Radio Noise

Radio noise and other annoying buzzes are many times transmitted through an AM radio. Here is a check-off list of the most likely causes:

The best way to eliminate radio noise and interference is at its source. Here is a check-off list of possible solutions:

  Dimmer switch The most obvious solution is to turn off the offending device.
  Neighbors dimmer switch Temporarily switch the radio from AC power to battery power to see if the interference is coming from the electrical outlet. If the noise stops, our Radio Noise Filter/Surge Protector will dramatically reduce the interference.
  Fluorescent light Turn off all circuit breakers to see if the noise stops. If it does then you know it is something in your house. Turn off one circuit at a time to isolate what area the noise is coming from.
  Computer Use a battery operated radio as a direction finder. Turn the radio until the loudest noise is heard. The front and back of the radio will usually point to the noise origin.
  Touch lamp (even when turned off) Carry a radio around the neighborhood. Ask other neighbors if they have problems (with radio noise)
  Automatic on/off night lights If a power pole is suspected, call the utility company and they will usually check the area and wash the insulators
  Automatic outdoor yard lights Often grounding a radio will reduce hum caused from AC line noise. Unfortunately most receivers do not have a ground connection.
  Electronic bug and pest controllers
  Light bulb that is about to burn out
  Faulty electrical switch
  Nearby television set
  Neighbor using fluorescent lights
  Christmas tree lights & other blinking bulbs
  Neighbors dimmer switch (apt. complex)
  Cell phone chargers
  Dirty insulators on nearby power pole
  Electric blanket
  120V AC smoke detectors (battery operated OK)
  Ionic Breeze or other electrostatic air purifier
  Ultrasonic motion detectors
  Appliances with motors

For more in-depth information about tracking down and solving interference, please read Interference: Define and Conquer by Tom Osenkowsky at Radio World.

Still have a question about radio noise or radio reception problems? Visit our FREE Online Library or call one of our technicians at (707) 725-9000.

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