to appear on the display next to the word "Timer A" will be __ . Selecting this icon sets the alarm to Buzzer mode. Press this button again and the__ icon will appear on the display, setting the alarm to Speaker mode. This activates the radio to turn on and play a radio station when the alarm goes off. Press the button again and both icons will disappear from the display, indicating that the alarm is "off". You have about four seconds between pressing the buttons or you must start over.
    4. When you are finished setting your alarm you must confirm your settings by pressing "Timer A".
  • How do I change the CCRadio-SW clock from a 12 hour format to a 24 hour format?

    With the radio off, press and hold the "Hour Δ" button for approx. 5 seconds. The time displayed will then be in a 24 hour format and confirmed by a double beep. Follow the same procedure to return to a 12 hour clock format.

Manual Size Download Time
Instructions (PDF) CCRadio SW AM/FM Shortwave Radio Instruction Manual 2.82 Mb 7:00 @ 56KBps

CC Radio SW Audio Instructions by Tim Hendel

(Tim is blind and records many of our audio tutorials for our products)

Press the play () button above to stream the audio. To download the file, please use this link.

  • The CCRadio SW will not turn on.

    1. Make sure the "LOCK" is off.
    2. Check the "BATTERY SELECTION" switch to make sure it is in the proper position.
    3. Be sure that the batteries are installed correctly.
    4. Make sure all batteries are good.
    5. If using the AC Adapter, make sure that it is plugged fully into the power jack.
  • The CCRadio SW has poor reception on FM and SW.

    1. Check the "FM/SW ANTENNA" switch on the right side of the radio for the proper setting.
    2. Check the position of the "AM SENSITIVITY" switch for "LOCAL" or "DISTANT" setting.
    3. Check the position of the "AM RF GAIN" control. It should be fully clockwise.
  • The CCRadio SW has poor reception on AM.

    1. Check the position of the "AM RF GAIN" control. It should be fully clockwise.
    2. Rotate the radio for the best reception.
    3. Concrete, brick and metal buildings can greatly reduce radio reception. Try the radio outside. If the reception is improved, add an external AM antenna like C. Cranes Twin Coil Ferrite Am Antenna.
  • I changed the "AM Tuning Steps" from 10 kHz to 9kHz, but my radio does not respond.

    You must press the "RESET" to activate the change. To press the "RESET", use the end of a paperclip and push it into the hole briefly.

  • My tuning knob rubs when I turn it. How can I fix it?

    We are sorry, this sometimes happens with a new radio manufacturer. Pull the knob straight off. Make a little ball out of a 1" square piece of paper. Push it in the shaft hole on the knob. Line up the flat edges of the knob and shaft and replace the knob.

  • I get decent reception on the CCRadio-SW but I don't seem to get the kind of reception I was expecting.

    Check the Local/DX switch. The switch should be set to DX for the best AM reception. The Local position is used when you are near a transmitting tower and it is distorting a nearby station on the dial.

  • I have D batteries in the radio but it won't turn on.

    Make sure the "Battery Size" switch located on the left side of the radio is set to "D."

What's in the Box
  • This WiFi Antenna is hands down the best. It allows me to connect to a business almost a half mile away. Two months time and this baby paid for itself. I am a very happy with my purchase.
    — John A., Mill Valley, CA
  • This radio deserves five stars because it sounds great, the ease of use and preset stations. This radio will become your favorite radio, also backed by great customer service if ever needed, thank you very much.
    — Pete P., Santa Rosa, CA
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    — James H., Richmond, BC
  • Good sound, lightweight and comfortable; not too tight on the head. I like one feature; it doesn't tell you where to place the speakers, left side or right side.
    — Harry W., Manassas, VA
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